Mr Frederick G White

Mr Frederick G White

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Zone - Rural

Portions - Talbingo

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Mr Frederick G White married Miss Ivy Voss, a Queenslander.


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39006/1909 WHITE, HOPE J parents FREDERICK J & IVY B in MOSS VALE


31687/1912 WHITE, EVE B parents FREDERICK G & IVY B in MOSS VALE

1915 - WHITE.-January 3O, in Mittabar, Exeter, to Mr and Mrs. F. G. White - a daughter. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Saturday 6 February 1915)

Marion Nancy WHITE - Marriage - WHITE-CAMPEY. - The engagement is announced of Marion Nancy,third daughter of Mr and Mrs. F. G. White, of Mittabah, Exeter (N.S.W.), to Lester Terry, second son of the late Mr and Mrs J. T. Campey of Sydney.- (Ref- The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 26 June 1940).

Gwen White

Frederick (2nd) White


1929 - IMPORTED SHORTHORN BULL. PUECHASE FOE LYNDHURST STUD. WARWICK, July 21. Messrs. M'Dougall and Co. "report the sale to Mr. J. G. M'Dougall of Lyndhurst Stud, the imported bull, Bletchley Orangeman. This bull was purchased for 1000 guineas by Mr. F. G. White, of Mittabah, Exeter, and was first and champion at Birmingham, England, before being imported to Australia. Bletchley Orangeman is a big animal with splendid head and horns, good tophne, with tail set on well to lengthy hindquarters. He is deep fleshed bull, and handles well, 2nd as he is a proved sire, he will be an acquisition to the stud stock of the State. Bletchley Orangeman arrived at Lyndhurst on Thursday last. - (Ref- The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933)(about) Previous issue Monday 22 July 1929).

1930 - BONG BONG RACES. SOCIAL FESTIVITIES.(BY OUR SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE.)MOSS VALE, Wednesday. - This year's meeting of the Bong Bong Picnic Race Club will have very small fields, as only fourteen horses have been entered for the races. The interest in the meeting, however, is as keen as ever.

Residents of the district are entertaining house parties for the event, and the guest houses and hotels in Bowral and Moss Vale are full of visitors, so that a good attendance is expected on both days. The main event of the racing to-morrow will be the Bong Bong Cup.

The Governor and Lady de Chair, who are at their country home, Hillview, Sutton Forest, will be present to-morrow and Friday, and Lady de Chair will be called upon at the conclusion of the meeting to present the

Mr. Elwyn Blomfield, secretary of the Bong Bong Race Club, and Mrs. Blomfield will en- tertain the Vice-Regal party at the course each day, in the absence of Sir Norman and Lady Kater, who are abroad. Sir Norman Kater is the vice-president of the club, and his place will be taken by Mr. F. G. White, of Exeter, another vice-president.

Several dances have been arranged as part of the race festivities. The Moss Vale Golf Club ball will be held at the showground pavilion to-morrow night. Miss Molly McLeish and Miss Ethel Campbell are busy preparing decorations to brighten the hall. The second dance will be the Bong Bong Race Club ball on Friday night, to take place in the same hall. On Saturday evening the Bowral Golf Club members will entertain at a dance at Bowral.

A small private dance was given to-night by Mrs. Frank Bethune at her residence at Bong Bong Hill. Her guests included Commander and Mrs. Gordon Hine, the Misses Mary Potts, Hope Pritchard, Betty Clarke, Betty Robinson, Ena Edwards, Margaret Fairfax, Ann Gordon, Ethel Campbell, and Molly McLeish. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Thursday 16 January 1930).

1931 - DEATH OF MR. J. T. LAMPE. TUMUT, Tuesday - Mr. John Theodore Lampe, manager of Talbingo Station, Tumut, for the owner Mr F. G. White, of Mittabar, Exeter, has died at the age of 75 years. He was the eldest son of Mr. Oltman Lampe, one-time owner of Wambrook Station, Adaminaby, and later the owner of Talbingo Station.

The property passed to Mr. John Lampe, but later was purchased by Mr. A. B. Triggs, and then sold to the present owner, Mr. F. G. White, Mr. Lampe married Miss Margaret Bridle daughter of the late Mr. William Bridle, of Rosevale. Tumut. She predeceased him by five years.

