William BRIDLE



Property Details:-

Run No -

Zone - Rural

Acres - 10,000

Estimated area, 10,000 acres.

Estimated grazing capable SOO cattle. -

(Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Thursday 27 June 1850).

Portions -

William (1st) BRIDLE - (BRIDAL) - (BRIDDLE)


Photo supplied Maree Myhill.


William (1st) Bridle was born in Somerset, England on 4.5.1797. -(Ref - Full date supplied by Maree Myhill)


He arrived on the ship 'Larkins' on 22.11.1817, aged 20 years.


William was 26 when he married Martha Miles on 30.6.1823 at St Peter's Church, Campbelltown. - Martha was 16 when she married William Bridle.


William died on 26.7.1873, aged 76. He is buried at the Tumut Pioneer Cemetery. As is his wife.


Martha was born at Prospect on 4.2.1807 and was baptised on 1.11.1812 at St Luke's Church at Liverpool. Martha was the second daughter of First Fleeter, Edward Miles and his wife Susannah, nee Smith.


Martha died at Tumut on 30.11.1886, aged 79.

Talbingo - about 1924. Question ---- How many trees did this man clear to make a portion of the Station look like this?

Mr Bridle would never have thought that it would be covered by water. Notice on the other side of the water that the trees had all grown back again.

“William Bridle, one of 250 convicts transported on the Larkins, 24 July 1817 - Convicted at Middlesex Gaol Delivery for a term of 14 years. - (Ref- http://www.oldbritishnews.com/transported-convicts/transported_convicts-158/).


442. WILLIAM BRIDLE was indicted for stealing, on the 5th of February, 1817, one basket, value 3s, and 31lbs of butter, value 40s., the goods of Mr William Batten.


DANIEL MACK . I am a watchman of Leadenhall-market . I had seven flats of butter put under my care for Mr. Batten. At half-past five o'clock in the morning of the 5th of February, I saw the prisoner take one of them, I thought he was Mr. Dean's man; when I came to deliver the butter, I found one short. I had seen the prisoner before that time. I am sure he is the man.

BENJAMIN HARRIS . I am a watchman. I saw the prisoner in Dorset-street, about a quarter after six o'clock in the morning, with the butter on his shoulder; I asked him what it was; he said, poultry, from Leadenhall-market - I took him. When we got to the door of the watch-house, he threw it at me and sprained my wrist, and got away. I sprung my rattle, and described him to Hughes, and he took him. I am sure the prisoner is the man.

MICHAEL HUGHES . The prisoner was described to me. I remembered seeing him pass me, about half-past six o'clock - I took him.

(Property produced and sworn to.)

GUILTY . - Aged 19.

Transported for Seven Years .

First Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Recorder.

Arrival in Australia in 22nd November.1817.

Only 5 months of waiting William Bridle departed from Portsmouth in England on the 20th July, 1817, arrived at Port Jackson aboard the ship " Larkins 1 " on the 22nd November 1817, a voyage of 125 days. The ship was Rig. Square. it was 676 Tons, built in Calcutta in 1808 C 1 D 2 - (Ref:- The Convict Ships 1787 - 1868 by Charles Bateson.) The ships master was Cpt. R. Wilkinson


Following his arrival, William was assigned to James Meehan, a Surveyor, at Macquarie Fields, Sydney, as a Government Convict Servant. He was employed for some time about Sydney, chiefly in agricultural work.


Permission to marry was applied for on the 23rd June, 1823. To the Rev Thomas Reddall, assistant Chaplin, Campbelltown

He married Miss Martha MILES on the 30th June, 1823, in St. Peter's Church of England, Campbelltown. NSW. - (REf NSW BDM No.V1823 3145 3B (CI)).

She was the daughter of Mr Edward MILES and Susannah SMITH. She was born on the 4th February, 1807, in Prospect. Her Baptism took place on the: 1st November, 1812,in St. Luke's Church of England, Liverpool NSW.


