.. Mr T. P The funeral of Mr. Thomas Patrick Arragon, of Condongblonga Station, Adelong, who died in Lewisham Hospital, Wagga, on Friday, at the age of 79 years, took place in Adelong on Saturday. He was a very keen supporter and follower of racing, and bred and raced many horses. November 17, 1941

ARRAGON Thomas P The death occurred of Mr. Thomas Patrick Arragon of "Condonblonga," Adelong, early on Friday morning last at Lewisham Hospital Wagga, at the age of 53 years. For some time past his health had been failing and he entered Lewisham, for special treatment. March 9 1948

BAKER Anne a sudden and quite unexpected death occurred on Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m., when Mrs. Ann Baker, wife of Mr. Chas. Baker, of Adelong, passed away at the residence of her daughter (Mrs. H. Trudgen) at Tumut. Tumut Advocate Tuesday, May 24, 1910

BAKER Fred L With the passing of Mr. Frederick Laurence Baker, which occurred at this home in Capper Street, Tumut, on Saturday, April 7, Tumut and district lost one of its prominent citizens, foremost business man and benefactor to the poor and needy. April 15, 1947

BAKER Geroge Sr. One after another our sturdy old pioneers are called upon to “rest from their labours,” Mr. Charles Baker, tried their luck mining at Adjunbilly and Sandy creek diggings and did well. In 1859, the two brothers went to the Kiandra rush and were among the first on the field; Tumut Advocate July 14, 1914

BAKER Herbert William After being a patient in the Tumut District Hospital for eleven days following a heart attack, Mr. Herbert William Baker, of Carey Street, Tumut, passed away there on Christmas night. The late "Mick" Baker, as he was generally known, had taken an active part in the affairs of this town. Adelong Tumut Express December 1947

BAKER Mrs Julia The death occurred at Tumut on Tuesday last of Mrs. Julia Baker, widow of the late Mr. Herbert William Baker, of Carey Street, Tumut, at the age of 83 years. In 1920 she married Mr. Herbert W. Baker and with a mother's love reared his four children of a former marriage January 16, 1959

BAKER Reginald An inquiry into the death of the late Mr. Reginald Baker was conducted at the Tumut Court House on Friday last by the Tumut Coroner, Mr. R. L. Blakeney, who, at the conclusion of evidence, found that the late Mr. Baker died from the effects of a fractured skull accidentally received when a motor utility truck he was driving overturned on him on 21st June last on the Tumut-Adelong Road. July 5, 1949

BAKER Thomas Another of the fine noble characters of Tumut passed to the Great Beyond on Sunday last at 1.29 p.m., when Mr. Thomas Baker breathed his last at his home at Capper Street, at the age of 75 years. The funeral was one of the largest ever seen in Tumut, together with the piled wreathes on the coffin showing the universal esteem in which the deceased was held. September 13, 1938

BAKER Mrs. Thomas deceased suffered constantly for the last two years from asthma, which at its intense periods somewhat affected her heart. She possessed the natural ability to lead her fellow women and advise them in the general routine of how public functions should be managed. August 14, 1936

BASHAM Isabella Dropsy, accelerated by senile decay was the cause of her death, she being 77 years of age, and spent about half a century of that period at Batlow and Tumut. August 23, 1921

BEALE Percy William A large circle of friends called on Mr. and Mrs. J. Beale, senr., on Wednesday morning last, to condole with those popular and well known identities over the sad news received the previous evening, from the Victoria Barracks, that their youngest son, Private Percy William Beale, had died from wounds. September 28, 1916

BEEGLING Miss Fanny Last week her parents, finding her suffering from diphtheria. Tumut Advocate July 9, 1907

BLAKENEY James He was an ardent worker in every movement he took an interest in, and landmarks of his labours are to be found all about the town. The fine avenue of trees and the lovely shady bowers in the Tumut Racecourse saddling paddock he assisted in having planted. Tumut Adelong Express August 26, 192

BOURKE Annie After two years' bedridden, Mrs. Annie Bourke, of East Blowering, relict of the late Francis Bourke, passed away at their residence on Sunday morning at 8.15., a happy release from long suffering. Deceased was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Hugh O'Neill, who came from Howlong, where she was born, when she was quite a little girl. December 8, 1936

BROOK Frances On Saturday morning last, at the ripe age of 72, there passed away, in the person of Mrs Jos Brooke, of Tomorroma, at the residence of Mr. W Garner, a good old pioneer, the cause of death being pneumonia and cardiac disease. Adelong Express September 24 1909

BROWN Isabella (formerly the widow of the late Mr. C. Guy) was found dead in bed at her home at Nimbo (Brungle) on Tuesday evening last. October 2, 1914

BURGESS Isabella The death on Tuesday morning last at the home of her grand daughter removes another direct line with the very early pioneering days of the Tumblong and Adelong districts. The late Mrs. Burgess was born at Tumblong in the year of 1864 and was the eldest child of the late Thomas and Mary Mathews. September 26 1952

BURKE Georgina We regret to state that a little girl of Mr. F. Burke's, aged four years, got so fearfully burned, through her clothes catching fire on Monday evening last, that she died from the injuries on the following Wednesday at midday. July 13, 1900

CALLAWAY John Humphrey one of our oldest, most honoured and respected residents, weary with the weight of years, being 72 years lacking one day, said goodbye to all he held most dear, at the hour of 7 a.m. on Wednesday last. Deceased was born in England in the year 1830 and came with his parents to this state when 7 years old, living in Sydney for a few years. Then he went to Bendigo, Victoria, attracted to the gold rush there and in 1854 he removed to Upper Adelong. Adelong Tumut Express 29 August 1902

