Convicts who settled in and assisted to establish the

William Eggleton - First Fleeter - 26.1.1788. He married Miss Mary Dickinson.

Mary Dickenson - First Fleeter - 26.1.1788. married 17.2.1788

William Bridle - arrived in 1817 - ........ He married Miss Martha Miles...1824 granted his Freedom Certificate.

Henry Stanfield arrived on the "Lord Lyndock" in 1833. He married Miss Margaret Murphy.

Margaret Murphy arrived on the "Margaret 1" in 1837. They married in 1841 and had a son named James.


Robert Magrane REILY, Wodonga - 1808 1864

Thomas BOYD, Gilmore

Warby, Darbalara

Robert LOWTHER - was a convict. Convicted April 23, 1833

There are many more to add to this list in time.

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