Thomas Hill (2nd) Bardwell

Thomas Hill (2nd) BARDWELL



Thomas Hill (2nd) BARDWELL was born to parents Thomas (1st) Bardwell & Maria Darby. in 1812 in England.

Sydney History


Thomas Hill (2nd) BARDWELL Married MIss Susanne MURPHY in Melbourne, VIC


Grazing land on Adelong Creek was first taken up by Thomas Hill Bardwell, and his Adelong Station extended from Adelong Crossing (Tumbalong) to Reedy Creek (Ritchie 1987). - (Ref-

The explorers Hume and Hovell described Adelong and surrounds as "rough and difficult country", and white settlement of the area proved a slow affair. By the 1830s, 12,000-13,000 sheep were grazed along the Murrumbidgee River. David Johnson established Adelong Creek station there in 1848. Likewise, Thomas Hill Bardwell's "Adelong Station" was founded in late 1825, shortly after the Hume and Hovell expedition passed though the region, and covered an area in those early days extending from Tumblong to Batlow. - (Ref-

Portion 23 = 320 Acres,

Portion 38 = 67 Acres,

Portion 37 = 40 Acres,

Portion 36 = 40 Acres,

Portion 33 = 102 Acres,

Portion 62 = 40 Acres,

1887 - GUNDAGAI.-The Gundagai, Local Land Board began its meeting on April 6,- before Mr F. W Watt, J.P., and Mr. L. A. Foanery, J.P.for the purpose of fixing the rentals of pastoral Leases and confirmation; licenses in the district. Cases heard,

Charles D. Bardwell, 5pd per acre, resumed,-6IV per, section.

1893 - 1ST AUCTION -

Adelong Station and Green Hills South Run. SATURDAY, 21st OCTOBER.

HEATH and IRVINE (conjointly - with T.EDMONDSON and CO., Wagga, and (BROWN and CLAYTON, Tumut), have been instructed by. Mr C. D. Bardwell, of Oberne, to sell: at auction at 'Monks' Pastoral Hotel, Wagga Wagga, on . buiiir\x=req-\ day, 21st October, at 3 Oclock,

ADELONG STAT10N, About 8-miles: from Gundagai Railway Station, containing 471.0 ACRES FREEHOLD und C.P. LAND. GREEN HILLS SOUTH STN,- About 15 miles from Adelong, and contining an area of about - 11.254 ACRES FREEHOLD, C.P., C. LEASE, OCCUPATION, with ANNUAL LEASES.

Terms, (Liberal) at Sale. For (full particulars see Wagga Wagga Advertser, 12th September;)

Splendid Estates in the Eastern and Central Divisions. Courabyra, Bago, Taradale, and Shockaroo, and Jordan's Farm.

SATURDAY, 21st OCTOBER.1893 - HEATH and IRVINE (conjointly with T. EDMONDSON and CO.) have been instructed by Mr. C. D. Bardwell to sell by auction, 'Monks' Pastoral Hotel, on Saturday, 21st October, at 3 o'clock, the following splendid Properties:

COURABJYKA STATION, - Four miles from Tumbarumba, area about 0295 Acros Freehold, C. P., C. Lease, and Crown Reserves. BA0 STATION,\x=req-\ 15 miles from Tumbarumba and 20 from Adelong, area about 19,004;Acres Freehold, O.P., C. Lease,' and Occupation Licenses

TAB8AI)ALT. ESTATE, About CO miles from Wagga Wagga, area 7778 Acres Freehold, C.P., C. Lease, and Occupation Licenses.

SHOCKAROO ESTATE, About four miles from Humula and 40 from Waggta Wagga, and, about CJ73 Acres Freehold, C.P., C. Lease, and Crown Lands.

Terms (Liberal) at Sale. For full particulars see Wagga Wagga Advertiser of 12th September. - (Ref- Wagga Wagga Advertiser (NSW : 1874 - 1905)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 17 October 1893 Page 3).

1904 - 2ND AUCTION. - TUESDAY, the 1st MARCH, at PASTORAL HOTEL, - WAGGA WAGGA, N.S.W. at 3 o'clock

MPORTANT SALE BY AUCTION OF Mr C. D. BARDWELL. Esq. of. Oberne, Tarcutta, N.S.W., - involving an area of 41,OOO acres and comprising the following:

SHOCKAROO - 6973 acres Freehold and CP., and 085 acron ItXL

COURABYRA - BOGO aeres Freehold and CP. and SO acres

BAGO - 19004 acres Freehold and C.P., and 1030 ncres tr**

TARADALE - 7778 acres Freehold and O.P.. and 430 acres :\.