CAPEL Augusta Louisa it is with deep regret that we chronicle the passing of another very old Adelong identity in the person of Mrs. Augusta Capel, relict of the late Frederick Capel and mother of Alice, Ada, Frederick and Louisa. Born at Beechworth, Victoria, 85 years ago, the daughter of Christian Schintler and Sophia Beegling, with her parents she came to Adelong Goldfields at an early age. August 15, 1944

CARTER Miss Florence the death took place on the 9th inst. of Miss Florence Carter, fifth daughter of Mr. W. Carter, of Gilmore, at the age of 31 years, the cause of death being phthisis. Tumut Advocate Thursday February 18 1908

CHENEY Sarah the death occurred last Friday night of Mrs. Sarah Cheney, of Wagga, relict of the late Mr. Robert Cheney, of Shockarou Station, and later Humula. March 9, 1926

CLAFFEY James death of that grand old pioneer, Mr. Jas. Claffey, which took place at the residence on the Gilmore he has occupied for many years, and all who knew him entertained the highest of respect and esteem for him. April 13, 1913

CONNOLLY John the death took place on Saturday night of Mr. John Connolly, formerly of Adelong and latterly of Gilmore Creek. Adelong Tumut Express February 4, 1902

COWAN Mrs. Robert the death of Mrs. Robert Cowan, third daughter of our esteemed Mayor (Ald. W. D. P. O'Brien), which occurred at her residence Killarney Hotel, on Monday morning last at 5.30, at the early age of 28 years. Tumut Advocate March 16 1909

CUMMINS Emma the death occurred at her residence, Fitzharding Street, Wagga, on Wednesday morning of Mrs. Emma (Sis) Cummins, at the age of 66 years. Adelong Tumut Express February 12, 1943

CUPITT Joseph death removed on Tuesday evening last one of the most interesting of the Adelong identities, in the person of Mr. Joseph Cupitt Snr. October 26, 1923

CUPPITT Martha one of our very old identities, in the person of Mrs. Martha Cupitt, widow of the late Joseph Cupitt whose life span was much greater than average, having reached the great total of 84 ½ years. July 17 1928

CURRAN Mrs. Mat the sad death of Mrs. Mat. Curran occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning last at her home in Grahamstown. February 20, 1934

CURRAN Matthew a very sad death occurred on Sunday last, when Mr. Matthew Curran passed away at his residence, Grahamstown, after a lingering illness, of which there was no possible cure. December 21, 1937

DEAR Robert the unrelenting hand of time on Saturday last removed from our midst one of the brightest figures in the public life of Tumut and personally a a most popular citizen, in the person of Mr. Robert Dear, at the advanced age of 84 years, death being due to senile decay. Tumut Advocate January 17, 1922

DEAR Bob Mr. and Mrs. Bob Dear, of Cootamundra and formerly of Tumut, received the sad news on Wednesday last that their son, Pte. Bob Dear, had died of illness on August 4, 1943, while a prisoner of war in Japanese hands. October 9, 1943

DENNIS Mrs. James the death occurred in the Wagga District Hospital last Saturday night week of Mrs. Ada Ann Dennis, wife of Mr. James Dennis, of “Osterley,” Lower Tarcutta. April 12, 1926

DOWNING Charles after being missing since Thursday last Mr. Charles Downing, of Gadara, was found dead on Sunday near Mr. F. Howe's property at Deep Creek. July 25, 1950

DOWNING Frances notwithstanding the bright hopes of Mrs. Mat. Downing from the cruel affliction of blood poisoning, necessitating the amputation of an arm. Tumut Advocate 16 August 1910

DOWNING Mrs. Michael having occurred on Monday forenoon, the cause being a heart affection. Her kind and persevering nature as a nurse had won for her great admiration. March 23, 1923

DOWNING Florence C. a very sad death took place at Lewisham Hospital, Sydney, on Monday morning last when Mrs. Florence Catherine Downing, wife of Mr. Frederick Downing of Carey Street, Tumut, passed away at the age of 73 years. Adelong and Tumut Express August 4, 1950

DOWNING Frederick J. the death occurred suddenly at his home in Simpson-Street, Tumut on Monday morning last. The late Mr. Downing went to Victoria after his schooling at Tumut and joined the 8th Light Horse on the outbreak of the 1914-'18 War. June 17, 1949

DOWNING Frederick P. the death occurred suddenly on Sunday morning last at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Emery, Russell Street, Tumut, of Mr. Frederick Phillip Downing, at the age of 72 years.April 10, 1951

DOWNING Frederick Simon death occurred at the Tumut District Hospital on Wednesday May 13, of Mr. Frederick Simon Downing, of Gadara, Gilmore. Was the youngest of the family of fifteen of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Downing, The Gap, Wondalga, one of the earliest pioneering families of the district. May 18, 1948

DOWNING John he died at his home in De Boos Street, Temora. He was born at Gilmore, near Tumut in 1848 and lived till 14 years of age, with his parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert Downing, and was then taken with a batch of boys, home to Karnton College in Ireland, by the late Dr. Bermingham. June 9, 1922

DOWNING John deep sympathy is felt on all sides in and around Tumut for Mr. and Mrs. Allan J. Downing at being bereft of their infant son John, Aged 9 months. October 1, 1935

DOWNING Maud great was the anguish occasioned in the hearts of the community of Killarney, and likewise of residents of the surrounding districts, even beyond Adelong and Tumut, when it became known that Mess Maud Downing, daughter of Mrs. R. Downing, of Killarney Hotel, had been borne away from us by the stern Reaper "Death." Tumut and Adelong Express February 1, 19014

DOWNING Mrs. Robert The cold hand of Death, had removed from our midst one of the very old pioneers of the district in the person of Mrs. Robert Downing sr., of Gadara. The deceased lady, who was 78 years of age, fell into ill-health towards the end of last December. Tumut Advocate, July 25, 1905

DOWNING Mary Ann another member of one of Tumut's pioneering families, Miss Mary Anne Downing of Simpson, Street, passed away in the early hours of Tuesday last ay the age of 74 years. January 4, 1957