The surviving children are Victor (Ardlethan) Arthur (Batlow), Mrs. W. Brydon (Exeter, Sydney), and Mrs. Bruce Cotterill (Yarrangobilly). The brothers are Henry Frederick (Nebea, Coonamble and Peak Hill) and the sisters, Mrs. John Franklin (Carlton, Sydney) and Miss Lean (England). - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 2 December 1931).

1934 - TOUR - Among the passengers leaving Sydney by the Makura on Thursday are Mr F G White of Talbingo Station Tumut and his daughter. Miss H J White who are commencing a world tour. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 16 January 1934).

1935 - STATION PROPERTY SALES "HUGHENDEN", Monday.Wincncombe, Carson Ltd., Hugnenden, report the following sales,injunction with Mr. H. W. Walcott, of Sydney: Mt. Sturgeon, situated 10 miles north of Hughenden, area 705 square miles, country well improved; together with 7000 cattle and 1000 horses. The vendor was Mr. F. G. White, of Mittabah, New South Wales, and the buyer Mr. J. J. Leahy, of the same State.

1935 - Axdsley, 70 miles from Bathurst, N.S.W., a highly improved freehold stud property, 2600 acres, the vendor being Mr. J. J. Leahy, and the purchaser Mr. F. G. White. Six hundred horses will be sold here: this week. The lots comprise draughts, shippers for. India, and blood stock. - (Ref- The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : 1933 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 19 November 1935).

1936 - Eve White - ENGAGEMENT - DECEMBER BRIDE. MISS EVE BEATRICE WHITE, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. G. White, of Mittabah, Exeter, whose marriage with Mr. Clive Macleod, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Macleod, of Cremorne, will take place at St. John's Church, Darlinghurst, on December 17. The bride will be attended by her four sisters: Miss Hope White as bridesmaid, and the Misses Cecily, Rosemary and Clonagh White, flower girls. Miss White's future home will be at Ardsley, Bathurst.- (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 20 October 1936). - Marriage - 81/1937 Archhibald Clive MACLEOD married Eve Beatrice in SYDNEY - (Ref- NSW BDM 81/1937)

1938 - AUSTRALIANS ABROAD. MR. and MRS. F. G. WHITE and Miss June White, of Mittabah, Exeter, N.S.W., expect to return from their travels abroad at the end of November. They have motored through the beautiful Southern Counties of England. Then to brough Devon to see the Devon herds.

Samples of the famous Devonshire cream were pronounced no belter than the cream made at home. At the original lace shop at Honites an exquisite length of lace was bought.

After touring Scotland they planned to visit Dublin for the horse show. These travellers will visit, Italy, then embark on their home ward voyage, returning via Java and Singapore. Miss Faith White, who is in London. joined her family for some of their travels.

She went to London to continue her singing studies, and won a diploma at the Royal Academy of Music. Miss White expects to be in England for two years, and has singing engagements in London. She has a contralto voice, and when in Sydney studied under Madame Christian.- (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Thursday 27 October 1938).

1939 - Maurice White - ENGAGEMENT - MISS DIANA JENKINS. elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Jenkins, of Quatcha. Salisbury, to Mr Maurice White, second son of Mr. and Mrs. F. G. White, of Mittabah, Exeter. New South Wales. - (Ref- The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 22 November 1939).

1940 - Miss Faith White has returned to her home at Mittabah. Exeter. N.S.W, from a visit to Mr. and Mrs. M. White, at Hynam, and Mr. and Mrs. A. Jenkins, at Salisbury. - (Ref- The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Monday 25 November 1940).

1941 - Engagements - Faith Lerida, fourth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. G. White, Mittabah, Exeter, N.S.W., to Squadron-Leader Bernard Barton Cresswell, R.A.A.F., Canberra, younger son of the late George, and Mrs. E. M. Cresswell, of Perth, W.A. - (Ref- Sunday Times (Perth, WA : 1902 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Sunday 24 August 1941).

1934 - MRS. JANE WILSON. MUSWELLBROOK, Friday. - The funeral of Mrs Jane Wilson, who died yesterday in her 93rd year, took place to-day following a service at St Alban's Church of England, and was attended by a representative body of citizens Clergy present were, Ven, Aichdeacon Woodd, representing the Bishop of Newcastle Ven Archdeacon Forster, representing the Bishop of Armidale, the Revs Canons Withcombe, Mayfield, Drake (organising secretary for religious Instruction in schools), Caddell (rural Dean of Scone), the Revs B C Wilson (Aberdeen), C Oliver (Gundy), W A M Reay Campbell (Muswellbrook), Stephenson (Wollombi), C A Brown (diocesan registrar) Chief mourners, Messrs Hunter White of Havilah, Mudgee, Alfred White, Belltrees Scone, H H and Dennis White, Martindale Denman, Mr and Mrs F G White, Mittabah Exeter, Miss Ruth White, Muswellbiook, Miss Elsie White Armidale and Rev B C Wilson, Aberdeen The service at the graveside was conducted by the Rev Conon Withycombe the Rev W A M Reay Campbell Ven Archdeacon Forster, the Rev Canon Drake, and Ven Archdeacon Woodd - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Saturday 7 July 1934).

