Cabramurra Road

Cabramatta, NSW

Black Jack Fire Tower

Home Black Jack Huts - Courtesy of Olaf Moon, 1999

Also Known as Black Jack Fire Tower huts.

Location is located on the southern side of the Cabramurra Road, and at the end of its own firetrail. They are accessible by vehicle in summer from a turn-off just down the road from Bradleys Hut. Grid reference 183179 on the Cabramurra 1:25,000 map.

Brief History

The huts were built in 1973 by the Hume-Snowy Bushfire Council, to support the fire tower watchers. Related sheds and huts have been removed, leaving just two in place.

The main hut is now open to the public and in good condition. Being at high altitude, it is subject to the worst weather, but the view is spectacular.


The main building is 8m by 4m, with weatherboards and an iron roof. It is lined. There is a wooden floor, and some furniture, but no fireplace.

There is also an external shed (locked) and toilet.

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