GREENHILLS - acres freehold and CP., and 490 acres

JORDANS - 14G ncres, 3 roods, CP. .

UMBANGO - Zia's acres Freehold and CP.

OBERNE - 11,807 acres 3 rods. 2 perches Freehold C.V.

It is the intention to offer the Properties separately o Bult the present demand, with the exeption of JORDANS, which will be divided into TWO LOTS; UMBANGO, FOUR; and OBERNE, SEVEN.' tj[


The Properties are well situated, being about 40 miles from WAGGA, 17 miles from ADELONG, S miles from TUMBARUMBA, 10 miles from TARCUTTA, 27 miles from TUMUT, and 10 miles from BATLOW, THE PROPOSED FEDERAL CAPITAL BITE'3.

The Properties are all heavily grassed and suitable either for dairying, cultivation, or grazing (sheep or cattle). Carrying capabilities from 1 to 3 sheep per acre, some of tho cultivation land for productiveness being EQUAL TO ANYTHING IN THE STATE, and producing from SO to 100 bushels of corn, up to 60 bushels of wheat, and 30 cwt of tobacco per acre.

Comment is unnecessary as to this opportunity of securing one of the properties in this magnificent estate In this SPECIALLY FAVOURED LOCALITY, suffice it to say, that although Mr Bardwell is in excellent health, he is entitled, owing to his advanced age, to a well earned rest, and this is his sole reason for realising.


Plans of Subdivision, and all particulars and Information can be obtained from the Agents. - For particulars of Title apply Eranie Taylor, Solicitor, Tumut, N.S.W.

The Properties are now open for Inspection, and all arrangements and every facility for Inspection will be afforded on application to the Agents:-McEVOY ard CO., 61 Market-street, Melbourne; E. G. COOKE and CO., Gundagai, N.S.W.; J JEREMY and CO., Wagga Wagga, N.S.W. - (Ref- Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 24 February 1904 Page 4).

1905 - Oberne Estate and Offshoots. UNDER instructions from Mr C. D. Bardwell, the folowing are the prices fixed on the the estate which has been sub divided, viz:

Oberne Lot No. 1 3 per acre freehold.

Oberne Lot No. 2 2 per acre freehold.

Oberne Lot No. 3 3, per acre freehold.

Oberne Lot No. 4 300 per acre freehold.

Oberne Lot No. 5 $3 per acre frreehold.

Taradafe 1/5 per acre freehold

Umbango 2/5 per acre freehold

Terms cash, and balance in 1 ,2, 3, 4 and 5 years at 5 per cent. For further particulars, plans, definite offers, and orders to inspect apply promptly to I J. JEREMY and Co. Property Salesmen, Wagga Wagga. - (Ref- Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (NSW : 1896 - 1939)(about) Previous issue Friday 8 December 1905 Page 20).

CROWN LANDS BEYOND THE SETTLED DISTRICTS. - (From a Supplement to the Government Gazette.)

Crown Land's Office, Sydney, 4th July, 1849. - With reference to the notice from this Office, dated Jth March, 1849 ; it is hereby notified for the information of all parties interested, that the Caveats against the several claims to leases specified in the accompanying list, not having been withdrawn, the disputes have now been referred, by direction of His Excellency the Governor, to Commissioners appointed to examine and report upon disputes respecting the boundaries of Runs, under the Act of Council, 11 Victoria, No. 61.

2. Within sixty days from the present date, it will be incumbent on the claimant and opposing claiment in each case, to lodge with the Commissioner to whom to whom their Claims have been referred, a Memorial, setting forth a true description of the party chiming, and of his usual residence, and of the land in respect of which a lease is claimed, and a true statement of the circumstances under which such claim is made.

3. The time and place of hearing of such case will then be fixed by the Commissioner who will notify the same to the respective claimants, at least one calendar month previous to the day so fixed.

4. Each claimant and opposing claimant will be required to pay into the hands of the Commissioner before the case is heard, the fees regulated by the 16th section of tho Act.

5. Forms of Memorial may be procured from the respective Commissioners, and at this Office.

GEORGE BARNEY, - Chief Commissioner of Crown Lands.

