Wynyard Street, Tumut

Wynyard Street,


Tumut River & Town Bridge.

Paddock - owned by

13 House

15 House

17 House

19 House

21 Wynyard Street Oldest House - sold for $339.000 April, 2016.

23 - Black Smiths - Tumut Motor Inn Motel

25 Wynyard St Oriental Hotel - Phone No. 471174 in 1977). - John Madigan - (Orginally known as "The Queen's Arms" Hotel )

Wynyard & Fitzroy St's)

Tweedie Building sub divided into 9 shop.

Facing Fitzroy Street.

1 - Real Estate

2 - shop


4 - Mr Allen - Dress shop - Gary Jeffrey's Sport shop -

5 - Wally White, Saw Mill Office.

Facing Wynyard Street

6 - Ladies Hair - Real Estate

7 - Gents Hair - Real Estate

8 - Moran Cato, Arch Johnson Manager with Wally Eureall assit.

9 - Arthur Fuller, Mr Arnold. Tony Arnold, Richard "Dick" Spencer

31 Wynyard St - Valsic Hairdressing Salon - Phone No. 472360 in 1977).

33 - AMP Insurance - Ian WOOD Rep - 471997)

35 Wynyard St WEEDEN'S Ross Weeden (Radio Service) Phone No. 471026 in 1977). Cliff WEEDEN AND MRS WEEDEN)

Mrs Mary Ann Godfrey who has died aged 98 was probabfy the first person in Sydney to know of the wreck of the Dunbar. Being at the Gap in 1857. She and another small sister had gone to the jetty near where they lived at Middle Harbor, when they saw wreckage floating around, they told their father who ran through the bush for several miles to give the alarm.

The Local Government (Amendment) Bill which extends for another year the Act which has been operating in respect of the employment of men under State schemes for the last three years, was taken through all stages, in the Legislative Council without amendment. The Minister for Social Services (Mr Hawkins) said that 126 shires and 120 municipal and two cpunlry councils had accepted the scheme. He add that full tinife work on full award rales of pay and conditions as proscribQd under the bill and it

MR. WILLIAM EURELL - After a lengthly illness, during which his life on several occasions was despaired of, Mr. William Eurell, of Tumut, passed away in the Tumut and District Hospital in the early hours of Friday morning 1aM, senile uct-ay ucmg liiu immediate cause of death. Deceased, who was in his 83rd year, was one of Tumut's best known identities.

He was born at Bathurst, and when still an infant came with his mother to the Gundagai district. At an early age of nine years he started work on Horsley's station and on reaching man's estate he started a mail contract between Wagga and Tumbarumba. He was a skilful coach-driver and often had four and six in hand in his coaches.

In those days bushrangers were plentiful and his journeys were not without incident in this connexion. The late Mr. Eurell then secured a mail run from Gundagai to Tumut and established livery stables at Gundagai.

It was at this time that he met and married Miss Johanna Hassett, the adopted daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hassett of Gilmore. Soon after the livery stables were moved to Tumut, Mr. Eurell running the mail coach between Tumut and Kiandra, and a very prosperous business resulted.


50* points of rain fell in Tumut on Saturday night, making the total fall for September 154 points. A further 8 points were registered for the 24 'hours ended 9 a.m. yesterday, bringing the total for the year so far to 2115 points. Poultry supper at the Red Cross Springtime Bali to-morrow ( Wednesday ) night.

The Minister for the Army Mr.Forde) told the House of Representatives that 3625 known Australian prisoners of war were still not back in Australian or in Allied ihands. Between the cessation of hostilities and September 26 8769 Australian prisoners had been recovered by the Allies.

This made a total of 12,394 reported alive since the cessation of hostilities. Spring is here Celebrate at the Springtime Ball in O'Brien's Hall to-morrow night.

A very successful Cranky Man Competition has just concludcd in Gundagai, netting approximately 1000 for the Australian Comforts Fund. We are informed that Gundagai a smaller town than Tumut has raised in the vicinity of 12,000 for the A.C.F. during the war years. What has happened to tihe Tumut Branch of the j Fund ? One never hears a word of : any activity of this 'body, which did a good job in the early war years, but apparently no meeting of the committee has taken place for a lengthy period. The town of Tumut can scarcely he taken to task for this state of affairs, but the officials of the Fund arc appar ently to blame, having let things drift to a stagnant position. In contrast to its parent body, the Comforts Fund Auxiliary is doing particularly fine work in making up parccls and despat ching them to local lads in the Services. These members have worked consiste local head Comforts Fund Committee during the past two years. It may be mentioned that the A.C.F. provides 97k per cent, of the total comforts provided for the fighting florccs and Tumut has not been contributing its share, as com pared with other towns its size. Support the 'Miss Tumut' Town Candidate by attending the Ball in O'Brien's Hall to morrow night !

