Colin Hartshorn



Colin Hartshorn was born on the 30th August, 1911, in Lockhart, NSW. His parents were Albert Hartshorn & Eleanor M 'Nell' Brannock.

Colin attended the Brungle Public School.


Colin married Miss Etty


Colin & Etty raised Neil, Leo, Valeri, Phillip and Owen on the farm. They all attended the Tumut Intermediate High School. And in their early school days travelled on Dick Spencer's bus.

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Colin emplayed a dairy assistant named "Kity" who worked in the dairy and the piggery. Leaving Colin to assist there and work the farm which hand a wonderful area of river flats which was high producing in crops and was excellant for grazing of the large dairy herd.

He was very proud of his lucerne paddock and worked hours irrigating it day and night. (Drove some neighbours crazy with the engine noise at night.)


1948 - Tumut 73rd Annual Show - Included among prize-winners in the Farm Produce and Vegetables sections were Messrs.

A. J. Davis,

Sid Symons,

W. J. Kell,

J. Claffey,

C. A, Hartshorn,

W. D. Lindley,

0. and S. Davis,

J. Butler,

H. Le Fever,

T. McGrath,

H. L. Vickery,

D. Alston,

B. Holmes,

G. Bradley,

J. Clout,

W, Stubbs, and

Mesdames W. G, Nutall and Wren. - (Ref- The Land (Sydney, NSW : 1911 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Friday 5 March 1948 Page 12).

1950 - The Farmer and Settler (NSW : 1906 - 1957) Friday 30 June 1950 p 7 Article... Mudgee Hybrid Corn Crop Wins R.A.S. Inland Championship FIRST prize in the R.A.S. Inland Field Corn Championship ship for 1950 win won by Messrs. H. H., C, M. and W. B. Tompkins, Mudgee, with 143 .points.

Second went to Messrs. Lodge and Hartshorn, Tumut , with points. The competition was Judged by ...

1953 - Tumut Show - In the farm produce section, Messrs. J. T. Butler and Son exhibited the champion half-bushel threshed maize, and Messrs. W. Kell and C. A. Hartshorn scored in class awards for lucerne hay and cob maize. - (Ref- The Land (Sydney, NSW : 1911 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Friday 13 March 1953 Page 10).


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