Richard (1st) STURT

Richard (1st) STURT~

BIRTH - 1846 to 1914 - Abt 68 Yrs.

Richard (1st) Sturt was born on the 15th April, 1846, in Tumut. His parents were George (2nd) William Milner STURT & Anne BOLTON.


Richard (1st) died on the 27th March, 1914, in Tumut, NSW - (Ref- NSW BDM 1409/1914 STURT, RICHARD parents GEORGE W M ANNE in TUMUT).


Richard Sturt married Miss Louisa LE FEVRE who was born on the 18th January, 1847, in Sydney, NSW. They married in 1868 in Tumut, NSW.

CHILDREN - From 1869 to 1885.

1. Alfred George Augustus STURT was born in 1869 in Tumut, NSW.- (Ref- NSW BDM 18692/1869). Alfred married twice (1st) Miss Caroline CLOUT, in 1893, in Tumut. Then (2nd) Miss Ethel May WALSH in 1906 in Katoomba.NSW.

2. Arthur Richard STURT was born on the 30th October, 1871, in Tumut, NSW - (Ref- NSW BDM 18356/1871).

3. Fanny Louisa STURT was born on the 2nd August, 1873, in Tumut, NSW. - (Ref- NSW BDM 19562/1873). In 1903 she married Mr Alfred James D. EMERY. - (Ref- NSW BDM 1903/1896).

4. Susan Emily Anne STURT was born in 1875, in Tumut, NSW. - (Ref- NSW BDM 20540/1875). She married Mr Thomas Charles MULVIHILL.

5. George(3rd) William Milner STURT was born in 1877 in Tumut, NSW. - (Ref- NSW BDM 21546/1877). In 1901 he married Miss Ada V. A. MONTGOMERY in Tumut - (Ref- NSW BDM 5032/1901).

6. Florence Diana Eugene STURT was born in 1880 in Tumut, NSW - (Ref- NSW BDM 25412/1880).

7. Daisy Agnes Maud STURT was born in 1883, in Tumut, NSW.- (Ref- NSW BDM 31033/1883). She married Mr Gordon Hill BARTHOLOMEW.

8. Susannah Jane "Lottie" STURT was born in 1885 in Tumut, NSW - (Ref- NSW BDM 33543/1885).


CHECKED BY RAIN. TUMUT. Wednesday. - Another bushfire broke out at Tumut Plains on Mr. A. Sturt's property. Forest Camp, and a fresh outbreak occurred at Grahamstown, near Adelong, on Mr. C. F. Hayes' property. Light showers of rain, however, considerably checked the spread, and cooled the atmosphere. - (Red- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Thursday 11 February 1926). It is interseting to notice the property name "Forest Camp" mentioned in this fire notification. Maybe this is the property that Thomas first settled on when he arrived in the Tumut area?

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