The acute shortage of building blocks in Tumut was evidenced on Saturday last in the prices paid and the keen competition for semi-detached cottage and building site in Carey-St. The properties were sold by public auction by Messrs. Herron & Webb on behalf of the executor of the estate of the late Johanna Eurell and the building allotment, with 84ft. frontage to Carey-St., was purchased by Miss McGlinchey for 170.

The adjoining cottage and land was purchased by Mr Robt Hayden for 470. An increase in land values was also evidenced in the sale a/c. the executors of the Estate of the late Archibald McGillivray situated on the Adelong Road, which was knocked down -to Mr. B. R. Barton, of Tumut. for 1600. We understand that Mr. Fred. Barton will be going on to the property, and we wish him luck in his new venture.

The event of the year: Tumut Rodeo, Monday, November 12. Entries for ALL Events close on the 3rd November.

- Drive way

- 43-45 Wynyard St - THE HUB

Foodland - Mr & Mrs Frank Hill -

51 Wynyard Street Solicitor, John Orr - (Phone No.471004 in 1977).

53 Wynyard Street - Jack Smarts Sports store - (Phone No. 471182 in 1977).

Wynyard St - H.D. Smart Jeweller shop - (Phone No.

61 - Commonwealth Bank & Residence


65 Wynyard Street - Lance WEBB M STOCK & STATION & REAL EST AGENTS - Phone No. 4719559 in 1977) also traded as WEBB TRAVEL AGENTS, Kendall's Airlines gents forA)

Coles (original building)

71 - Wynyard Hotel - (Phone No. 471104)


F.L. Baker, (Post Office Stores) - Tumut Co-OP Store

H. W. BAKER, - GENERAL Blacksmith & Wheelwright


All kinds of Blacksmithing, Vehicles Building and general work undertaken, including



I beg to notify the public that H. A. Baker has leased the business lately carried on under the name of J. ALLATT & SON, and in relinquishing charge of the said business I desire to thank my patrons for their past support.

All outstanding accounts owing to the firm must be settled FIFTEEN ACRES of "CORNSTALKS. - Apply at once to J, HOLLAWAY, Gttoow. [' ,


In Aid of Mr. Jas- Burgess. will be held in the ODDFELLOWS' HALL, TUMUT, on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 16 . Gents 2/6 ; Ladies a Basket.

W. FULLER \ Hon. ; G. FOSTER j Sees. MUNICIPALITY DF TUMUT POLL OF RATEPAYERS. NOTICE is hereby given that a POLL of the RATEPAYERS of the above

Municipality, will be taken at the COUNCIL CHAMBERS, Russell-street, on SATUR DAY, JUNE Q6,1915, between the hoars of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., on the following questions "Are you^m favour of the Counoil building Council Chambers on 1. The Site in Merrivale-street, at an estimated cost of 600? ? 2. The Site offered by the Temperance Society Trustees, in Wynyard street at an estimated cost of 800 ? . If you are in favour of the Counoil building on the Merrivale Street site, you are to make a cross thus X in the square opposite Merrivale street question, on the Poll Paper j. if in favour of the Wynyard-street site, the cross to be made in the square opposite that question.

K. E. ANDERSON, - Town Clerk and Returning Officer. Council Chambers, Tumut 11/6/15.

NOTICE. ALL PERSONS found rabbit trapping, gathering dead wool, skinning dead sheep wood oarting, or otherwise trespassing on Condonblonga paddooks after this date will be proseouted. All straying stock will be impounded. ROCHE & ARRAGON. OooionWooga, May 87,1915, SPECIALS ill * - r * i, . > r- ! 70IN. WHITE TWILL Usual ls4tl, nowlsld [80in. 1s7d, nowls4d



Open Saturday Nights till 10.



Grill's Store, Tumut,

is giving the Highest Possible Price for


Any Quantity Bought.

NOTE THE ADDRESS: At the rear of Grill's Post Office Stores,


In Aid of Red Cross Sooiety by Messrs McDonald Bros,' ODDFELLOWS' HALL, TUMUT, MONDAY; JUNE 14 RED CROSS DAY Will be observed on JUNE 23. (Prince of Wales Birthday). MRS. E. O'MARA, Hon. MRS H, 8GQXT J Sees.

W. GREEN'S PAIGES FOR SHOEIM, FROM JUNE 1, 1915. Light Shoes 4/,' Sulky Horses' Shoes .... 4/6 Gart Horses 5/, PJain Draught .... 6/. Cogged and bars ... 7/. No extra charge for Stallions, W- GREENM FARRIER* mW'> TUMUT' - (Ref- The Tumut Advocate and Farmers and Settlers' Adviser (NSW : 1903 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Monday 1)

87 Wynyard St, - Service One Alliance Bank



MR ROBERTSON had as a partner a Mr Barrymore. He owned and resided in those promises known as " Comely Bank," now owned by Mrs J Nestor. Like many of our oldest identities, he has passed away from earthly scenes.

