Mr Albert Myers


Mr Albert Myers, "Ab"

Property Details:

Zone - Rural

Portions -

Acres -,

Resumed by the NSW State Government - 1966

Ab's father Mr Thompson Myers , had purchased the property at the West Blowering Station auction which was held in O'Brien's Hall, Wynyard Street, Tumut, NSW, in about 1906.

As the years went on his son Ab Myers took over the original farm and a brother Harry Myers went into partnership with another brother Edward on a property just one farm south.

Harry then brought out the partnership and took over the running of this farm. Harry's eldest son Leo Myers took over the property and just after the end of WW2 another of his sons Colin Myers brought the property in the middle of grandfather Thomas "Kydra" and his fathers property, "Leo's".

So at one time the Myers family owned a lengthy river frontage to the Tumut River, all in one line on the West Blowering side of the river. Which stretched from

In the late 1950's Ab sold his property to the A. Crane Family company from "Fairview" which was located about 4 miles further up the Tumut River. Eldest son John &Mona and family relocated and lived on the farm until resumption in about 1966. A

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