DOWNING Mrs. Mary the death occurred at Tumut District Hospital on Tuesday last of Mrs. Mary Downing, wife of the late Mr. Frederick Downing, of Gadara, at the age of 85 years. She had been in failing health for some months. August 31, 1954

DOWNING Michael up till a late hour last night the police had not been able to solve who caused the death of Michael (“Dixie”) Downing, who was found in a dying condition at the rear of the Woolpack Hotel last Saturday night and died shortly after admission to hospital, allegedly as a result of brutal kicking. Adelong and Tumut Express February 3, 1939

DOWNING Rebecca relict of the late Robert Downing, which took place at her residence, the Star Hotel, Tumut, on Wednesday morning last. The late Mrs. Downing was one of the sterling women of her day. Adelong & Tumut Express. September 10, 1920

DOWNING Robert deceased was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert Downing, of “Rosebank,” Gilmore, and Star (now Tumut) Hotel. August 16, 1935

DOWNING Thomas J the death took place under very distressing circumstances, the body of deceased having been found by Mr. A. L. Reid, on morning of Tuesday last, and life had then apparently been extinct for some hours. August 19, 1915

DOWSETT Elizabeth we are sorry for occasion having arisen to again express sympathy with Mr. and Mrs. J. Hargreaves, of Tarrabandra, over their having met with a sad bereavement in losing another of their daughters. June 3, 1904

DUCK Katie Marie one of Junee’s oldest residents, and one of the towns most noted charity workers, Mrs. Katie Marie Duck, passed away suddenly at the Mercy Hospital, Albury, last weekend. Aged 67 years. October 27, 1950

ELPHICK James the life of James Elphick, who passed to the Great Beyond on Monday morning last at 3 o’clock in the Tumut and District Hospital. He was the oldest in membership of Oddfellowship and Freemasonry in the State. Adelong and Tumut Express May 8, 1942

ELPHICK Wilhemina deep sorrow generally was expressed on Sunday Afternoon, December 26, when the tidings were circulated of the demise of Mrs. Wilhemina Elphick, wife of Deputy Shire President. January 5, 1938

EMERY Minnie it is with deep regret we are called upon to chronicle the death at the early age of 38 years, of Mrs. Emery, wife of Mr. Charles Emery, of this town. Tumut Advocate June 15 1909

FOSTER Mary one by one the real old pioneers are crossing the border between life and eternity. The last to go to the last account is Mrs. Mary Foster, of Blowering Road. July 15, 1929

FRANKLIN Harry last Saturday week Mr. Harry Franklin, an old resident of the Adelong district died at the residence of Mr. O'Dwyer. Tumut Advocate Nov 7. 1911

GELLING Thomas on the 11th of January last, it devolved upon us to chronicle the demise of the wife of Mr. Thomas Gelling, of this town. June 7, 1866

GELLING Thomas the body of Thomas Gelling, commission agent, was on Thursday found at the bottom of a shaft near the main road. Adelong and Tumut Express. May 17, 1907

GRAHAM Emma wife of Mr. Christopher Graham, of Goobragandra River, the death taking place at Valmar Private Hospital, Tumut, at 2 am yesterday. Adelong & Tumut Express October 6, 1933

GRANT Charlotte the death occurred in the Cootamundra District Hospital of Mrs. Charlotte Grant, 81, a former well-known Tumut identity, who had been residing at Cootamundra for the last few years. September 25, 1942

GUY Fred on Tuesday morning we received intelligence of the death of Mr. Fred Guy, a junior in the grazing partnership of Guy Bros., of Brungle. November 14 1899

HALLORAN Amelia the death occurred suddenly on Sunday morning last of Mrs. Amelia Halloran, wife of Mr. Thomas Halloran, at their home, “Redbank,” Tumut Plains. September 8, 1944

HALLORAN Annie on Friday afternoon, 9th inst., at 3 o’clock, there passed peacefully away the late Mrs. Annie Halloran, of “Redbank,” Tumut Plains, relict of the late Thomas Halloran, after an illness extending over a period of five months. February 13, 1923

HALLORAN Bridget the death occurred on Tuesday evening at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. R.L. Blakeney, of Mrs. Bridget Halloran, of Blowering, Tumut. Her age was 90 years. Tumut and Adelong Times May 18, 1923

HALLORAN Cletus A coronial inquiry was held yesterday afternoon touching the death of Cletus Halloran, 20, who died in the Tumut District Hospital on Sunday night last from rifle wounds received in a Chinaman’s hut at Tumut Plains. Adelong and Tumut Express August 9, 1935

HALLORAN Frank Mr. Frank Halloran, who recently had a paralytic seizure in Wynyard Street Tumut and was afterwards removed from Mr. R. L. Blakeney's residence to the Tumut and District Hospital, died at that institution on Saturday last. Adelong Tumut Express March 30, 1930

HALLORAN Lena the death occurred on Tuesday, after several days lingering in Tumut Hospital, of Lena Teresa Halloran, wife of Mr. Patrick Halloran, of Blowering, at the age of 47 years. April 30, 1925

HALLORAN John another of the grand old men of the Tumut district answered the last roll call on Saturday night last when Mr. John Halloran, of Blowering, passed away at the age of 85 years. June 30, 1953

HALLORAN Lavinia the death of Mrs. Lavinia Halloran, wife of Mr. John Halloran. The Late Mrs. Halloran was born at Redruth, Cornwall, England, and came to Australia in her early infancy. June17, 1949

HALLORAN Mr. Patrick, a resident of the district for 37 years, and a colonist of 47 years standing, died at his residence, Blowering, on Thursday last. Adelong Argus. November 13, 1900

