west blowering


Property Details:

Zone - Rural

Old map shows as Second Edition - Parish of Yellowin and "Parish of Werebolder"

Portion - 69 - 60 acres

in early name of Daniel Mullan, an early owner, later known as treed area across the creek in the basin. North of Portion 30 and west of Portion 102 formally owned by John Korn (Boyd's)

Portion - 56 - 50 acres no name on map - north of Portion 49 a treed area.

Portion - 49 - 110 acres

in name of Daniel Mullan - east of Portion 69 partly cleared where George Spicer had a camp at on stage in the area known as "The Lease".

Portion - 48 - 100 acrea

in the name of Daniel Mullan, south of Portion 49 and west of Portions 30 and 42 in area known as "The Lease" with a round bald hill - where one of the Naughton's is supposed to have tried to take off in a glider!!! And joining onto Portion 41 (Stephenson's).

Portion - 30, - 40 acres, ACP76.53 May 11th

Peter Murray, early owner. Later known as "The Basin paddock" this ran behind Denis McBarnes (Boyd's).

Portion - 42, - 40 acres, ACP76.28 Sept 7th

A H Brown, early owner. Later known as "The Basin paddock" this ran behind Fosberry, Hampstead (Marbury).

Portion - 19, - 80 acres, ACP72.7160

Arthur Henry Brown, early owner. Became known as "Black Flat" and ran to road beside Portion 41 A H Brown (Stephenson). This block had a permanent running creek, the main brick house (Built by John Phillip "Jack" Higgins), diary, machinery sheds & shearing shed. The block crossed the West Blowering Road and ran to the Tumut River, which had a swimming hole.

Portion - 24 - 50 acres

in the name of A H Brown - a bit longer than No.19 and ran beside it across the road to the River. Whilst across the road a 2nd small house was built for John & Mona Crane, later occupied by Laury and Vera Crane. Also their first large hay shed was built in the early 1950's. The first hay bales made on the farm on a hay baler owned by neighbour Syd Stephenson was stored here and chaff was made in the winter using a tractor owner by Syd Stephenson to drive their chaff cutter.

Portion - 27 - 40 acres

in name of A H Brown - running beside 24 across the road to the river. An outside hay stack was established here. This block joined onto the northern boundry of Mr Edward John Higgins (Grandson of John Patrick Higgins.)

Portion 11 - 120 acres

running off Portion 48 and top of Portions 41 (Stephenson's) 19 24 and 102. Known as the "Long" paddock, used for the milking heard to use at night. A creek from McDonald's and Ted Higgins farms. Crains had a dam dug for the stock as the creek was steep to get to.

Portion 12 - 380 acres

in the name of Daniel Mullan - situated on top or west of Portions 48 and 11.

Portion 102 - 40 acres

in the name of Daniel Mullan. This land ran beside Portion 11 and on the top side of Portions 24 and 27.

Total Acres - (1060) - 1225 in total resumed including "Kydra"

Resumed by the NSW State Government - 1966

To Charles Henry & Ada Crane

To John Phillip & Hanorah Jane Higgins

To Patrick John & Harriet Maria Higgins

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