Ten Mile Creek

"Ten Mile Creek,


Index to Squatters and Graziers - Date Surname First Name Station Description Citation Remarks

1847 Bardwell J H Ten Mile Creek Henry Bingham Esq County of Murray NRS 906 [X812]; Reel 2748-2749, Page 47 Superintendent: J C Pabst.

10 July 1839 Mitten James Ten Mile Creek Henry Bingham Esq County of Murray NRS 906 [X812]; Reel 2748-2749, Page 9 Superintendent: James Mitten. - (Ref- http://srwww.records.nsw.gov.au/indexsearch/searchform.aspx?id=70&new=1).



Reference: 57630

Placename: Ten Mile Creek

Designation: Creek

Status: Assigned 10th June 1977

LGA: Greater Hume

Approx. AGD66 Lat: -35 50 49

Approx. AGD66 Long: 147 25 21

Approx. GDA94 Lat: -35 50 43

Approx. GDA94 Long: 147 25 25

Topographic Map: Narra Narra

1:100000 Map: Holbrook 8326

Parish: Carabobala

County: Goulburn

Description: A watercourse about 24 km long. It rises about 6 km SW of Narra Narra Trig Station and flows generally NW into Billabong Creek. - Geographical Names Board of New South Wales - (Ref- http://www.gnb.nsw.gov.au/name_search/extract?id=TRjtFxsEGH).

Greville's Post Office Directory 1872 TEN-MILE CREEK - Page 494

Distance 326 miles South of Sydney

Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 pm.

Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Tuesday excepted) 12.15 pm.

Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Friday excepted) 10 am.

Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 am.

Route Rail Goulburn, and Cobbs coach Ten-Mile Creek.

GERMANTON, WEDNESDAY. - A narrow escape from drowning occurred hero today to Alexander Bruce, a lad of 10 years old. He was bathing in Ten Mile Creek, half a mile from his parents' residence, with other boys, and got out of his depth. He was unable to swim. His companions calling loudly attracted the attention of Mrs. Bruce, his mother, who happened to be passing. She, rushed to the scene and plunged into the wator hole und rescued the lad. whose head only could be seen on the water. He was in between four and fivo feet of water. He quickly recovered. - (Ref-


ADAMSON James gardener Yarra Yarra ARMSTRONG John K. grazier Yawarra

AYLING James labourer Corobobola

BANYAN William farmer Cooknidina

BARNES Edward farmer Mountain Ck.

BARNES John farmer Mountain Ck.

BENTLY John labourer Yarra Yarra

BLAIR Hugh surveyor Round Hill

BOND Edmund M. grazier Ten-mile Ck.

BOND William farmer Mountain Ck.

BOWLER John grazier Ten-mile Ck.

BOWLER Samuel grazier Ten-mile Ck.

BROADRIBB Francis farmer Four-mile Ck.

BROADRIBB William farmer Four-mile Ck.

BURKE John labourer Billabong

BYRNE Denis surveyor Round Hill

CALDWELL John farmer Billabong

CALDWELL William farmer Billabong

CHAUNT James labourer Ten-mile Ck.

CLARKE Samuel labourer Round Hill

CLYDESDALE Thomas farmer Yarra Yarra

COLGRAVE Samuel labourer Yarra Yarra

CONNELL Owen constable Ten-mile Ck.

CORCORAN Michael farmer Ten-mile Ck.

COWARD Henry farmer Billabong

COUGHLAN David farmer Thugga Plain

COUGHLAN John farmer Thugga Plain

COX David farmer Billabong

COX Lepio labourer Round Hill

CRICHTON James farmer Yarra Yarra

CROFT Henry farmer Back Ck.

CROFT Joseph farmer Back Ck.

CUTNANE Edward farmer Bald Hill

CUTTING Robert labourer Ten-mile Ck.

DAVENY Edward labourer Round Hill

DAWSON Charles farmer Dixons Swamp

DAWSON James farmer Ten-mile Ck.

DAWSON John farmer Ten-mile Ck.

DAVIS George farmer Ten-mile Ck.

DEMPSTER James overseer Yarra Yarra

DENNISON James plasterer Dixons Swamp

DINNING John farmer Corobobola

ELDRED George teacher Ten-mile Ck.

FLINN Michael farmer Mountain Ck.

FLINN Patrick farmer Mountain Ck.

FLINN Patrick jun. farmer Mountain Ck.

FORD James postmaster Ten-mile Ck.

GENGE A. --- Mountain Ck.

GLEESON John farmer Billabong

GOODE Alfred labourer Ten-mile Ck.

GREIG Alexander farmer Billabong

HANDOCK Francis overseer Mountain Ck.

HARGRAVES Joseph sawyer Mountain Ck.