HALLORAN Patrick the death of Mr. Patrick Halloran, of East Blowering, which occurred at the District Hospital in the early hours of July 4, 1949. Patrick Halloran, who would have been 84 had he lived till October of this year was born at Tumut Plains. July 12, 1949

HALLORAN Selina A telegram received in Tumut yesterday morning announced the death in hospital of Mrs. Selina Halloran, relict of the late Francis Halloran, of Lacmalac. May 5, 1936

HALLORAN Thomas Mr. Thos. Halloran of Tumut Plains, whose death occurred on Tuesday night last. Deceased was a well read, intelligent man, and always manifested great concern over the progress of events commercial or political. September 26, 1902

HALLORAN Thomas Francis the death occurred at Prince Henry Hospital, Sydney, on Friday last of Mr. Thomas Francis Halloran, of “Redbank,” Tumut plains, at the age of 71 years. Adelong and Tumut Express October 5, 1945

HALLORAN Thomas J. Mr. T. J. Halloran, of Wagga, died on Saturday, at the age of 66 years. Mr. Halloran was born at Adelong in 1845, and lived the first portion of his life in the Tumut district. December 8, 1911

HARGREAVES Keith Tumut and district was shocked when word came through on Wednesday night that Private Keith Hargreaves, a member of one of the best-known district families, had been killed in action on November 11 in the fighting against the Japanese in New Guinea. Adelong & Tumut Express December 18, 1942

HARRIS Alfred at the advanced old age of 86 years, Mr. Alf. Harris, another of the pioneers, passed away at his residence, Lacmalac, on Monday. He was a quiet unobtrusive man, but a staunch friend and agreeable neighbour. January 18, 1929 Adelong & Tumut Express

HARRIS James an old identity of the Tumut district passed away at 7.10 a.m. on Saturday last, in the person of Mr. James Harris of Lacmalac, at the age of 86 years. June 17, 1947

HARRIS John on Saturday last there passed away to the "Great Beyond," at the age of 63 years, one of the best known and highly respected identities od Sandy Creek, Argalong. He was the second son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Harris, who ranked amongst our earliest pioneers. September 4, 1919

HARRIS Lydia the death occurred on Friday, of Mrs. J. Harris, of Argalong, who for years acted as mail-carrier from Tumut to that centre. Adelong Argus February, 23 1925

HARRIS Mary Ann on Thursday evening, at about 10.30, another of the very old residents of the Tumut district, in the person of Mrs. Mary Ann Harris. The deceased had resided with her husband at Lacmalac for upwards of 50 years. September 2, 1930

HIBBENS Evalina Emma after nine weeks of weary anguish, which she endured with a brave resignation, there passed away at 1 o'clock a.m. on Saturday last, at the early age of 26 years. The Tumut Advocate November 17, 1908

HIBBENS William of Mundongo. The subject of our obituary married Miss Anne Laura Wells, of Wollondully, in 1864. Tumut Advocate November 10, 1914

HIBBENS Emma The death occurred at Cootamundra on Thursday of Mrs. Emma Hibbens, wife of the old Tumut native, Mr. Joe Hibbens, at the age of 70 years. Adelong Argus May 18, 1925

HIBBENS Joseph perhaps the oldest native born of the Tumut District, passed away on Tuesday night in the person of Mr. Joe Hibbens, at an advanced old age. Adelong & Tumut Express August 17, 1928

HEMSWORTH William who for many years resided in Tumut, and originated the coach building business, now owned by Mr. J. Elphick, died at his residence at Dulwich Hill, Sydney, on Wednesday morning last. January 5, 1912

JONES Alex after a long suffering Mr. Alex Jones, of Tomorroma, passed away at his residence on Monday last at the age of 55 years. Adelong and Tumut Express September 19. 1930

KENNEALLY Michael Sylvester who had attained the age of 72 years. Deceased was born in the County of Limerick, Ireland, and came out to this country with his father and mother when he had reached the age of 8 years. December 22, 1911

KEOWN Bridget death of Mrs. Bridget Keown, relict of the late James Keown. The late Mrs. Keown came to this country 65 years ago. Adelong & Tumut Express April 20, 1928

KEOWN James death seems to be in the air. At 10 o’clock on Monday night Mr. James Keown, at the ripe old age of 85 years passed away. Adelong & Tumut Express April 17, 1903

KEOWN Mary Ann the death of Mrs. Mary Ann Keown, wife of Mr. Thomas Keown, of Tumut, took place in the Randwick Hospital on Good Friday. Adelong & Tumut Express April 29, 1927

KEOWN Thomas a native of Tumut District, being a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Keown, of Tumut Plains. Adelong & Tumut ExpressFebruary 2, 1940

KING George the death occurred at his residence, Carey-st., Tumut, on Wednesday last of Mr. George Henry King, at the age of 70 years. December 15, 1942

LAST Elizabeth Mrs. Last, who was a member of the well-known Burke family, of Wagragobilly, would have celebrated her 74th birthday in June. March 9, 1948

LAST George the death occurred on Wednesday morning last of Mr. George Last, of “Rosewood,” Tumblong. A real broad-hearted Australian. November 29, 1932

LAST Kenneth Wilfred a well-known regional identity passed away on Saturday. Good company, great humour, a sense of kinship and mateship were all qualities of a man who will be missed by many who knew him. February 28, 1989

LAST Winifred universal regret was expressed last Tuesday morning when news was flashed from Sydney that Mrs. Last, wife of Mr. George Last, of Tumblong. April 12, 1926

LEWINGTON William F Coroner S. Groves held an inquiry, at the court-house, Tumut, on Tuesday last, touching the cause of death of W F R Lewington, who died whilst being conveyed in a sulky from Yellowin to Tumut for medical attention. August 21, 1914

LINDBECK Edward Henry passed away in the Gundagai District Hospital at 3.10 o’clock yesterday morning. On 4 June 1884, he married Miss Selina Maria Quarmby, daughter of the late Richard Quarmby, of Batlow. Adelong & Tumut Express August 10, 1934