My readers will pardon me for here making an addenda to my previous remarks, with a view to bringing in some worthy identities previously overlooked. It will be considered how very difficult is my task when attempted in chronological sequence.

In 1841 a group of sturdy immigrants arrived in Sydney. Amongst them were the following married couples:-

Mr and Mrs Jas Brennan (who hailed from Limerick, parents of Messrs Edward, Martin and Lawrence Brennan and of Mrs N Porter),

Mr and Mrs Richard Brett (who were near neighbours, just across the border, in County Tipperary, parents of Richard Brett, Tumut), and

Mr and Mrs Denny Keefe and

Mr and Mrs Michael Quirk (Wagra). Leaving the ship, they faced at once the hardships and the dangers of the bush, and came up country to Darbalara, then owned by the Hon L F De Salis.

After some years spent there, having by persevering frugality and steady work amassed some capital, the late Mr James Brennan and, if I remember rightly,

Mr Richard Brett rented farms from Mr Archer Broughton, of Gocup,

the latter residing on the site of Mr Samuel Gordon's present smiling homestead.

When Sir John Robertson's Free-selection Bill became law, Mr James Brennan quickly availed himself of its privileges and, with rare foresight, took up land in the vicinity of Gocup, thus founding the well known Eurobin Estate, now under the management of Mr Edward Brennan.

Mr James Brennan, the father of the family, was a grand type of man. His shipmates were worthy men and women, who proved hardy pioneers and prospered, and whose progeny are all well known and respected to-day.

In 1811, Mr William Haydon (father of Messrs John and Robert Haydon, of Tumut and Argalong respectively) came to Tumut. He was the first wheelwright and undertaker, and carried on his business in the now de-funct town on the flat; and Mr William Eggleton was the first blacksmith.

(I desire here to correct errors in my previous history where I stated that Messrs F Foord and Thos Eggleton held senior priority in their respecttive callings.)

Prior to 1847, some other old identities who have long since "returned to dust" were

Henry Rockley (father of Mrs Alfred Harris,

Charles Lee (known locally as " Cockatoo Charlie") and

Bill Ward.

They assisted in building Foord and Anderson's old bridge in 1847.

The first mailman to these parts was Ned Holmes. He carried the mails from Gundagai to Tumut when the town was on the flat, and he used to herald his approach by the blowing of a horn to rouse the inhabitants to the arrival of the much-appreciated mail.

There were no banks or financial institutions in the district in those days; IOU's were the medium of exchange between the business people, and it is needless to say many were lost, destroyed or worn out in the pocket before presentation could be effected.

At this time races were held at the back of the present racecourse. The run was a straight one starting from the " Frenchman's Waterhole" -the one in the Bull Paddock- so called by reason of a Frenchman having driven his bullocks and dray into it, and the culmination turned out to be his watery grave.

The finish was in front of the only public house, owned by Mr Timothy O'Mara, a sturdy old Irishman, whose physique earned for him the aboriginal title of " Teddy Caborn" (big).

An accident occurred at the races which might have cost Bill Ward beforementioned his life. Though nobblers were 1s a glass, men usually got pretty merry at races. On this occasion a crowd attacked Ward and, getting him down, were kicking him unmercifully, when another old identity in the person of William Buckley sr. appeared on the scene and struck one of his assailants with a stone. They all left their victim and turned on "Buck," as he was called, who took to his heels and was chased towards the Tumut River which he plunged into and swam to the opposite bank, none daring to follow. The building of the Queen's Arms Hotel, Mr John Madigan's, was effected in 1852,

the late Mr James Leonard Madden, returning from the Ovens goldfield, being the contractor.

The erection of the Woolpack Hotel, a partly wooden structure, was carried on about the sametime, O'Mara removing his public house from the flat.

David Crampton sr, father of Mr D Crampton, of Lacmalac, was the first baker in Tumut, and his cheery presence on the occasion of racing or other festivities will still be remembered by many residents;

his "Aunt Sally" and other devices for coaxing the nimble shilling created much merriment.

The site of the first bakery was about where Mr Robins' chemist's shop is in Wynyard st,

and the position of Eggleton's blacksmith's shop was between that and the Commercial Bank corner.

Mr Joseph Allatt was one of Tumut's earliest working blacksmiths, having worked for sometime onward from 1847 for Mr F Anderson near the old bridge, where Mr Abraham Anderson's residence stands on Bombowlee.

Leaving that employ, he secured the residence he still occupies in Capper St, and also the block alongside on which he started blacksmithing and wheel wrighting on his own account.

