west blowering

Mr Thomas H W (1st) & Mrs Margaret Ann PARLER

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Zone - Rural

Portions - 67

Acres - 100

Resumed by the NSW State Government - 1966

"The PARLER Story"

At this point of time it is not known how or why Thomas came to the Blowering Valley and purchased his block. It is sumised that due to the introduction of the 1860 Robertson Land Act he took advantage of the change and made his purchase from the land then owned by the Blowering Station.


In 1868 Mr Thomas H W PARLER married a neighbour, 16 year old Miss Margaret Ann HIGGINS in Tumut, NSW. Margaret was the daughter of Mr & Mrs Patrick & Hariett HIGGINS. Luckily for Thomas the Higgins family had purchased the neibourghing property in about 1860 when "The Robertson Land Act" came into being. That allowed them to relocate to the Blowering Valley from the hot lonely area of Booligal, NSW. Margaret was born on the 24th May, 1852, and was about 8 years old when she moved to the Blowering Valley..

After their marriage Thomas & Margaret worked the 100 acres till the early 1880's and saw three of their nine children born and registered in nearby Tumut, NSW. Thomas Parler is included in the 1872 Greville's Index as being a resident of Blowering.

Then for some reason they sold their land and left the Blowering Valley and moved out west. The records indicate that they were living in the Hillston area as the remaining six children have their births registered at Hillston, NSW.


Nine (9) children were born to the couple.The first three in Tumut and the next six in Hillston, NSW, (Thomas's old stamping grounds).

1969 - Bridget Parler born in Tumut, NSW

1874 - Harriet Maria Parler born in Tumut, NSW

1880 - Margaret Catherine Parler in Tumut, NSW

1883 - Emily Lucy Sarah Parler was born in Hillston. NSW - (Ref NSW BDM 25548)

1887 - Thomas (2nd) Parler was born in Hillston. NSW - (Ref NSW BDM No. 29166)

Mrs Margaret Parler died in 1935 at the age of about 83 years, in Lake Cargelligo, NSW. - (Ref:- NSW BDM 8702)

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