He was granted his Certificate of Freedom on the 19th February, 1824, after serving his seven years in Australia.


He applied for a grant of land near Liverpool. Copy of written grant is on hand.

In 1839 he applied to depasture his stock " under his own charge upon the vacant crown lands beyond the southern boundary and situated on the Snowy River in the district of "Mineroo", stating he owned 200 head of cattle and 6 horses.


In the latter part of 1839 William moved his family and stock to "Island Lake", a crown lease of 12,000 acres, bounded by Collandra Lake, Bridles Creek, Bowlers Range, Slacks Creek and Wambrook Road, which he farmed for the next 9 years. It is now known as Island Lake (now Wambrook), which was acquired later by Wallace and Ryrie. Bridle Creek, near Wambrook, in the Snowy Region of NSW, takes its name from him.

In 1848 after 9 years of hard toil he took his family and left the "Monaro" for "Talbingo".


He obtained a lease of Talbingo Station on the Tumut River and moved most of his his family and all of their belongings to their new property by bullock dray. The family lived on Talbingo Station until after most of the children were married and then in the early 1866 William and Martha moved into the Tumut township. The property was sold to Oltmann Lampe. Who was an old friend and neighbour from the high country in the Aduminaby area and who had married William's older daughter. Unfortunately history shows that due to "progression ?" Talbingo Station in now mostly flooded by Jounama Dam.


William died on 26th July, 1873 in Tumut NSW. (Ref NSW BDM No.7088/1873).

Death Certificate shows:-

Occupation: Assigned servant, agricultural worker, explorer, farmer, grazier.

Religion: Church of England.

Burial PLace: The Pioneer Cemetery, Tumut NSW.

His wife Martha died on the 30th November, 1886, in Tumut NSW. (Ref NSW BDM No.14052/1886).Her Burial took place at: The Pioneer Cemetery, Tumut NSW.

CHILDREN BORN to William & Martha BRIDLE (nee MILES).

1... 1824 Elizabeth BRIDLE was born on the 22nd August, 1824, Macquarie Fields, Sydney. NSW. - (REf NSW BDM No.V1824 6862 1B). She died on the 11th June, 1830, in Macquarie Fields. Sydney. NSW. - (Ref NSW BDM No.V1830 367 14). Elizabeth's Burial took place in St. Peter's Church of England, Campbelltown. NSW. - At the age of about 6 yrs.

2... 1827 -

William (2nd) BRIDLE, was born 18 January 1827, Macquarie Fields NSW.- (Ref NSW BDM No.V1827 248 11). William married Miss Elizabeth Wilkinson. He died in 8th May, 1922 in TUMUT.- (Ref NSW BDM No.8825/1922).

3... 1829 - John Edward BRIDLE was born on the 17th July, 1829, in Lower Minto, via Macquarie Fields. Sydney. NSW. - He died in 1908 in TUMUT. - (Ref- NSW BDM 15659/1908). (Ref NSW BDM No.V1829 9373 1C). In 1855 he married Miss Susan Goddard, in Tumut. NSW .John died on the 22nd December, 1908,at Bowlers Flat, East Blowering, via Tumut. NSW. (Ref NSW BDM No.15659/1908).

4... 1831 - SARAH BRIDLE was born on the 21st November, 1831, in Macquarie Fields. NSW. - (Ref NSW BDM No. V1831 546 16).Sarah at the age of about 21 years married Mr Oltman Lampe of Talbingo, NSW. Sarah died on the 11th June, 1912,in Tumut NSW.

5... 1833 - Susannah BRIDLE was born on the 12th November, 1833, in Macquarie Fields. NSW. - (Ref NSW BDM No.V1833 408 18).She married Mr Thomas Wilkinson, of Yellowin. Susannah died on the 16th December, 1913, in Tumut. NSW.

