"Arthur Henry Brown"

1857 Arthur Henry Brown, parents Edward G & Amelia M Brown was born in TUMUT, NSW. - (Ref NSW BDM 11484)


He was Baptised on the 20th Freruary, 1859 in the C/E Church, River Road, Tumut. This church was in the Parish of Tumut and in the Diocese of Canberra - (Ref - Extract from church records and Rholda Roddy.)


In early Land Records it shows this person as being the registered owner of Portion 41 - 100 acres a large part of "Kinloch" West Blowering.

Also Portion 42 - a 40 acres lot later owned by Patrick John Higgins, "Fairview" to the south of "Kinloch." (Ref - NSW Lands Dept old map).


In 1947 Arthur Henry Brown died in RANDWICK, Sydney, NSW - (Ref - NSW BDM 26661) Brown, Edward Charles (18561932)

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