MATTHEWS Mary Jane widow of the late Thomas Matthews, had attained the age of 87 years, 67 of which had been spent in Adelong. Adelong & Tumut Express November 27, 1931

MATTHEWS Thomas another of the early pioneers of the road, in the person of Mr. Thomas Matthews, passed away to the great beyond on Wednesday of last week, at his residence, Black Creek. March 29, 1912

McALLISTER Caroline we have this week to record the death of Mrs. Caroline McAllister, wife of Mr. Thomas McAlister, one of the few old hands now left amongst us. Wynyard Times April 28, 1863

McALLISTER Mary Jane the death occurred, last week at the Gundagai District Hospital of Mrs. Mary Jane McAllister, wife of Mr. Thomas McAllister of Gobarralong, Gundagai. March 21, 1944

McEVOY Anne the funeral of the late Mrs Ann McEvoy, wife of Mr. Jas. McEvoy, took place on Friday afternoon, the hearse with the remains moving from her late resident at Gocup for the Tumut old cemetery. Tumut Advocate August 27, 1912

McEVOY James was born in Appin, Campbelltown district, in the year 1843. At the age of about 19 years, in common with young men of the time, he was caught by the gold fever and wended his way up country, eventually arriving at Tumut. Adelong Tumut Express November 5, 1937

McEVOY Mary E. one of Tumut’s outstanding church and charity workers passed away at Tumut and District Hospital on Sunday, April 25, in the person of Miss Mary Ellen McEvoy, of Capper-street. May 4, 1943

McGOWAN Emily on Monday last a very old identity of Tumut in the person of Mrs Emily McGowan, relict of the late Joseph McGowan sr. passed the Rubicon at the residence of her son, Mr. Joseph McGowan, Russell St. August 4, 1911 Contact: jennihodges(nospam) - remove (nospam)

McGUIGAN Dottie the death occurred under particularly sad circumstances, at Nurse Downing's residence, Tumut on Wednesday morning, of Mrs. McGuigan (nee Miss Dotie Downing) wife of Mr. Stan McGuigan of the railway service, Cootamundra. August 23, 1923

McNAMARA Hugh A leaden pall of gloom descended upon the town and neighbourhood when the sad and totally unexpected news was circulated that our worthy Mayor and truly estimable townsman, Alderman H. McNamara, had been called away to join the vast majority. Adelong & Tumut Express July 17, 1907

McNAMARA James On Wednesday night, at 11 p.m., there passed away another member of Tumut's oldest pioneering families, in the person of Mr. James McNamara. About 31 years ago the subject of this obituary married Miss Mary Downing May 18, 1923

McNAMARA John the lamentable death of a promising young man, the main sustainer of his widowed mother, in the person of John Joseph McNamara, who, at the early age of 20 years, has been called away across the “silent river.’ Adelong & Tumut Express June 3, 1904

McNAMARA Mary Ann Elizabeth Deceased was the eldest daughter of the late Robert and Rebecca Downing of "Rosebank" and "Killarney" (Gilmore) and Tumut, her mother being the proprietress of the Killarney Hotel and afterwards the Star Hotel (Hotel Tumut).May 1, 1942

McNAMARA Michael A particularly melancholy event happened on Tuesday last just as the business places were closing for lunch break, when the old and highly respected resident, Mr. Michael

McNamara suddenly collapsed in front of Mr. F. L. Baker's store and died before any assistance could be given or remedies applied. July 28, 1922

McNAMARA Patrick Deceased was born in Killaloo, County Clare, Ireland, in 1836. He arrived in Sydney at the age of 24. The gold rush at Kiandra being on, he left Sydney with a mate to join the gold seekers. February 3, 1911

McNAMARA Thomas Shortly after 4 o'clock on Sunday afternoon the sad tidings were heralded to the community that Mr. Thomas McNamara, licensee of the Wynyard Hotel, had gone to that bourne whence no traveller returns. The Tumut Advocate December 1, 1908.

McPHERSON Henry Fatal Accident. – In out last issue we recorded the fact that Henry McPherson had been severely injured by a fall from the scaffolding at the Gundagai Bridge. April 19, 1866

MILLER Ellen May The death occurred in Tumut and District Hospital on Friday afternoon last of Mrs. Ellen May Miller of Merrivale-st., Tumut, at the age of 68 years. Deceased was a native of Tumut, being a daughter of the late Robert and Rebecca Downing. February 9, 1943

MORRIS Jane the death of one of Tumut’s grandest old pioneers, Mrs. Morris, widow of the late Mr. E. Morris. She was an ardent follower of the religion promulgated by the Salvation Army and when it was at its zenith in Tumut the old lady’s voice was to be beard nightly giving testimony as to the benefits she felt were attached to leading a Christian life. June 1,1906

MORRIS Mary Ann Deceased was the eldest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. W, Morris, and she was born in Tumut, being therefore one of our oldest residents, and she had resided pretty well the whole of her life at Mundongo, most of the time at the home where she died. July 29, 1921

MORTON David Piper The death took place recently at his residence, Polaris Street, Temora, of a very old identity of the Tumut District in the person of David Piper Morton. He married Miss Emily Frost, also a native of Tumut, who predeceased him in 1940. April 19, 1955

MORTON Emma We sincerely regret having to record the death of that old and respected resident, Mrs. G. Morton, which occurred at Bombowlee Creek. Deceased was t he daughter of the late Mr. Wm. Piper (one of the first settlers in these districts) May 20, 1910

MORTON George The death of Mr. George Morton, at the ripe old age of 92. Now that the old pioneer h as crossed the Great Divide it may prove interesting to reproduce some of his experiences as related by himself. Tumut & Adelong Express September 12, 1919