Mr Henry Moon has the credit of building the first flour mill, at Gilmore. It was situate in front of Whitman's Hotel, was driven by water power and was on the stone system.

About 1851 or thereabouts he built an hotel on the site of O'Dea's, and opened it as the Royal Hotel. It passed later into the hands of C Jones.

About this time Timothy O'Mara built and carried on a general store, where Caspersson's buildings are erected. He was also a wine and spirit merchant. (To be continued.)

Fruit, Fred Hargeaves

Jeff McAlister, Shoes

95 Wynyard St - NAB Bank & Residence - (Martha Buckley area 2 Rods 1882)

Wynyard & Russell Street's

103 - Commercial Hotel

- Yard

107 Wynyard St - A.H.RADIO CABS Co-Op - (Phone No. 471666 n 1977).

123 Wynyard St - O'Briens Hall, now Wynyard Centre Shopping Mall

135 Wynyard St - Weedens Electrical - Lucas Home Furnishings, (Phone No.471847 in 1977).

- Weedens Grocery Store - Lucas Home Furnishings

- Lane

- Wilkinson - Stock & Station Agents

- Chinees Rest

- Driveway

- 143 Wynyard St - Bakers Central Motor Garage - (Morris, Nuffield, Valiant) - (Phone No. 471044)

143a Wynyard St - Wynyard Motors - (Phone No. 471243)

145 Wynyard St - Clarion Drycleaners - Phone No. 471603 in 1977).

- Land - part of Mannings buildings

-147 Wynyard St & Capper St's - MANNING MOTORS - Phone No. 471744 in 1977). - (Toyota)

Wynyard & Capper Street's

- Council Chanbers and Garages.

- House

- House

- House - next to TIHS School. With TUCK SHOP.

- Tumut Inter High School, School buildings

Cnr Wynyard & Simpson Streets.

- 213 - House - sold

- 229 - House - near Golf Course end.


Tumut River

- Lot 1 - C of E Complex

- Cnr Wynyard St & RIVER RD

- 6 Wynyard St - A J Mannings - pHONE nO. 471744 IN 1977).

- 8

- 10

- 12 - J A Wortes

- 14

- 16

- 18

- 20

- Police Residence

- Police Station

- Court House - (Cnr of Wynyard & Fitzroy St)


Wynyard St & Fitzroy Street's

36 - Woolpack Hotel - (cnr of Wynyard & Fitaroy St) -

In 1852, settlement may be said to have started on the site of the present town. Alexander Myers, father of Mr W Myers of Gocup, had a shoemaker's shop near the existing Oddfellows' Hall,

where Ah Loy resides.

W. Haydon's wheelwright's establishment was just below.

A man named Adams was the original purchaser of the corner blook on which stands Nestor's Woolpack Hotel, and he sold it to Timothy O'Mara for two gallons of rum (there was a peculiar fascination in some for spirits in those days).



42 Wynyard St - Peter Caldwell Dential Surgeon - Phone no. 472483 in 1977 - Painless Pete!!!!!).



48 Wynyard Street - Meyer & Sons Pty Ltd Bakers - (Phone No. 471366 in 1977).

50 Wynyard St - MANNINGA J & CO PTY LTD DRAPERS - Phone No. 4717144 in 1977).


54 Wynyard Street - EXCELSIOR CAFE - Phone No. 472383 in 1977).



60 - Patricia Fashions (Pat Hourigan) Frock Shop - Phone No. 1977 was 471602) - Rootsy Real Estate


62B - David Fetcher

64 -

70 Wynyard St - R & H Cafe Proprs - Phone No. 471020 in 1977).

82 -84 Tumut Post Office & Residence- (Ken McLeod. Post Master - 472318 in 1977.)

88 Royal Hotel Motel Phone No. 471129 in 1977). - (Rising Moon) - Mr Henry MOON


100 Wynyard St - Lynch's tumut radio & tv service - Phone No. 471510 in 1977)

Wynyard & Russell Street's

102 - West Pac Bank

106 - Rural Bank, built by W W Beavan & Son. - Now a shop.

122 Wynyard St - Tumut-Adelong Times - Wilkie Watson Publications Pty Ltd - Phone No. 472422 in 1977).

124 - H Cork, MONARO MOTORS Garage & NRMA DEPOT. (FORD) - now Ashton Townhouse Motel & Suits <



130 - Fire Station

- House

152 Wynyard St - Frank & Olive HILL - (Phone No. 472593 in 1977).


Wynyard St & Capper St

- Dr's Building in old House

158 - Beavans Units

160 - Beavans Units

168 - HOUSE - (Towards Simpson St).

202 House

214 Wynyard St - Peter Caldwell house "The Tivoli" - Phone No. 472483 in 1977).

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