6... 1836 - MARY BRIDLE was born on the 13th March, 1836,at Macquarie Fields. Sydney, NSW. (Ref NSW BDM No.V1836 991 20). She died on the 2nd October, 1919, in Tumut. NSW. - (Ref NSW BDM No.23608). She married Mr James Gabriel NEALL, 25th June, 1883, at Hillston. NSW. - (Ref NSW BDM No.6056/1883).

7... 1841 - THOMAS BRIDLE, b. 6 June 1841, Windsor NSW. He died on the 30th November, 1913, in Peak Hill NSW. - (Ref- NSW BDM 17485/1913).

8... 1843 - MARTHA BRIDLE, born 14th December, 1843, at Island Lake NSW. - (Ref- NSW BDM V1843 2963 28). She died on the 27th February, 1916, in Campbelltown NSW.

9... 1846 - GEORGE BRIDLE, b. 31 March 1846, Island Lake NSW. (Ref- NSW BDM V1846 2142 31A). - MR. G. BRIDLE. - who was killed in a motor accident at Coogee on Sunday afternoon was a native of the Tumut district, where he was a successful farmer and grazier. He sold his property recently with the object of settling in Sydney However, the call of the land proved too strong for him, and he had arranged to settle on a farm in the Wagga district. He was a member of the Land Board tor Tumut and Adelong. Mr Bridle was a good judge of cattle and for more than 30 years acted as a judge at agricultural shows through Riverina. He was an alderman of the Tumut Council and a churchwarden of All Saints Tumut. Mrs Bridle, who is also 72 years, is still in a critical condition, a result of the accident. A family of ten children survive. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) Tuesday 11 June 1929).

10... 1848 - EMMA BRIDLE, b. 13 July 1848, Island Lake NSW. - (Ref NSW BDM V1848 2018 33A) - In 1876 Emma married Mr Frederick KINRED in Tumut NSW - (Ref NSW BDM 4307). Emma died on the 29th January, 1933, in Tumut, NSW.

A NEW HOME. Hawksview, West Blowering.

Dear Uncle Jeff, — I am writing from a new home. I had a very merry Christinas, and I hope you had too. There is going to be a dance at our place and then a tennis match over at my aunty's and a picnic after it. We are only milking one cow. We have a little white heifer calf, and. would you please give a name for it. Would, one of the 'Banner' cousins kindly send in the song, 'Just After the Battle, Mother.' — Your fond niece, Kathleen Bridle (12 years). - (Call the calf Lily. Don't you meaa 'before' the battle.) - (Ref- Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (NSW : 1896 - 1939)(about) Previous issue Friday 20 January 1922 Page 12).

DOWN AMONG THE FRUIT. Hawksview. West Blowering.

Dear Uncle Jeff,— -This, is my second letter to the 'Banner.' I am writing from a new home. I like living down here. It is better than up at Adaminabv because it is warmer. I like going back to school again. There are only 28 children going to our school. We are down here among all the fruit, which I think is the best place to be. The fruit is not ripe yet. Love to aunty, and the 'Banner' cousins. — Trixie Bridle.- (Think of me when you are eating the fruit, if you may perhaps be able to spare me,a nibble.) - (Ref- Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (NSW : 1896 - 1939)(about) Previous issue Friday 27 January 1922 Page 12).

NAMES FOR EVERYTHING. - Hawksview. West, Blowering Tumut.

Dear Uncle Jeff, I suppose you have forgotten me, because it is such a long time since I wrote to you. We had a slight fall of snow here about three weeks ago. It has been raining nearly ever since, and there are small creeks running everywhere. We are milking two cows, and we call one Cherry and the other Clementine. A poddy calf we call Katie and we have a little bulldog pup, we call Poodley. — Your fond niece; Trixie Bridle. (When I am short of names l shall come to you for some, Trixja-. Thanks for the ridles.) - (Ref- Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (NSW : 1896 - 1939)(about) Previous issue Friday 11 August 1922 Page 12).


