Allatt Family

Allatt Family,


Wynyard Street

ALLATT, Joseph was a blacksmith in Caper St, Tumut - (Ref- Greville 1872 Index)


Joseph ALLATT was born in 1829 his parents were Henry ALLATT & Mary HUMBLEBEE


Joseph married Miss HINSWORTH


In 1912 died - Joseph ALLATT one of our earliest town pioneers, the cause of death being senile decay. About 7 years ago he became a victim of an influenza epidemic and ever since he has not been his old self. 24TH December, 1912.


He assisted in building the first bridge over the Tumut River.


1. Charles Henry ALLATT was born in 1856 - DEATH OF - ALLATT Charles Henry ranked among the pioneers of this district. He had been resident here for approximately 86 years and during that time had seen the town develop from humble beginnings. Was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Allatt and came with his parents to Tumut when still an infant. His first wife was Miss Mary Kemp, second wife Miss Elizabeth Crickmer. July 2, 1946.

2. Joseph William ALLATT was born in 1859 in Tumut and died in 1931 - DEATH -An old native of the district, in the person of Mr. Joseph William Allatt, of Capper-st., Tumut, died at his residence on Saturday last. February 3 1931

3. George A ALLATT was born in 1864 and died in 1874

4.Easter Allatt was born 1866 and died in 1936 - She married Thomas BAKER

5. Sarah Allatt was born in 1868, she died in 1936 in Tumut.

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