Run No.'s 171 - Rev John J Therry

Acres - 50,000

and Run 178 - J C Whitty

Acres - 62,000

1848 - Run 171. Therry Reverend J. J. Name of run, Billabong. Estimated area, fifty thousand acres. Estimated grazing capabilities, three thousand cattle. Bounded on the east by stations occupied at present by Jeffrey and by Robinson; on the west by Whitty's head station and the Billabong creek; on the north by a sheep station of Whitty's near the Four-mile creek, which creek is on the Very Rev. John Joseph Therry's station; and on the south by Mr. David M'Kenzie's and Mr. T. H. Bardwell's stations, taking in the large swamp on the Ten Mile creek, on which creek is a hut erected by the Reverend J. J. Therry; the eastern line being near twelve miles long, commencing at the head of the Ten Mile creek, and runs in a northerly direction to the Four Mile creek, the northern line is about eight miles long to the Port Phillip Road.- (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Monday 16 October 1848).

1848 - Run No. 178. Whitty J. C. and H. (now J. C. Whitty). Name of run, Billybong. Eitimated area, sixty-two thousand acres. Estimated grazing capabilities, one thousand cattle, six thousand sheep. North Mr. M'Lay's sheep stations and a marked line south Ten-mile Creek and high ranges dividing from the Reverend Mr. Therry's run; east Reverend Mr. Therry's run and high ranges; west Mr. Harriott's run and marked line. This run has been transferred, with the sanction of the government, to J. C. Whitty, in whose name the lease will accordingly he prepared.- (Ref - The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Monday 16 October 1848).

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