Thomas (1st) Bardwell

Thomas (1st) BARDWELL

Thomas (1st) BARDWELL was born in 1790

Immigration: to Australia with family on the vessel "Palambam" arriving in Sydney, NSW in 1832

Occupation: Dyer


Thomas (1st) Bardwell married Miss Maria DARBY who was born in Abt 1786 in the UK.

Maria's DEATH

She died in Sydney in 1863 BARDWELL MARIA AGE 76 YEARS DIED SYDNEY in SYDNEY - (Ref- NSWBDM 13/1863).


1. Thomas (2nd) Hill BARDWELL born in 1812 in England.

2.Maria BARDWELL born in 1816. married Thomas Mate

3.William Henry BARDWELL. - Died 820/1889 in SYDNEY.

4. Charles Darby Bardwell born on the 8th June, 1822, in London, England Christened on the 30th June, 1822, in London, England. - He died in 14113/1912 in ADELONG, NSW.


6. George Bardwell (18261912) - 12980/1912 BARDWELL, GEORGE parents THOMAS & MARIA in WAGGA WAGGA.

7.Harriett BARDWELL.

Families arrival in Australia

Arrival: ship "Palambam" - 394 tons - Master: - George Willis - Origin: - London - 24th August, - Destination: Sydney 10th January, 1833

Passenger list

(Father) - Thomas Bardwell,

(Son) - William Bardwell,

(Son) - T H Bardwell,

(Daughter) - Maria Bardwell,

(Son) - Charles Darby Bardwell,

(Son) - George Bardwell,

(Daughter) - Harriet Bardwell, - (Ref-

arrival: ship Palambam - 394 tons - Master: George Willis - Origin: London 1832 Aug 24 - Destination: Sydney 1833 Jan 10 - cargo general merchandise sh123,:127 - 1833 Jan 1 departure Hobart Town sh:127

Passenger list - Surname - Other names - Notes - Source

Bailey Henry, Mr sh:127

Simon Norman Jewish rabbi sh:127

Phillips Catherine sh:127

Evans Ann sh:127

Hayes Elisha sh:127 Hayes Elizabeth sh:127 Hayes M sh:127 Hayes M A sh:127

Price Eliza sh:127

Barket Eliza sh:127

Candish Joseph sh:127 Candish Frederick sh:127 Candish Charlotte sh:127 Candish F sh:127 Candish Sarah sh:127

Beaver William sh:127 Beaver Mary sh:127 Beaver William sh:127 Beaver Mary sh:127 Beaver Henry sh:127 Beaver Charles sh:127

Neville James sh:127 Neville Ann sh:127 Barnes John sh:127 Barnes Robert F sh:127 Barnes Mary Jane sh:127

Palmer William sh:127 Palmer Maria Anne sh:127

Clarke Harriett sh:127 Clarke H sh:127

Ewen James sh:127 Ewen Ann sh:127 Ewen James sh:127 Ewen George sh:127 Ewen George sh:127 Ewen Ann sh:127 Ewen Henry sh:127 Ewen Agnes sh:127 Ewen Elizabeth sh:127

Bivet Ann sh:127

Mackenzie Anna sh:127 Mackenzie Elizabeth sh:127 Mackenzie William sh:127

Foreman Mary Ann sh:127

Todd Mary Ann sh:127 Todd Betsy sh:127 Todd Mary sh:127 Todd Sophia sh:127 Todd Richard sh:127

Rowlin Ann sh:127 Rowlin William sh:127 Rowlin Caroline sh:127

Harland Robert sh:127

Mole Thomas sh:127

Bardwell Thomas sh:127

Bardwell Maria sh:127

Bardwell J H sh:127

Bardwell William sh:127

Bardwell Charles sh:127

Bardwell George sh:127

Bardwell Ann sh:127

Bardwell Maria sh:127

Bardwell Harriet sh:127

Golding Thomas sh:127 Tenant Edward sh:127 Jackson Henry sh:127

Myers Israel sh:127

Myers Esther Ann sh:127

Moses Joseph sh:127

Wolfe Emanuel sh:127

Moses Abraham sh:127 Moses Sarah sh:127 Moses Julian sh:127 Moses Moses sh:127 Moses Rebecca sh:127 Moses Henry sh:127 Moses Deborah sh:127 Moses Hannah sh:127

Blanfard Morgan sh:127 Blanfard Charles sh:127 Blanfard Matilda sh:127

Leonard Maurice sh:127 Leonard Margaret sh:127

Johnson Benjamin sh:127

Johnson George sh:127

Turner John sh:127

Davis David sh:127

Jones John sh:127 - (Ref-

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