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There were numerous creeks in the Blowering Valley, all leading into the beautiful Tumut River.

There were many colverts crossing the roads allowing local water to drain to the lower sections of all the properties.


Basin Creek

- Through Merve Alchins property. Down on the north side of the Snowy Camp.

Deep Creek

- near Cliff & Eileen Davis's house.

Brown's Creek

- Near Colin Myers property, West Blowering.

Vickery's Creek

- Near Ross Vickery's Shed.

Worldon's Creek

had a small creek below the dairy on southside.

Boyd's Creek

a creek came from "The Basin" area, through Cranes, Boyds, and ran into the River on Maybury's property.

Crane's Creek

- This creek rans through Bob McDolald's, Ted Higgin's and Crane's property and enters the Tumut River on the boundry of "Fairview" and "Kinlock" properties. A long flowing creek, of beautiful clear cold water, which never stopped running. It was the source of water for three properties and five houses. At times it even ran a small irrigation plant on the Cranes property. It was a deep banked creek and after long heavy rain it filled to a raging torrent.

Wrenford's Creek

norside of house came through McDonalds, Wrenford to River.


Sandy Creek


Log Bridge Creek

A crystal clear creek which ran through Jack Halloran's Jack HALLORAN'S, property.

Blowering Creek

Clifford Creek

Allabambra Creek

Black Creek

This creek runs through Portion 136 & Portion 4 on W J Morris's property.

Brownley's Creek

This creek runs through Portion 58 & Portion 11 & Portion 10 of Allan Day's property.

Jounama Creek

This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavours have been made to make all entries authentic and correct. For any corrections and additional valuable information, maps and photos you may have please contact John

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