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Mr & Mrs Edward Charles LINDBECK

Charles LINDBECK, - carpenter - Blowring - (Ref- Greville 1872)

Zone - Rural

Portions -

Acres - 389

Resumed by the NSW State Government - 1966.

Mr & Mrs Edward Charles Lindbeck brought the property from Mr & Mrs William Cookson


Charles Edward LINDBECK was born on the 4th January, 1820, in Liverpool, Lancashire, England. His parents were Charles LINDBECK Charles (1st) LINDBECK & Jane JONES. Charles Edward died on the 16th May, 1887, in Tumut Plains, NSW.


Charles Edward LINDBECK married Miss Catherine "Kate" TUCKER who was born on the 16th July, 1830, in Castle Connell, County Limerick, Ireland. They married on the 16th October, 1855, in the Catholic Church, Braidwood, NSW.


1. Edward Henry "Ned" LINDBECK born on the 4th September, 1856, in Braidwood, NSW. Married Miss Selina Maria QUARMBY.

2. Charles William LINDBECK was born on the 10th September, 1857, in Tumut. Married Miss Alice LONERGAN.

3. Thomas LINDBECK b: Feb 1859 in Tumut, NSW

4. James LINDBECK b: 1861 in Young, NSW

5. Jane LINDBECK b: 1863 in Young, NSW. Married Mr Quarmby.

6. Rowland John LINDBECK b: 1866 in Young, NSW. Married Miss Walker

7. Catherine LINDBECK b: 5 Jul 1866 in Young, NSW

8. Henry Arthur LINDBECK b: 1869 in Tumut, NSW. Married Miss Charlotte E Emery

9. Ada Adelene LINDBECK b: 1871 in Tumut, NSW. Married Mr Fuller

10. Thomas William LINDBECK b: 1873 in Tumut, NSW. Married Miss Derrick

11. Walter Frederick George LINDBECK b: 8 Oct 1878 in Tumut Plains, NSW.

This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavours have been made to make all entries authentic and correct. For any corrections and additional valuable information, maps and photos you may have please contact John

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