Richard (1st) Quarmby

Richard (1st) QUARMBY


Richard (1st) QUARMBY was born 1826 in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England. His Baptisam took place on the 28th April, 1826, in Lockwood, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England. His parents were Joseph QUARMBY & Mary Ann MELLOR. Richard (1st) died in Feb 1884 in Sydney. He was buried on the 2nd February, 1884, in the Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney.


Richard (1st) Quarmby arrived in Melbourne, in December, 1852 on the vessel "James Carson."

Richard (1st) Quarmby arrived in Sydney, on the 18th February, 1854 on the vessel "Hellespont" from Melbourne, VIC.


On the 23rd May,1854 he was working on the "LONDON" on the Sydney to Melbourne Run.


On the 23rd May,1854 - Richard (1st) QUARMBY married Miss Sarah EDGAR in Wesleyan Methodist Church in Sydney - (Ref- NSW BDM V1854421 85/1854).


1. Elizabeth Ann QUARMBY born in 1855. Married Mr Napoleon Bonaparte JOHNSON

2. Mr Frederick Thomas QUARMBY born in 1856.He married Miss Amelia CLIFTON. Then in 1925 FREDERICK T died in WAVERLEY. - (Ref- NSW BDM 13479/1925).

3. Matilda Jane QUARMBY born on the 19th November, 1856. Married Mr Richard Jelbart PROWSE on the 26th July, 1876, in Adelong.

4. Edwin Joseph QUARMBY born on the 24th June, 1859, in Yackandandah, Vic. - He married Miss Jane Lindbeck - In 1753/1899 EDWIN J died in GUNDAGAI.

5. Herbert Mellor QUARMBY born in 1859. He married Miss Ethel CLIFTON. In 5136/1945 HERBERT MELLOR died in RANDWICK

6. Selina Maria QUARMBY born in 1862 in Cooma. Married Edward Henry Lindbeck

7. Ezra William QUARMBY born in 1864 in Cooma. Married Miss Sarah Isabella BASHAM in Batlow,

8. Sarah L. QUARMBY born in 1866 in Cooma.

9. Henry James QUARMBY born in 1867 in Cooma. He Married Miss Amy Ruth A Rivers.

10. Rowland Edgar QUARMBY born in 1869 in Cooma. He married Miss Florence Gertrude May BASHAM in Adelong.

11. Walter Richard QUARMBY born in 1872 in Tumut. He married Miss Susannah DUGAN in Walgett.

12. Albert Charles QUARMBY born in 1874 in Tumut. He married Miss Ellen A. COONEY in Gundagai.

13. Maud Helena Grace QUARMBY born on the 25th September, 1875, in Tumut. Maud married Mr Albert Edward Cornwall PROWSE in Adelong.

The "Early Lindbeck Family" - written by Yvonne Mills (nee Parsons) - Then in "Descendants of Selina Maria Quarmby" - Selina Maria Lindbeck (nee Quarmby)

Richard and Sarah Quarmby arrived at Kiandra about 1861. They had four children at that time Matilda, Elizabeth, Edwin and Walter and had travelled by horse and wagon from the gold field at Osborne Flat, near Yackandandah, Victoria.

Selina was born on the 25th June, 1862, at New Chum Hill, Kiandra, NSW,as area about 2.5 k's from Kiandra. Her father was 36 years of age and her mother Sarah was 26 years.She was born in mid winter in the harsh environment of a tent, in the snow fields. They had 4 more children there Ezra, Lavinia, Henry and Rowland.

In about 1869 the family re located to Batlow, NSW (Formally known as "Reedy Creek")

Later on Salina married Edward Henry Lindbeck, known as "Ned" who was born in Braidwood, NSW on the 4th September, 1856, being the eldest son of Charles Lindbeck and Kate Tucker.

As a younger man Ned was employed at "Wermatong" a local property owned by Mr Lavicourt & Mrs Emily Harris as a handyman - carpenter.

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