William (2nd) Tindall

William (2nd) Tindall

Property Details:

Zone - Rural


Total - 100 acres

Resumed by the NSW State Government - 1966


William (2nd) TINDALL parents were William (1st) TINDALL & Maria. He died on the 22nd January, 1865. in Goulburn.


William (2nd) TINDALL married Miss Mary Ann LINDBECK who was born on the 28th March, 1827, in Sydney. They married on the 9th June, 1845, in the Church of England, Araluen, Braidwood, NSW.


1. Maria Jane TINDALL born on the 30th March, 1846, in Goulburn.

2. William Charles (3rd) TINDALL born in 1850 in Goulburn.

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