MURPHY William The deceased has been unwell only for a couple of days, and suddenly expired at his residence on Tuesday afternoon at the early age of 29 years. March 28, 1867

MURRAY James Death claimed another of Tumut’s hardy old pioneers last Sunday Week, in the person of Mr. James Murray, who for the last few years has been residing with his son Joe at Jindalee. Not long ago he was an inmate of the Cootamundra District Hospital, with heart and kidney affection, but prior to that he had enjoyed remarkable good and regular health. December 20, 1927

NASH Johanna It is with deep regret that we chronicle the demise of Mrs. Joanna Mary Nash, very will known and esteemed resident of the Adelong and Tumut district. December 19, 1944

NAUGHTON Aubrey When on Friday week last, death claimed Mr. Aubrey J. Naughton, there passed away in the Gundagai District Hospital, one of the best known graziers in the district – a man who, from small beginnings, and by dent of perseverance and hard work, had become one of the biggest graziers in the Gundagai Shire. May 4, 1948

NORTON James an old resident of Tumut, formerly landlord of the White-horse Inn, shortly after returning to rest, suddenly expired. January 19, 1865

O'BRIEN William Daniel Patrick The name of the late Mr. O'Brien will always be associated with the activities of the historic Adelong gold-field, and, later the structural development of the town of Tumut. Adelong Argus August 3, 1925

OGILVIE Col on Thursday of Mr. Col. Ogilvie, coachman to Superintendent of the Gibraitar Gold Mines. September 28, 1909

O'KEEFE Thomas Born at Jugiong, on the ‘Bidgee, he devoted his early life to bridge building in partnership with Mr. J. McEvoy, who though over 80 years of age still carries on the same line. Most notable of the works they constructed were the Junction and Gilmore Bridges, Tumut, the big bridges at Jerilderie and Narrandera. January 12, 1926

O'NEILL Ann That much esteemed old resident, Mrs. O’Neill, one of our earliest settlers, died suddenly at her residence on Tuesday night last. March 26, 1915

O'NEILL Thomas Another of the very old residents of Tumut, Mr. Thomas J. O’Neill, a bachelor, passed away at the residence of his niece, Mrs. P. B. Madigan, Merrivale Street, Tumut. August 3, 1937

PIPER Albert John Cut off in the prime of Manhood, at the age of 31 years, Mr. A. J. Piper, of Bombowlee Creek, breathed his last at 7 a.m., on Tuesday. Adelong Tumut Express August 19, 1921

PIPER Alexander There words come fully home to us when we chronicle, with deep regret, the death of Mr. Alexander Piper, sr. The deceased, who was one of the pioneers of the district, was born in County Down, Ireland, in 1827 Tumut Advocate April 12, 1904

PIPER Bridget On Friday last, at 11 a.m., the reaper of Death claimed another victim from the strands of time, at the ripe old age of 76 years in the person of Mrs. Bridget Piper, wife of our worthy pioneer, Mr. Thos. Piper sr., at his residence Bombowlee Creek. Tumut Advocate October 8, 1912

PIPER Mary A The death of Mrs. W. J. Piper, which occurred at her home, at Mundongo, on Sunday last, her age being 71 years. She was one of the kindest hearted of women, and never begrudged any sacrifice to ensure comfort and happiness for her affectionate husband and devoted members of the family. July 29, 1921

PIPER Roland Alexander The death of Mr. Roland Alexander Piper aged 57 years occurred at this residence, Railway End, Tumut about 5 o’clock on Monday afternoon of last week. Sep 11, 1934

PIPER Samuel On Monday morning last one of the early and respected pioneers, Mr. Samuel Piper, “crossed the Rubicon,” at the ripe old age of 71 years. Deceased, who was born at Belfast, in Ireland, came to New South Wales in 1839. Tumut & Adelong Express June 5, 1903

PIPER Thomas The death occurred on Tuesday last, of Mr. Thomas Piper, the oldest resident of our district, his age being 93 years, and he came to Tumut in 1844. When last we saw him in town, a few days before the illness, having ridden in horseback as was his custom about once a week, his stature was as erect as any man’s 60 years his junior, and he was hale and hearty, and of that jovial disposition we always knew him to be possessed of. April 18, 1918

PIPER William J. the death occurred last week at the residence of his son Harry, Gilmore Roadside, of Mr. William James Piper, a native of the district who had nearly attained his 80th birthday. Deceased, who was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs Alexander Piper of Bombowlee, spent the whole of his active life on the land. Tumut & Adelong Express March 24, 1944

PIPER William J. The last of the old family whose name is legion in this district, crossed the Rubicon at the advanced age of 84 years, at his residence on Bombowlee Creek. Deceased was born at Gerrira, and was among the early pioneers who came to Tumut, arriving with his parents when quite a lad. Tumut & Adelong Express April 29, 1927

PLOWS Robert A member of one of the best known grazing families passed away in a Sydney hospital on Thursday of last week, in the person of Mr. Robert John ("Jack") Plows, of Bongongolong. Tumut & Adelong Express. February 7 1936

POLLARD John At his residence, Fitzroy-st, Tumut on Tuesday night, Mr J. R. Pollard, a resident of the town for the past 20 years, passed over the Rubicon, at the age of 58 years. The cause of death was a foreign growth in the neck. Tumut & Adelong Express. June 28, 1912

POLLARD Margaret Yet another identity, in the person of Mrs. Margaret Pollard, widow of the late John Pollard, crossed the Great Divide on Sunday last at 6 p.m. Adelong and Tumut Express Friday, January 31,1936

PROWSE Albert died after a short illness at the age of 69 in Killiberan Hospital, West Australia. He leaves a wife (nee Maud Quarmby), late of Batlow, five daughters and two sons.After leaving school at Adelong Albert (“Ab” as he was best known by all) worked in the mines at Adelong until about the age of 22. Adelong and Tumut Express June 16, 1944