MURRUMBIDGEE.- Commissioner to whom dispute referred, Patrick Plunkett, Esq; No. of claim,

6. Broughton, J. A., run applied for, Mundongudgee ; party lodging caveat, C. and J. Moore.

8. Becham, Thomas, Cavan, J. G. L. Williams.

9. Bardwell, Thomas H., Ten Mile Creek, J. C. Whitty.

10. Bardwell, Thomas H., Oberne, T. H. Mate.

22, Bradley, William, Bullanamang, Crawford and Brayshaw.

22. Bradley, William, Bullanamang, Thomas Rourke.

41. Downes, Robert, Gilmore Creek, Messrs. Broughton.

48. Galvin, George, Oberne, T. H. Bardwell, per Dunsmure and Longmore.

64. Hall, Henry, Mullion, John Ledger.

79. Howe, Thomas, Gunong Jugrawah, John Quitter.

70. Howe, Thomas, Gunong Jugrawah, D. Murphy.

93. Keighran, John, Brungle, Thomas Percivall.

101, Rialey, and Rail, Killimaeat, John Keighran.

108. Mate, T. H., Umutbee and Toonga, R. J. Gabbet.

111. Mara, and Macnamara, Head of Gilmore, Richard Heaver.

113. Murphy, Daniel, Adginbilly, Thomas Howe.

122. Moore, Charles and John, Conblondonga, Messrs, Broughton,

124, M'Dougall, Archibald, Goboulong, Thomas Howe.

125. Mangan, T. J., now J. G. li. Williams, Little River, Couradigby, T. and H.Beckham.

141. Percivall, Thomas, Bundle Creek, John Keighran.

167. Tooth, John, Estate of, Bendenderra, Peter Stuckey.

169. Taylor, Samuel, Tarmos, T. and II, Beckham.

171. Therry, Rev. J. J., Billabong, Samuel Bowler.

172. Terry, John, Estate of, now John Hosking, Corradigby, J. G. L. Williams.

183. West, Frank, Buna Buck Buck Adelong,

Messrs. Broughton.- Commissioner to whom dispute referred, James Macarthur, Esq.:

13. Best, William, Wagga Wagga, J. G. Church-,

20. Beaver, William, Collingully, J. G. Church.

31. Church, John George, Uranquinty, James E. Wall.

31. Church, John George, Uranquinty, William Best.

31. Church, John George, Uranquinty, William Beaver.

78. Hillas, John, Estate of, Yabtree, the Estate of A. M'Leay, per T. Barker.

78. Hillas, John, Estate of, Yabtree, C. Simpson, per H. E. Michael.

92. Jenkins, R. P., Brewarrena, Henry Osborne.

117. M'Leay, A. and G., Pullitop, Toole and Troy.

117. M'Leay, A. and G., Pullitop, Owen and Pring.

127. Nixon, Robert, Grigado or Tywong, John Peter.

127. Nixon, Robert, Grigado "or Tywong, W. Guise.

133. Owen, Robert, now Owen and Pring, Mangoplar, G. M'Leay.

136. Peter, John, Sandy Creek, Robert Nixon.

136. Peter, John, Sandy Creek, Toole and Troy.

138. Purtell, and Carmody, Mountain Creek, T. H. Bardwell.

133. Purtell, and Carmody, Mountain Creek, E. Heriott,

146, Rudd, James, Wogangobiramby, Henry Osborne.

156. Stuckey, Henry, "Tumblong," P. Stuckey, senior

157, Stuckey, Peter, senior, Willie Plumoh, II. Stuckey.

170. Troy, Nicholas, Kinmbah Creek, G. M'Leay.

170. Troy, Nicholas, Kiambah Creek, John Peter.

74. Vincent, Isaac, Mittagong, C. M. Edgehill.

178. Whitty, J. C. and H., now J. C. Whitty, Billabong, T. H Bardwell, per Dunsmure and Longmore.

178. Whitty, J. C and H., now J. C. Whitty, Billabong. Elliott and Heriott.

179. Walker, William, Kyambnh, T. H. Mate. 179. Walker William, Kyambnh, John Cox.

179. Walker, William, Kynmbah. N. Troy.

189. Walker, William, Jellingroo, R. P. Jenkins.

180. Walker, William, Jellingroo, Estate of John Hillas.

180. Walker, William, Jellingroo, Charles Simpson,per H.E. Michel.

181. Warton, Joseph, now W. Conley, Muilin gandray,

1884 - THE LATE MR. THOMAS HILL BARDWELL. - to the Editor of the Argus.

