Captain Arthur Phillip

Governor Arthur Phillip

Captain PHILLIP - The foundation of the settlement on the eastern coast of Australia was entrusted to Captain Arthur Phillip, and his methods and the results of his work indicate that a more fortunate selection could not have been made. By his infinite tact, by his extraordinary foresight, and by his devotion to high ideals, he succeeded in establishing the infant colony on a secure foundation during the five years of his government. He was selected to take charge of the proposed settlement at Botany Bay by Lord Sydney, Secretary of State for the Home Department. This selection did not escape criticism, for Lord Howe, the First Lord of the Admiralty, stated in a letter to Lord Sydney, dated 3rd September 1786, "I cannot say the little knowledge I have of Captain Phillips would have led me to select him for a service of this complicated nature," and practically dissociated himself from all responsibility in the appointment. The reasons which influenced Lord Sydney in his choice, are not evident. He appears to have possessed the rare facility of perceiving intuitively the latent powers in the men with whom he came in contact, and to have recognised in Captain Arthur Phillips a man of action, and a born administrator, possessing the iron will and determination to carry all his decisions to their logical conclusion. (Source: HRA Vol I = pr?cis by Frederick Watson)

Commissioned Captain Charles Sturt to explore down the Murrumbidgee

1829 - just 4 years after Hume & Hovell passed through the area just south of his run. James Hannibel ROSE was the first person on the "Tumut Plains Run".He apparently is the only person to be given a free grant of land on the Tumut River by Governor Phillip.

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