PROWSE John Henry died suddenly in his sleep at his home, “Bangadang,” Donnybrook, West Australia, at the age of 73 on the 20th May 1944. Mr. Prowse was well known as a member of the House of Representatives for Forest, W.A. Adelong and Tumut Express June 16, 1944

PROWSE Matilda Mrs Prowse came to this State from Kiandra in the early years of her life, resided first at Kiandra, then Batlow, and finally settled in Adelong. If anyone was ready to die, it was Mrs Prowse. Death had not terrors for her, for she knew that whether living or dead she belonged to Christ. Adelong and Tumut Express March 16, 1917

PROWSE Richard The deceased was born in 1842 at Newmilgilvil, near Penzance, Cornwall, England, which place he left at the age of 21 for Australia, coming up to Adelong by coach from Melbourne shortly after he arrived in the colonies. Adelong and Tumut Express June 28, 1907

PURCELL Ellen It is our sad duty to chronicle the death of Mrs. Purcell, wife of Mr. James Purcell, of Westwood, which occurred at 4.30 p.m. yesterday. Adelong and Tumut Express 22 April 1904

QUARMBY Harold The whole of the Tumut Shire was shocked when the news was circulated on Friday last that Mr. Harold Quarmby, a member of the well-known Quarmby family of Batlow, had been found dead about 8.30 o'clock that morning. August 1, 1944

QUARMBY Henry James He was born at Kiandra and came to Batlow when two years of age. He followed orcharding pursuits at Batlow for many years prior to his retirement. Tumut and Adelong Express March 22, 1951

QUARMBY Jane The late Mrs. Jane Quarmby was born at Young on March 20, 1863. Later, with her parents she came to Tumut Plains to live. On reaching woman's estate she married Mr. Edwin Joseph Quarmby in February 1888, and settled at "Sunnyside", Batlow. November 12, 1954

QUARMBY Roland Edgar The late Mr. Quarmby had resided in Tumut for the past forty years.He was born at Kiandra, New South Wales, on 15th November 1868, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Richard Quarmby, and was the last surviving son of the family. September 7, 1951

QUARMBY Sarah Isabella On the 24th November there passed away at her home, “Honeysuckle,” Batlow West, Mrs. Sarah Isabella Quarmby, relict of the late Mr. Ezra Quarmby. The late Mrs. Quarmby was born at Brungle 77 years ago and moved to Batlow with her parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. Basham when about seven years of age. December 12, 1944

QUILTER John F. It was a year after the big flood in 1852, which washed away the old town of Gundagai that Mr. J. F. Quilter was born at Gobarralong. Deceased was one of a large family of brothers and sisters and was the last survivor. Tumut and Adelong Express September 19, 1930

QUILTY Catherine The death occurred at her home in Fitzroy St. Tumut, on Wednesday of Mrs. Catherine Helena Quilty, wife of Mr. Edward Quilty, at the age of 73 years. July 2, 1943 Tumut and Adelong Express

QUILTY Edward "Touching the recent decease of Mr. Edward Quilty, some doubts exist as to the cause. During the week a Magisterial Inquiry has been held, and the evidence of about a dozen witnesses went to show that he was seen fighting with Fred. Wynyard Times January 21, 1862

QUILTY Edward The death occurred at the Gundagai Hospital on Tuesday last of Mr. Edward Patrick Quilty, well-known identity of the Tumut and Gundagai districts, at the age of 75 years. October 19, 1945 Tumut and Adelong Express

QUILTY Elizabeth relict of the late Thomas Quilty. Deceased was the eldest daughter of the late William Curran of Adelong, and at the Roman Catholic Church, Adelong, in 1900 married the late Thomas Quilty, one of the old Quilty family of Tumut. November 9, 1937

QUILTY Thomas By the death of Mr. Thomas Quilty, at his residence at 4.30 on Tuesday morning last, Gilmore lost one of its most popular and esteemed dairy farmers and one who had done much towards improving the herds of his fellow dairymen in these districts. Tumut and Adelong Express July 1, 1932

QUILTY Timothy one of the early pioneers and a native of the Tumut district. Deceased was twice married. May 4, 1926

RANKIN Neil It is with feelings of deep regret that we have to record the demise, after a very brief illness, of an old and respected inhabitant – Mr. Neil Rankin – who departed this life at his residence, Bombolee. January 16, 1865

RIVERS Charles At the Tumut Hospital on Sunday Mr. Chas. Rivers, eldest son of the late R. Rivers and Mrs. Rivers. Tumut Advocate July 3, 1923

RIVERS Kate "The young may die, the old must," is a saying oft repeated, and it becomes our sad duty to record the death, at the early age of 32 years, of Mrs. Robert Rivers. Tumut and Adelong Express April 17, 1903

RIVERS William The death of Mr. William Edward Rivers, of Simpson Street, Tumut, which occurred at the Tumut District Hospital on Sunday at 1 p.m., was a happy release. October 22, 1957

ROBINSON Jemima She was the 6th daughter of the late Mr. Wm. McAlister and was in her 61st year. Her maiden name was Jemima McAlister, and she was one of the brightest and most cheerful young women of her day. Tumut and Adelong Express. June 21, 1907

ROBINSON John of Bombowlee, Tumut, farmer, died on Sunday July 7, at his residence, at 8.30 a.m., at the age of 73 years. Tumut and Adelong Express. July 12, 1918

ROCHE Ann Deceased arrived in Australia from Ireland in 1856, and was married in 1858 at Tumut. November 18, 1918 Adelong and Tumut Express

ROCHE Bridget A. At her home at Gundagai-street Adelong, Mrs. Bridget Anastasia Roche, relict of the late Mr. John Roche and well-loved Adelong citizen. Daughter of a pioneer and married to a pioneer, the late Mrs. Roche possessed the wholehearted love of all sections of the community. Tumut and Adelong Express. November 9, 1945