1952 - AUCTION - PRELIMINARY NOTICE - "Mittabeh," "Cairnton" "Indigo" and "Rockley" EXETER.


Under instructions, from MITTABAH PTY, LTD and INDIGO PTY. LTD.

All four properties are consolidated into one unit of approximately 650 ACRES Highly improved grazing country, magnificent two-storay home, three cottages and outbuildings.

Full particulars later issue. Brochures will be available.


NEW ZEALAND LOAN & MERCANTILE AGENCY CO. LTD. (Inc. in Eng.), 38 BRIDGE STREET, SYDNEY. Licensed Auctioneers in Conjunction - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Friday 6 June 1952).

Mattabah" and - "Rockley Farm"

Two outstanding properties in the rich volcanic belt of glorious Exeter. Elevation 2,205 feet.

No droughts, no floods, wonderful pastures.Situated 94 miles from Sydney. Rainfall 35 inches. "Mittabah," 2 miles station, bus passes property. Area 520 acres, 14 paddocks. Excellent fencing. About 300 acres volcanic soil, balance good to medium. Mainly easterly aspect with quite unusual shelter for lamb- ing. About 100 acres timber. Watered by numerous springs, also large dam fed by spring. Water in all paddocks. ABOUT 350 ACRES OF WONDERFUL PASTURES.

The residence is a stately mansion of 2 storeys in perfect order, comprising, in main portion, 4 bedrooms with fine views for many miles, 2 large reception rooms, office, billiard room, and the usual offices, which are wall equipped. Portion of southern end of main building completely shut off, has accommodation for manager or staff, comprising 3 bedrooms, 2 reception rooms, and the usual offices.

Adjoining the residence is a new W.B. dwelling for married couple. Needless to say there are all the modern services one would expect in a fine home.

Outbuildings comprising stables, garages, kennels, etc.

Carrying capacity is estimated at 400 head of cattle, or 1,200 to 1,500 sheep.



Area 590-acres, half mile to station and bus, About 340 acres volcanic soil, balance good to medium, all responding excellently to pasture improvement. Approximately 250 acres of quite exceptional pastures, another 50 acres in course of preparation. All 7 paddocks watered by springs. About 5 acres of shelter timber. Large amount of new fencing. Lower portion of property has wonderful shelter, with easterly aspect.

Improvements comprise a newly conditioned weather board home of 3 bedrooms, etc., with garage, light, telephone and water. With SOME FURTHER PASTURE IMPROVEMENT THIS PROPERTY SHOULD VERY DEFINITELY CARRY 4 SHEEP TO THE ACRE, PLUS 50 HEAD OF CATTLE.

The two properties are available in one line, or separately. They represent a truly outstanding opportunity to secure properties of high carrying capacity, making them essentially commercial propositions. All details from: BURTON OF BOWRAL, ' Phone Bow. 144 Stock and Station Agent, Box No. I. - OR - Any well-known Wool Firm. SPECIAL NOTE: 50 per cent, of commission will be paid to my Stock and Station Agent Introducing purchaser. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Friday 8 October 1954).

1952 - for Sale by Public Auction-Two Magnificent Exeter Properties





On FRIDAY, Nth JULY, 1952, II a.m.

Under instructions from Mittabah Pty. Ltd. and Indigo Pty. Ltd. SITUATED: I mile Exeter Railway Station, 7 miles Moss Vale, 93 miles Sydney. Adjoins well-known Stud properties. "Blytheswood," "Invergowrie" and "Karraree."

COUNTRY: Mainly rich red volcanic undulating and hilly country, portion black and grey loam. Small area of milling timber. Whole area scientifically pasture improved and top-dressed annually. Experiments with Trace Elements now being carried out.

FENCING: Both "Mittabah" and "Cairnton," "Indigo" and "Rockley" boundaries separately netted and subdivided into numerous paddocks and sub-netted.


