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48. Galvin George. Name of run, "Oberne" Estimated area, eight thousand six hundred and forty acres. Estimated grazing capabilities, five hundred cattle and five hundred sheep. Bounded on the south by a marked tree about thirty rods from Mr, Bardwell's paddock fence, on the Oberne or Tarcutta Creek; thence nearly east by line from the tree striking the road about half way to the range ; thence by the road to the top of the range, say three miles, Mr. Bardwell's being on the right; thence by a Hue due north along the top of timber range to Mr. Challacombe's old hut, on a swamp, say about six miles, Mr. Griffith's being one and a half, and Mr. McArthur four and a half miles on the right; thence by a line nearly south-west into the Oberne or Tarcutta Creek, about one mile and a half above its junction with the Hormbango Creek, Mr. Mate's run being on the right, say about four and a half miles; thence up the creek, past the homestead, to the southern corner first named, Mr. Mate's still being on the right, say three miles.

IN the Will of FREDERICK GALVIN - formerly of Adelong but late of Gundagai in the State of New South Wales Labourer deceased - Application will be made after 14 days from the publication hereof that Probate of the lost Will and Testament dated the 21st Augus 1930 of the abovenamed deceased may be granted to Doris Mary Galvin the sole Executrix named In the said Will and all notices may be served at the undermentioned address All creditors In the Estate of the deceased are hereby required to send in particulars of their claims to the undersigned FREDFRICK A DODDS Solicitor for the Executrix Gundagai. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Monday 6 August 1951 Page 10).

1872 - Greville's Post Office Directory 1872 TARCUTTA - Page 489

Distance 282 miles South of Sydney

Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 pm.

Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Tuesday excepted) 5.15 am.

Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Friday excepted) 7.15 am.

Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Thursday evenings.

Route Rail Goulburn, Cobbs coach Tarcutta.


ABBOTT Frederick freeholder Oberne

BOLLARD Benjamin freeholder Oberne

BUTTERFIELD Joseph farmer Oberne

COX John stockman Oberne

DAVIS John farmer Oberne

FORAN Laurence farmer Oberne

GALVIN Edward farmer Oberne

GALVIN George squatter Oberne

GALVIN George jun. farmer Tarcutta

GALVIN James farmer Oberne

GALVIN John farmer Oberne

GALVIN Thomas farmer Oberne

GOOD John farmer Oberne

JOURDON Thomas farmer Oberne

LAMBERT Joseph farmer Oberne

MOLLOY John farmer Oberne

NICHOLS E. W. R. farmer Oberne

PHELAN Patrick farmer Oberne

PHELAN Thomas jun. farmer Oberne

WHITEHEAD Luke farmer Oberne - (Ref-

1933 - TWO BODIES UNDER TREE - TRAGEDY NEAR TARCUTTA - GIRL AND MAN SHOT - Wagga (NSW) - Sunday -A double tragedy occured on Friday night or early on Saturday morning on a farm hetweeti the town of Tarcutta and the village ot Oberne nearly 50 miles from Wagga. The bodies of Audrey Stockwell aged 15 1/2 years. And Ronald Hagar aged 25 years were found together under a tree in a paddock near the girls home. She had a shotgun wound in the breast and he had been shot in the head.

The couple had been friendly but recently Audrey Stockwell's father had toll Hagar that the girl was too voung for senrious courtship and that his attentions must cease. The girl was cheerful on Friday night and went to bed with her elder sister Ihe sister slept well and didn'tt miss Audrey until morning.

A search reveiled the girls bare foot marks leadling to a road a half a mile away where they were joint a pair of mans tracks. The double track lead to the paddock in which the bodies were found together under a tree. The girl was clad in night attire over which she had Hagars coat. Hagar was fully dressed except for his coat. On the left wrist of either one was a cut, a picket book was found containing notes by the girl and the man. The Police sunmise that alter each had cut a wristt the girl was shot and then the man.

Hagar left home on Friday night saying, he was going to play cards with friends. He was cheerful a few days before he borrowed a gun- - (Ref- The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.: 1848 - 1956)(about) Previous issue Monday 18 September 1933).

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