Montreal Theatre Tumut

Montreal Theatre Tumut

44 - 46 Russell Street,


Montreal Operators - Together these four people ran the Tumut Montreal Theatre for many years.

24706/1946 George STATHIS he married Miss Margaret Mary WHITLEY in TUMUT

13644/1951 Peter STATHIS he married Miss Helen Maude CROMPTON in TUMUT

Robyn Parker MP - Minister for the Environment - Minister for Heritage - MEDIA RELEASE


Heritage Minister Robyn Parker and Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire today announced that Montreal Theatre and the Moveable Heritage Collection in Tumut have been placed on the State Heritage Register.

“Montreal Theatre is one of only a handful of intact interwar movie theatres remaining in NSW and is loved by the people of Tumut, having been at the heart of community life for more than 80 years,” Ms Parker said. “Going to the movies is a commonplace activity today, but back in the 1930s a night out at ‘the flicks’ was a reason for great excitement. “Getting dressed up and going to town to the Montreal picture theatre in Tumut, as in most small towns, was a glittering and eagerly anticipated event.

“The decade of the 1930s was a golden age of cinema attendance and a huge number of cinemas were designed and built in NSW towns in that period."

In 1951, there were still 351 rural theatres still in operation, but sadly, the Montreal is now one of only 11 rural cinemas remaining recognisable as a theatre.” Mr Maguire said it was amazing that the theatre is still operating as a cinema and live theatre venue.

“When the theatre was sold in the early 1990s the management committee galvanised the local community into action and enough money was raised to buy the theatre and ensure it remained in use,” Mr Maguire said. “The theatre is operated entirely by volunteers who make sure the Montreal remains a living example of how small rural theatres were and can still be, at the heart of their community.”

This listing also includes a wonderful collection of moveable heritage items including; a set of ticket dispensing boxes and ticket stub boxes; a 1930s pedestal fan; a set of handmade timber and glass exit signs; and a silent movie projector dating to the 1930s.

Inclusion on the State Heritage Register ensures that the future management or development of listed sites is supported with advice from the state’s leading heritage organisation, the Heritage Council of NSW. - (Ref-

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