WATERED: Exceptionally well watered. Running creeks, springs, one equipped with windmill.

IMPROVEMENTS: Magnificent 2-storey brick homestead, comprising 4 main bedrooms, 3 dressing rooms, living room with plate glass windows with glorious panoramic views, study, dining room, breakfast room, billiard room, 2 bathrooms and one shower room, kitchen, laundry, store rooms, staff quarters of 3 bedrooms, sitting room and bathroom. Continuous telephone, electric hot water systems, bulk power, A.G.A. and Electric stoves, 2 cellars, etc. Extensive lawns and gardens, garages. New sewerage system, water laid on to home and gardens. Diesel pump and water softening plant, four 2,000 gallon water storage tanks. All necessary feeding rooms, stables, tool room, etc. Shearing shed and machinery shed, set sheep yards, Plunge dip, workman's cottage 5 rooms, electric light.


IMPROVEMENTS: Brick cottage including 3 bedrooms, living-dining room combined, bathroom, kitchen, sun-room, built-in cupboards, laundry. Telephone, electric light, septic system, hot and cold water system. Large machinory shed, stables, workmen's weatherboard cottage. 5 rooms, electric light.

LARGE CONCRETE DAM, approximately 2,000,000 gallon storage. Flow has never been less then 100,000 gallons per day. 2 separate independent electric pumping plants, overhead storage at house. Four-year contract to supply Bundanoon township with 30,000 gallons per day at 2/- per 1,000 gallons minimum payment 1,100 per annum. Buiacott Spray Irrigation Plant. 40 acres piped for irrigation with 20 chains 4!n piping. Area could be enlarged.

CARRYING CAPACITY: 2 sheep to the acre and 150 large stock.

REMARKS: Both "Mittabah" and "Cairnton," "Indigo" and "Rockley" are ideally situated, handy to Sydney and local Stock Markets, and are excellent stud or fat lamb and breeding properties. The country is typical of the best In the Exeter district, highly improved and very heavy, carrying. Rainfall Is 36 inches spread evenly throughout the year.

TERMS: 10% Deposit. Balance on completion. Existing mortgage could be taken over by approved purchaser. REBATE: 20% of the total commission will be allowed to Outside Agent introducing an approved buyer in writing prior to the sale. For further particulars and arrangements to inspect, phone or apply to the Selling Agents.

R. T. FRIEND & CO., Moss Vale

NEW ZEALAND LOAN & MERCANTILE AGENCY CO. LTD. - (Inc. n Eng.), 3B BRIDGE STREET, SYDNEY.- Licensed Auctioneers In Conjunction. ,

Solicitors fo the Vendors: A. P. BERNE & DOUGLAS MURRAY, _16 Barrack Street, Sydney. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Friday 4 July 1952).

1954 - "MITTABAH," - 2 miles station. Area 520 acs., 14 paddocks, good fencing. About 300 acs. volcanic soil, balance good to medium. Easterly aspect, unusual shelter. Numerous springs. Water in all paddocks. ABOUT 350 ACS. OF TRULY EXCEPTIONAL PASTURES. There Is a fine brick residence of 2 storeys, glorious views, per- fect condition. Main portion has 4 bedrooms, 2 recreation rooms, office, billiard room. Manager or staff quarters, 3 bedrooms, etc. Married couple's cottage. Stables, etc. Carrying capacity is estimated at 400 head of cattle or 1200 to 1500 sheep. IDEALLY SUITABLE AS SHEEP, CATTLE OR HORSE STUD, OR FATTENING.

"ROCKLEY FARM" AREA 590 acs. at Exeter. About 340 acs. volcanic. Approximately 250 acs. fine improved pastures. Another 50 acs. ready. Numerous springs. Some wonderful shelter. Good weatherboard residence, excellent order, 3 bedrooms, etc. CONSIDERED CAPABLE OF CARRYING 4 SHEEP PER AC. PLUS 50 HEAD CATTLE. WHEN PASTURES FURTHER IMPROVED. "Rockley Farm s a splendid commercial proposition. Full details from: BURTON OF BOWRAL) Phone Bow. 144 STOCK AND STATION AGENT. Box No. I. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Friday 22 October 1954).

A property held by Searl's and was a nursery was purchased in 1915 by Messrs RG Danger, E Lloyd Jones and FG White and offered to the Red Cross for a period of eighteen months after the end of the war to act as a home for returned soldiers. Sir Walter Davidson officially opened the home in December 1918.- (Ref-

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