HAWINGTON Thomas farmer Mountain Ck.

HAWINGTON Thomas W. farmer Mountain Ck.

HEMINSDORF Peter farmer Walla Walla

HERIOT Elliott grazier Corobobola

HERIOT John farmer Ten-mile Ck.

HOBSON Fowler brickmaker Ten-mile Ck.

HOFFMAN Gottiff farmer Walla Walla

HOWE James bricklayer Ten-mile Ck.

HUNT Charles labourer Yarra Yarra

JAMES Robert groom Dixons Swamp

JONES Richard farmer Back Ck.

JONES Thomas farmer Back Ck.

JONES William farmer Ten-mile Ck.

KEENAN Thomas labourer Qenelule Ck.

KELINKS William labourer Qenelule Ck.

KEIGHRAN Thomas grazier Doodle Cooma

KENNEDY Francis labourer Ten-mile Ck.

KERIN Michael farmer Back Ck.

LAMNIGTON Daniel farmer Round Hill

LAMNIGTON John farmer Round Hill

LAWSON James farmer Ten-mile Ck.

LENANE --- farmer Round Hill

LIESCHKE Andre farmer Walla Walla

MADDEN Patrick farmer Dixons Swamp

MANNING G. F. farmer Hill Side

MANNS Isaac farmer Ten-mile Ck.

MARSH Elijah farmer Ten-mile Ck.

MALCHET George farmer Billalong

MILLS R. W. C. CPS Ten-mile Ck.

MITCHELL Thomas grazier Woomargama

MORRICE Walter grazier Mountain Ck.

MOTT R. & W. farmers Ten-mile Ck.

MUDLER Edward farmer Walla Walla

MURCHISON Magnus overseer Yarra Yarra

MURRANT Alfred farmer Back Ck.

MURRANT Ferdinand farmer Back Ck.

MURRAY Daniel labourer Ten-mile Ck.

MCLAURIN James grazier Yarra Yarra

NELSON Walter overseer Yarra Yarra

NICHOLS Robert carpenter Dixons Swamp

NICHOLSON Charles labourer Yarra Yarra

OCONNELL Michael farmer Mountain Ck.

OSWALD Joseph labourer Round Hill

PABST David farmer Ten-mile Ck.

PABST Ellen innkeeper Ten-mile Ck.

PABST Frederick farmer Ten-mile Ck.

PABST John farmer Ten-mile Ck.

PABST Miss L. --- Ten-mile Ck.

PALMER Henry farmer Ten-mile Ck.

PARKER Robert farmer Dixons Swamp

PATERSON John farmer Ten-mile Ck.

PAYNE John mason Yarra Yarra

PEIRCE Jesse labourer Ten-mile Ck.

PENTLANDS Colin farmer Back Ck.

PHILLIPS James sawyer Commissioner Ck.

POST Edward farmer Cookindina

POST John grazier Cookindina

POST John jun. innkeeper Cookindina

POST William farmer Cookindina

POWELL Edward R. innkeeper Ten-mile Ck.

PURTELL Francis farmer Ten-mile Ck.

PURTELL John grazier Ten-mile Ck.

PURTELL John W. farmer Ten-mile Ck.

PURTELL Maurice farmer Ten-mile Ck.

PURTELL Mrs. Thomas storekeeper Ten-mile Ck.

RAINEY Edward farmer Ten-mile Ck.

RIGGS James storekeeper Ten-mile Ck.

RITZ A. farmer Walla Walla

ROACH David farmer Billabong

ROSS Alexander storekeeper Ten-mile Ck.

ROSS John farmer Cookindina

SHARP William blacksmith Ten-mile Ck.

SIMMONS James M. storekeeper Ten-mile Ck.

SIMMONS Nathan T. storekeeper Ten-mile Ck.

SLOAN Hannibal labourer Yarra Yarra

SMITH John storekeeper Yarra Yarra

SMYLES Thomas farmer Ten-mile Ck.

SPURN Thomas miller Ten-mile Ck.

STITS Hugh surgeon Walla Walla

STITS Walter grazier Walla Walla

TAYLOR James labourer Yarra Yarra

THOMPSON Walter farmer Back Ck.

VARDY John T. farmer Ten-mile Ck.

WEBB Capper grazier Woomargama

WEBSTER Edward grazier Round Hill

WHALING Henry labourer Corobobola

WIESNER George farmer Walla Walla

WILKINS William labourer Round Hill

WILLIAMS William farmer Round Hill

WILSON Henry farmer Yarra Yarra

WOODLEY John labourer Yarra Yarra

YUILE Alexander clerk Yarra Yarra - (REf- http://www.family.joint.net.au/index.php?mid=1&cid=482).

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