ROCHE John With the passing of Mr. John Roche sr. last Friday, death removed one of the most famous of Adelong's identities. Probably on one throughout these districts was so widely known, or so universally liked as the late Mr. Roche. August 7, 1934

ROCHE Laurence Francis The late Mr. Roche was born at Adelong 65 years ago and was the eldest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Roche, of "Rochedale", Adelong. June 23, 1959

SCHLINTER Alfred died at his residence, Adelong. The deceased was the son of Mr. Christian and Sophia Schintler, who died on the same property as their son Alfred, who was born there. March, 6, 1914

SCHLINTER Christian The death took place at his residence, Adelong, shortly after 1 p.m. on Wednesday, of Mr. Christian Schintler, at the advanced age of 74 years. Deceased and his good wife reared a family of 13 children, four of whom predeceased their father. July 28, 1905

SCHLINTER George The inquest touching the death of George Edward Schintler was held at the Court house, Adelong, on Tuesday afternoon. Tumut and Adelong Express October 3, 1902

SCHLINTER Sophia relict of the late Christian Schintler, passed quietly away on Wednesday morning last, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Capel, in Camp Street. Tumut and Adelong ExpressJanuary 31, 1908

SHEAHAN Fanny Mildred Despite cherished hopes that has been entertained by fond relatives and friends for the recovery of Miss Fanny Mildred Sheahan from the serious illness that had overtaken her she expired early on Thursday (yesterday) morning at the Tumut Hospital. June 22, 1906

STANFIELD Selina The death of Mrs. Jas. Stanfield, of West Blowering, occurred under distressing circumstances at 20 minutes to 8 o’clock on Saturday evening. Tumut and Adelong Express September 25, 1942

SULLIVAN Ellen The news of the death of Mrs. Ellen Sullivan, Sr., of East Blowering, was received in town and throughout the district. Tumut Advocate April 19, 1921

SULLIVAN Florence Daniel We regret to record that Mr. Florence Sullivan, one of the earliest settlers on the Gilmore Creek, and who was one of the principal pioneers of this district, died at his residence on Wednesday night. September 27, 1907

SULLIVAN Sarah Blanche By the death of Mrs. Sarah Blanche Sullivan, wife of Mr. Thos. Sullivan of Windowie, Gilmore Valley, which occurred at her residence at 3.30 on Sunday morning, the community has lost a much-loved citizen, the husband a devoted wife and the family a revered mother. Adelong & Tumut Express Friday, April 20, 1934

SULLIVAN Thomas By the demise of Mr. Thos. Sullivan sr., of East Blowering, one of the last of the living links connecting the present with the past has been severed. His wife predeceased him by nearly three years, since when he seemed to be waiting patiently for the call home. Adelong & Tumut Express February 1, 1924

SULLIVAN Thomas the death occurred at his home, Windowie, Gilmore, at 12.30 p.m. on Sunday, February 16, of Mr. Thomas Sullivan, after a brief illness. Adelong & Tumut Express February 21, 1947

THOM Katherine Cecilia. Another of the native-born of Tumut district, in the person of Mrs. Katherine Cecelia Thom, widow of the late James Thom, passed away at her residence, Baker-street, Temora, on Monday last in her 73rd Year. Adelong & Tumut Express July 17, 1936

TILLETT Arthur William On Tuesday last the residents of Adelong and district were horrified to hear the awful news that Mr. Arthur Tillett, second eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. John Tillett, of Surface Hill, Adelong, and grandson of the late Mr. W. Williams of mining fame, had been buried alive in the Gib. Mine. Adelong & Tumut Express January 17, 1908

TILLETT Eliza Anne She spent practically all her lifetime here, coming with her parents to Adelong from Sydney when a little child. Tumut and Adelong Express Friday, June 20, 1930 WALKER Amelia Maria A very sad occurrence took place on Tuesday last, when the devoted wife of Mr. C. Walker of Batlow, breathed her last, at the Tumut Hospital December 7, 1916

WEEDEN Annie The sudden and lamentable death of Mrs. Anne Weeden, wife of Mr. Charles E. Weeden (of the firm of Mandelson & Co), took place at their residence, Russell-St, Tumut, on Wednesday at noon Adelong & Tumut Express February 3, 1911

WEEDEN Emma The death occurred at the family residence, “Ranji,” Russell-st., Tumut, at 9.45 on Wednesday morning of Mrs. Anna Emma Weeden, at the age of 67 years. Adelong & Tumut Express February 5, 1937

WEEDEN John With the death of Mr. John Weeden, which took place peacefully though suddenly at this home on Wednesday afternoon, at the age of 85 years, Tumut loses its grand old public man who in the course of his public career, extending over a period of over half a century. Adelong & Tumut Express September 28, 1928

WEEDEN Vera A pall was cast over the community yesterday morning when the news spread the Miss Vera Weeden, second youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Weeden (of Weedens Ltd), Russell-st., Tumut, had died suddenly under extraordinary circumstances. September 21, 1928

WILES Daniel The passing of Mr. Daniel Wiles on Wednesday last bereft Adelong of one of its most highly respected citizens. Practically all his life he was a miner, and few there were who understood quartz mining better than he. March 19, 1929

WILLIAMS Amy The death occurred yesterday at 12.45 p.m., under sad circumstances, of the young wife of Mr. Robert Williams. Tumut Advocate Nov. 16, 1909

WILLIAMS Frederick Charles Adelong folk received a terrible shock yesterday morning, when the news was circulated that Mr. Fred. C. Williams, dentist, and a native of the district, had been found by his daughter, Miss Cookey, shot through the heart. Adelong & Tumut Express February 4, 1921

This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavours have been made to make all entries authentic and correct. For any corrections and additional valuable information, maps and photos you may have please contact John

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