Explorers Hume and Hovell - 1824 - Southern Trip, Discover the Blowering Valley


Hume and Hovell's records indicate that they passed through the Blowering Valley about 36 years after settlement took place in Sydney.

Equal partner with Hovell on history making trek from Sydney to Port Phillip.

Born in Parramatta, New South Wales, on the 19 June 1797, on his fathers farm at Seven Hills near Parramatta, New South Wales, the eldest son of Andrew Hamilton Hume and his wife Elizabeth, née Kennedy. (Ref- NSW BDM V1794607 1A/1794). - Records show he died in 1873 in YASS. - (Ref- NSW BDM 7508/1873).

Hamilton was educated at home. In 1814-16 he undertook his first exploration in the Berrima-Bong Bong district. He accompanied the explorers Throsby and Meehan on their expedition to the same district in 1818; he and Meehan then pressed on to discover Lake Bathurst and the Goulburn Plains. The following year he went with Oxley and Meehan by ship to Jervis Bay in Southern NSW, returning overland to Sydney. In 1821 he discovered the Yass plains, where he was to later retire.

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In 1827 Hume was unsuccessful in tracing the route for a Government road over the Blue Mountains. The next year he accompanied Sturt's expedition to the interior of the continent.. Hamilton retired to his pastoral property on the Yass Plains in 1829. A fine bushman, and a friend to the Aborigines, his last years were marred by a petty squabble with Hovell over which of them had discovered the Port Phillip region.

Source: 1000 Famous Australians, Rigby, Adelaide, 1978, p. 26. ISBN 0 7270 0880 3


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Captain Charles STURT - 1828 - River Trip down The Murrumbidgee -

meet James WARBY at the junction of Murrumbidgee & Tumut River's, at Darbarbara, NSW on the 27th November, 1829.

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