Sir,-Seeing a letter in your issue of yesterday it Captain Cudell and the establishment ot communication by water on the Darling River, 1 feel it but just to say that the name of the late Thomas Hill Bardwell should not be forgotten in that matter. Mr Bardwell was a colonial of 50 years' still bing a native ot Suffolk, in England When he first emigiated he engaged in squatting, both singly and in connexion with his brothel in law, Mr T. H Mate.

Having acquued a considerable fortune, he was induced to invest it in the purchase of stores established by Captain Cadell on the Darling River. It will be remembered that by keeping open the communication by water which Mr Bardwell did after Captain Cadell failed in it -facilite were greatly increased and inducements to occupy lund extended The afair, however, proved very disastrous to Mr. Bardwell, who lost all his fortune in the enterprise, and never afterwards being able to recover his position, he died with a broken heart. - SUSAN-MARIE BARDWELL. Oct. 22. - (Ref- The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957)(about) Previous issue Thursday 23 October 1884 Page 7).

IN PRETTY VALLEY - "Oberne Station", via Tarcutta.
- Dear Uncle Jeff- This is my first letter to the 'Banner,' and I hope you will accept me as one of your many nieces. I am twelve years of age. I should think I am very lucky, for my home is situated in the beautiful valley of Oberne, which is one of the prettiest valleys in New South Wales. My sister and I ride two miles to school on our bicycle. There are nineteen children attending Oberne school, and the teacher is Mrs. Callaghan.

We have had labout two inches of rain, and there is quite a filmy veil of greenness that thickens as we gaze. Would, one of my many cousins please send tho words of these two songs: 'The Unknown Soldier's Grave' and 'The Gay Caballero ' Would you please give me a pen-name Your loving niece, Louise Brooks. (Your pen-name is 'Palm Island.') - (Ref- Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (NSW : 1896 - 1939)(about) Previous issue Friday 23 May 1930 Page 20).

This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavours have been made to make all entries authentic and correct. For any corrections and additional valuable information, maps and photos you may have please contact John

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Principal: Mrs. T. H. BARDWELL.

Assisted by Efficient Professors in all Branches not taught by herself. ,J ' *



REFERENCE : Tile Hon. John Hay, President of the Legislative Council The Hon John Fairfax, M.L.C. T. W. Bowden, Esq., Pitt-street. W. Wilkins, Esq., Secretary Council of Education. - (Ref- Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907)(about) Previous issue Saturday 7 July 1877 Page 5).


THE Murrumbidgee and Lachlan Horse, Cattle, and Skeep-stealing Prevention Association hereby offer the above ReWARD to any one giving information that will lead to the apprehension and convic tion of any person STEALING any HORSES, CATTLE, or SHEEP belonging to any member of the above Association.


Booth, A., Gobbagumbalin

Bardwell, C. D., Oberne

Bowen and M'Alister, Wagga Wagga

Chisholm, F.,

Bull's Run Devlin and Suns, J.

Ganmain Donnelly, John,

Borambula Davidson, Alex.,

Bullenbong Devlin, M. II.

Oak Hill Dallas, J. A.,

Berrombed Davidson, A. and II. J.

Mandamar Gibbs, W. B.,

Carrabost Hammond and Co. 'unco iJoralej, It. F,

Yabtree Hepburn and Leonard Halllday, "Wra.,

Brookong Holmes, "White, and Co., Ilutnula Holloway, senr., Jno.,

Tooynl Ingram and Co., .,

Book Book Keane, F. and J.,

Upper Pullltop Lettch, J. Berry Jerry Lewis, J* A., Nariah Lavender. J. S.,

"Wagga "Wagga Pearson, E. C.,

Sandy Creek Peterson and Sargood,

Jerelderle Robertson, Jas., Mimosa Band, Jno.,

Oura Stinson, Jno.,

Kindra Watt and Thomson,

Urana "Windeyer, W. O.,

Wantabadgery "Nestby, E. W. and A.,

Pullltop Wilson, Geo..

O'Brien's Creek Wilson and M'Callutn,

Pomingalarna, G. A. ELLIOT, Secretary , P. HANN, Treasurer - (Ref- Wagga Wagga Advertiser (NSW : 1874 - 1905)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 18 September 1878 Page 4).