7. 1839 - ROBERT BRIDLE (ROBERT2, ROBERT1) was born 1839 in Liverpool NSW. V1839 989 23A. He married SUSAN OWEN 1857 in Liverpool NSW. 1949/1857.

1836 - Jane BRIDLE was born 1836 in Liverpool, Sydney. NSW. - (Ref NSW BDM No.V1836 982 22). NSW. She married HENRY STEDMAN 1860 in Sydney NSW. - (Ref NSW BDM No.812/1860). She died 1890 in Sydney. NSW.

9. 1841 - SUSAN BRIDGET BRIDLE (ROBERT, ROBERT) was born 1841 in Cabramatta NSW. V1841 1367 25A., and died 26 October 1919 in Adaminaby NSW. Aged 78 1/2 years. She married EDWARD O'NEILL 1860 in Bombala NSW. 1368/1860., son of MATTHEW O'NEILL and MARGARET DEWAN. He was born 29 December 1829 in Tipperary, Ireland, and died 27 April 1918 in Adaminaby NSW. Aged 88 1/2 years.


This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavours have been made to make all entries authentic and correct. For any corrections and additional valuable information, maps and photos you may have please contact John

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1878 - New Magistrates. A supplementary Gazette to hand yesterday contains a new list of magistrates, from which we call the following names of gentlemen residing in this and the neighbouring districts: Shelley William John, Talbingo South Station, near Kiandra; - (Ref- Queanbeyan Age (NSW : 1867 - 1904)(about) Previous issue Saturday 30 November 1878).

1870 APPROVED CLAIMS FOR PRE-EMPTIVE LEASES. - [Government Gazette, 3rd June 1870, p.1255.]

No. 7. Thomas BRIDLE, of Tumut.

Area of Freehold in virtue of which Lease granted: 100 acres.

Lease: 300 acres; £0-10-0; County of Wynyard, Parish of Wereboldera; District of Tumut; 70-625. - (Ref- http://www.dcstechnical.com.au/Rusheen/1.0_People.htm)


The following additions to the list of runs published in our issue of July 18, appear in the GOVERNMENT GAZETTE of July 31 1885. Merely give the names of the runs and the district in which they are situated. Until diagrams are issued by the Survey Department, showing the dividing lines and the resumed and leased halves of the runs, but little additional information can be given. When the diagrams or maps will be issued seems very doubtful:


Wallabadah, district of Tamworth

Undercliff and Rivetree West, Tenterfield

Bondi, Eden

Bondo, Tumut.

Tumut Plains, Tumut

Poboyan, Queanbeyan

Kentucky, Armidale

New Koreelah, Tenterfield

Arthur Seat, Armidale

Auburn Vale, Inverell

Brabandini, comprising Bellinbipine and yarrabandini and Tanban runs, Kempsey

Edgerton, Inverell Curry Flat, Cooma

Belowra and Wadbiliga, Moruya Nulla Nulla, Kempsey Coneac, Walcha

Craigie, Bombala

Dora Dora, Albury

Queengallery, Cooma .

Coppabella, Boorowa

Billabong, Albury

Wooroowoolgan, comprising Wooroowoolgan, Camden Valley, Wyandah or Stony Creek, York, and Mongogery or

Busby's Flat Buns, Casino

Ironmungy Minor, Cooma Glenbog, Bombala

Wellingrove, Inverell, and Glen Innes Blowering, Tumut

Woila Creek, Moruya Davy's Plains, Molong Glenroy, Albury

King's Plains, oomprising King's Plain and Swamp Oak Buns, Inverell, and Glen Innes

Bell Brook, Kempsey

Frazer's Creek, Inverell Tarra, Bombala

Mole River, Tenterfield

Willie Ploma, Gundagai;

Ramornie, comprising Ramornie. Ermington, and Banca. rumbi runs, Grafton

Blak Jack, Albury

Newbold Grange and Cangai, Grafton and Glen Innes

Newton Boyd, Glen Innes

Tooma, comprising Tooma, Maragle, and The Found Buns, Albury

Cowra Bocks, comprising Cowra Books, and .Cota Buns, Cowra

Burra, Albury

Sherwood, Grafton

Stoney Batter, Armidale

Jindabyne West, Cooma

Chandler's Creek, Glen Innes, and Grafton Rivertree East, Tenter Hold, and Casino

Miller's Creek, Murrurundi Thalgarrah, Armidale

Ten-Mile Creek, Albury.

