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A special thank you to the following people;-

Carmen Stephenson - NSW Lands Department, Bathurst, NSW

Margaret Buckley, (nee Johnson, ex West Blowering) "Federal Park" Lacmalac, NSW

Rhonda Roddy, (nee McDonald, ex West Blowering.) Leeton, NSW

Milton Johnson,(ex West Blowering) Tumut, NSW

NSW BDM Records, (on line).

Gerry Crane, ex "Fairview" West Blowering, via Tumut. NSW.

Mrs Jean Stephenson, (nee Liddell, first cousin of Ginny Higgins, "Fairview" West Blowering & ex West Blowering), Dapto, NSW.

Lyn Langley, (nee Stephenson, Jean's daughter, former "Kinloch" West Blowering resident. Now Camden)

Jim & Beryl Hampstead, Tumut, ex "Jimelen" (ex "Kinloch" West Blowering), Tumut.NSW.

Len Higgins, Wagga Wagga, NSW. (ex West Blowering)

Tumut & Adelong Times

Lorraine Symons (nee Blackeney, who married Ex Blowering resident Robert Symns).

Carol Symons (nee Anderson, who married ex Blowering resident Ken Symons).

Mr & Mrs George & Margo Johnson (nee Crane - ex residents)

Mrs Rosemary Halstead - former wife of the late Mr Michael Groves of East Blowering.

Mr Gary Oddy - (ex Jones's Bridge resident).

Maree Oddy

Tumut Centenary Celebrations - Official Souvenir 1824 - 1924

Online Research Groups

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