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1884 - SURVEY OF RAILWAY LINE - NEW SOUTH WALES. - Sydnev. September 10. - The Ministerial party were banqueted at Tumut to-night. The toast of the Ministry was received with enthusiasm. It was an nounced that the Minister of Works had ordered a trial survey of the railway from Gundagai to Tumut, which was to be carried out at once. - (Ref- South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839-1900) (about) < Tuesday 11 September 1883)

1886 - Brungle Station IMPORTANT LAND SALE. E. G. BROWN Has received instructions to sell by public auction, At the Commnrcial Hotel, Tumnut, ON MONDAY, lst NOVEMIBER, THAT BEAUTIFULLY SITUATED PROPERTY KNOWN AS BRUNGLE STATION

Containing 1414 Acres of Freehold Lands. THIS PROPERTY is most contrally situated, it being midway between Tumut and Gundagai, and well watered by the Tumat River and Brungle Creek, and without exception is one of the Grandest Proportines for Agricultural or Pastoral purposes in the Colony. TERMS AT SALE. - (Ref- Goulburn Herald (NSW : 1881 - 1908)(about) Previous issue Saturday 23 October 1886 Page 5).


The sale at auction is announced by Messrs S F Wilkinson & Co. to take place on Wednesday, 26th inst of Mr J G Ussher's specially graded dairy herd, dairying machinery and appliances, farm stock and fjlVminfT i/iinlnmpnk nnvf.innln.vt: nf wliiph appear in our advertising columns This offers a rare opportunity for dairymen in quest of high grade cows to increase and improve their herds, and of farmers and others requiring good farm stock and modem machinery, all of which is in first-class order. - (Ref- Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post (NSW : 1900 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Friday 14 January 1910 Page 3).

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THE NEW SOUTH WALES PAR LIAMENT. THE RAILWAY POLICY. [By Telegraph.] Sydney. October 25.- The Assembly sat continuously from 11.30 this morning, the object of the Government being to press forward the railway proposals. The following lines have been agreed to:

South Grafton to Glen Innes, 103 miles, cost 2,000,000:

Grafton to Tweed River, 163 miles, l,9S0,000;

Musswal Brook to Oasilif, 70 miles, 700,000;

Tarago to Braidwood, 31 miles, 310.000;

Gundagai to Tumnt via Adelong, 33 miles, 530,099;

Kiama to Jerri. Bay, 41 miles, 301.000;

Bega to Eden, 40 miles, 606.000;

Goulburn to Crookwell, 25 miles, 259,500;

Golgong to Burrowa, 71 miles, 144,000;

Wagga to Tumberumba, 83 miles, 710,000;

Tenterfield to Queensland border, 12 mile-, 173,500;

Forbes to Wilcannla, 310 miles, 1,050,030;

Nyngan to Cobar, 82 miles, 253,500;

Narribri to Moree, 70 miles, 336.500;

Culcairn to Corowa, 45 miles, 210,000.

Two rejected proposals were for the following railways: Mudgee to Walgett via Coonamble and Bowral to Robertson. There was also passed 705,000 for a line from Oranga to Forbes via Borenore. The item had already been pasted by the late Parliament for the Orange to Forbes via Molong line, and the Government with a view of taking another route asked for this estimate. An additional estimate of 500.000 for station improvements was also agreed to. - (Ref- The South Australian Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1858 - 1889)(about) Previous issue Friday 24 October 1884). Zoomplus thumb minus left thumb right up thumb down Show/hide - (Ref- The South Australian Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1858 - 1889)(about) Previous issue Friday 24 October 1884).

The Tumut Railway was opened in 1901

NSW Pc1 Station Building Kit - Kit includes 15" concrete cladding walls, detailed floor, corrugated roof & awning/ supports, open & closed double doors, window glass, water tank, tank tap & filter, pipe work and pylons ready to be assembled with instructions.

