Edward (1st) VICKERY

"Edward (1st) VICKERY"


Edward (1st) VICKERY was born in 1843 in Somerset, England. His parents were William Vickery & Mary Francis Lillian RAISON.


Edward (1st) VICKERY married Miss Isabella Smith.

CHILDREN from 1st marriage

1. Williamsena was born in 1865 in Tumut.

2. Ema Edith was born in 1866 in Tumut

3. Agnes Edwardina was born in 1870 in Tumut.


Edward (1st) VICKERY married Miss & Hannah Elizabeth LORD.

CHILDREN from 2nd marriage

1. Harry Leslie was born in 1887 in Tumut.

2. Edward Earl (2nd) was born in 1888 in Tumut. Married Miss Mary Ann FOSTER in Tumut.

3. Roy was born 1890 in Tumut

4. Gordon K was born in 1982 in Tumut.

5. John Alexander was born in 1894 in Tumut.

6. Robert was born in 1897 in Tumut.

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