Wiangerie, comprising Keelgyrah, Wiangaree and Wiangaree West Runs, Casino

Kalkite, Cooma

Waterloo, Walcha

Towyal Creek, comprising Towyal Creek,Five Day Creek, and Stockyards Creek Buns

Newstead, Inverell ,

Bald Hills, Grafton

Broadmeadows, Armidale and Glen Innes Lanark Lodge, Grafton Casino, Casino

Dananbilla, Young Cubmurra, Cooma

Ollera, comprising Tenterden, Ollera, and Mount Sellar Buns, Inverell and Armidale

Annandale, Tenterfield Gostwyck, Armidale

Gingary, Cooma

Tira, Walcha

Broula, Cowra

Looanga, Armidale

Murwillimbah, Murwillumbah

Head of the river, Cooma

Mount Mitchell West, Glen Innes Geegullalong, Boorowa

Mulnerindie, Walcha

Acacia Creek. Tenterfield

Cheeseman's Creek, Molong

Little River, Grafton

Laura, Armidale

Gurrangorambla West, Cooma

Bergen-op-zoom, Walcha, and Armidale

Bogolong, Boorowa, and Yass?

Dilga, comprising Dilga and Carlsron Buns, Molong Bocky River, Tenterfield, and Casino

Walcha, Walcha

Ironbark Creek, Tamworth


Mogong and Tilga, Molong

Moona Plains, Walcha ,

Middlingbank, Cooma

Cooleman, Tumut

Buckondorry, Cooma

Tooloom and Woodenbong, Casino

Woolomin, Tamworth

Gurrangorambla, Cooma

Cavan, Yass

Bead of Curry Plat, Cooma

Yowrie, Moruya

Billylingera, Cooma

Gyra or Gara, Armidale

Lowry Creek, Tamworth

Bobundara, Cooma

Breakfast Creek, Boorowa, Cowra, and Young

Kimo, Gundagai

Annandale, comprising Ten-mile Creek, Billabong,; and Ten-mile Creek Runs, Albury

Loombah, comprising Loombah and Codumble Bange Buns, Molong ' .

Bungawalbyn, Casino

Oban, Glen Innes, and Armidale

Nangus, Gundagai

Ganoo, Molong

Corabella, Albury

Bobundra, Cooma

Bullanamang, Cooma

Lismore, Lismore

Congwarrnh, comprising Freshford, Congwarrah, and Tidbinbilly runs, Queanbeyan North. Gyra, Armidale

Kuthi, Walcha

Logan, Casino Yarrowitch, comprising East Yarrowitoh and Western

Yarrowitch Buns, Walcha Maryland, Tenterfield

Red Hill, comprising Red Hill and Spring Creek Runs, Tumut

Deepwater, Tenterfield '

Green Hills, Tumut

Woomargama, Albury Bouralong, Armidale

Nowendoc, Walcha Retreat, Armidale

Bective, comprising Bubbogullion North and Bubbogul lion South Buns, Tamworth

Gundibindyal, Cootamundry

Cuppacumbalong, comprising Cappaoumbalong Nasa, and

Nass Valley Runs, Queanbeyan Mingay, Gundagai Yaowk, Cooma

Barney Downs, comprising Barney Downs and Frocester Bnns, Tenterfield

Wangrah Creek, Cooma Glenn Borra, Tamworth

Balblair, Armidale and Glen Innes Nullamana, Inverell

Summer Hill, Tamworth

Duzlon, Tumut

Ref- Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907)(about) Previous issue Saturday 8 August 1885 page 28)