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Clayton, Joseph, 26, tried 1837, Dublin City, life, b1812, Dublin City, stealing wearing apparel, married 4f children, first cousin Samuel Clayton engraver came free to colony, servant indoor. - (REf - https://sites.google.com/a/aotea.org/don-armitage/Home/great-barrier-island-history/captjeremiah-w-nagle-1802-1882/convict-list-for-the-neptune-1837-8)

John Claytonn - John Clayton, one of 160 convicts transported on the Surrey, 02 October 1822 - Convicted at: Surrey Quarter Sessions - Sentence term: 7 years - Ship: Surrey - Departure date: 2nd October, 1822 - Arrival date*: 2nd June, 1823 - Place of arrival New South Wales - Passenger manifest Travelled with 159 other convicts - (Ref- http://www.convictrecords.com.au/convicts/clayton/john/120139).

1873 - ON Wednesday last (the Yass Courier), Mr Sub Inspector Brennan, in his capacity of local Inspector of distilleries, made a sesure, on behalf of the Crown, of a lorry load of spirits, wine, It oppoois that Mr George Renolds, of Baltinglass, near Gunning, is licensed to distil brandy to foitife the wines made in his extensive vineyard, and on Wednesday Mr Brennan, about seven miles on the Yass side of Gunning, and on the great southern road, come upon a large and well built doublo waggon, tilted ovoi, and drawn by six valuable horses, the driver was upon seventh horse

On inspections of the contents of the waggon the Inspector was informed that it was wine, enroute to a station possessed by Mr Reynolds down the river. Mr Brennan, however, had his doubts on the subject, and was about to broach a cask or two with a gimlet, which by some means was at hand, when he was told it was no use, as there was brandy as well as wine on the waggon. It was then discovered that there wore seven 35 gallon casks of brandy, of unusual strength, and seven 35 gallon casks of colonial wine in the load, which, together with the waggon, seven horses, and other property, were at once declared to be confiscated, and taken back to Gunning, where the whole was given into the safe keeping of the Police the value of the property seized exceeds 500 and in addition, Mr Reynolds' two Burotios are likely to be called upon to pay 100 each for his having infringed the conditions of his license The property remains at Gunning, awaiting instructions from Mr Lums darno, the chief inspector of distilleries. - (Ref- The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 23 September 1873).


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