NSW Pc1 Locations (15" Slab)

Location Line Opened Date

Trida Temp Terminus Broken Hill 10-2-1919

Box Tank Broken Hill 15-7-1919

Kinalung Broken Hill 15-7-1919

The Gauge Broken Hill 15-7-1919

Mount Gipps Broken Hill 15-7-1919

Leadville Coolah 30-3-1920

Weeraman Coolah 30-3-1920

Girrangulang Coolah 30-3-1920

Ryan Rand 17-5-1920

Munyalba Rand 17-5-1920

Pleasant Hills Rand 17-5-1920

Urangaline East Rand 17-5-1920

Ferndale Rand 17-5-1920

Rand Rand 17-5-1920

Glenroy Tumbarumba 9-5-1921

Rosewood Tumbarumba 9-5-1921

Holts Flat Bombala 21-11-1921

Jincumbilly Bombala 21-11-1921

Bukalong Bombala 21-11-1921

Koonadan Yanco- Griffith 6-3-1922

Wumbulgal Yanco- Griffith 6-3-1922

Widgelli Yanco- Griffith 6-3-1922

Wambool Main West 24-10-1922

Murrami Yanco- Griffith 6-12-1922

Nyrang Creek Eugowa 11-12-1922

Gooloogong Eugowa 11-12-1922

Tranjere Eugowa 11-12-1922

Wargin Rankins Springs 8-1-1923

Bellarwi Rankins Springs 8-1-1923

Alleena Rankins Springs 8-1-1923

Buddigower Rankins Springs 8-1-1923

Buralyang Rankins Springs 8-1-1923

Narriah Rankins Springs 8-1-1923

Euratha Rankins Springs 8-1-1923

Taleeban Rankins Springs 8-1-1923

Erigolia Rankins Springs 8-1-1923

Tharbogang Griffith- Roto 18-6-1923

Tabitta Griffith- Roto 18-6-1923

Googowi Griffith- Roto 18-6-1923

Yearinan Gwabegar 10-9-1923

Bugaldie Gwabegar 10-9-1923

Kenebri Gwabegar 10-9-1923

Carlwood Oberon 3-10-1923

Tamarang Werris- Binnaway 29-10-1923

Oakey Creek Werris- Binnaway 29-10-1923

Weetaliba Werris- Binnaway 29-10-1923

Ulinda Werris- Binnaway 29-10-1923

Wereboldera Kunama 27-12-1923

Windowie Kunama 27-12-1923 - (Ref- http://www.railcentral.com.au/pc1station.htm) NSW Pc3 Station Building Exterior Colour Themes Gum Lake Station (ref: www.nswrail.net) Stone Colour Paint Scheme, original scheme and most popular. Mt Murray Station (ref: www.nswrail.net) Rosewood Station (ref: www.nswrail.net) Light blue paint scheme, started mid 1950's. NSW Pc3 Station Building Floor Plan (Kits don't include internal details or walls) Copyright 2009 RailCentral Site Designed by AFTERTHOUGHT DESIGNS

login | register Home Lines Photos Maps Infrastructure History Articles Search Links About FAQ Kunama Branch Description History . Summary Track: 34.87 km Stations: 0 / 5 in use The Kunama branch (commonly known as the Batlow line) lies in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range in the south of the state. It was built as an extension to the Tumut line, branching off at a junction near Gilmore. From the junction, the line heads up the picturesque Gilmore valley before climbing the hills to the town of Batlow. The final section, from Batlow to near Kunama is one of the few sections in NSW to be formally closed, in 1957. The line here has been lifted. The other half was closed in 1984. Today very little evidence of the line beyond Batlow remains, except the basic formation. Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Links

Main facility:

Station (Closed)


Tumut Branch


(148.1763, -35.3291) [exact] GDA94


529.010 km from Sydney



Opened as Killarney


Renamed Gilmore



Photos:1976, 1984, 1999, 2002, 2004, 2007


Current status:

Extensive yard with island platform with signal box and lever frame. Opposite the platform is a goods shed and several semaphore signals. At the east end of the yard is a rotting 3-track bridge. Beyond the bridge lies a large lever frame and a two-arm semaphore signal. To the west lies the junction of the Batlow branch. (Ref- http://www.nswrail.net/locations/show.php?name=NSW:Gilmore) Jct (Gilmore) Junction Closed 17-Dec-1923 13-Jan-1984 528.866 1 Windowie Platform Closed 17-Dec-1923 unknown 533.140 2 Wereboldera Platform Closed 17-Dec-1923 9-May-1975 538.490 5 Shaws Unknown Closed 4-May-1915 Feb-1940 549.839 1 Wybalena Station Closed 17-Dec-1923 4-May-1975 551.670 4 Brightside Unknown Closed 1925 7-Sep-1968 553.254 Batlow Station Closed 17-Dec-1923 unknown 555.150 13 Kunama Station Closed 17-Dec-1923 1-Feb-1957 563.740 13

- (Ref- http://www.nswrail.net/lines/show.php?name=NSW:kunama)

This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavours have been made to make all entries authentic and correct. For any corrections and additional valuable information, maps and photos you may have please contact John

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