"The name ~Tumut~ is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning 'quiet resting place by the river' and that over the years this evolved from 'toomut', to 'tumat' and eventually TUMUT & quot;. - (Ref-http://www.australiaforeveryone.com.au/nsw_names9.htm).

Purpose Of The Scheme Including Explorers,Councils, Gold, Schools, Artists, Other, Accommodation, Service Groups and Local Families

1888 - TUMUT, FRIDAY. - The centenary celebrations were a great success. All the business places were closed yesterday and to-day. Yesterday nearly 700 children marched in procession to the Recreation Ground, on the bank of the river, where a monster picnic was held.

There was a large attendance. Athletic sports were carried out.

A cricket match was played today, All Tradesmen v. Storekeepers, and was won by the latter by one wicket.- (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Saturday 28 January 1888).

1891 - THE CENSUS RETURNS. [BY TELEGRAPH.] (FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT.) QUEANBEYAN, FRIDAY . The consus returns for the TUMUT, area show the population of the Tumut electoratate be males 3886, females 2982; total, 6868, including 406 Chinese, seven of whom are females. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Saturday 9 May 1891).

RUN 188.

OWNER - Mr Garbett Webb,

Name of run



Estimated area, six hundred acres. (600 acres).

Estimated grazing capabilities, seventy cattle, three hundred sheep.


The River Tumut from a paddock fence, (which comes into the river bank, and which fence is there the boundary between my run and Vyner,) to a hut of G. Shelley's, which is close to the River at the other extremity of my run, from said hut a marked tree line made by Mr. Bingham, and which goes from the hut to a creek, called the Rocky Creek; divides my run from Shelley's from this point on Rocky Creek; my boundary line dividing me from Vyner is as follows, via a marked tree line of Mr. Bingham's across the range to the river flat and terminating there at a marked tree; from this marked true my boundary from Vyner is made by my own paddock fencing and terminates at the river at this point where this description commenced. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) Monday 16 October 1848).



Aboriginal Index


Aboriginal Place Names - meanings,

Aboriginal Relics,

Aboriginal Relicks,

Aboriginal Deaths 1839 to 1945 - Records ,

Aborigine Songs

Aborigine Songs,

Aborigine Languages

Brungle Reserve & School,

Murder at "Dora Dora",

Murder at "Dora Dora",

Escape Tumut Lock Up,

Escape Tumut Lock Up,

Escape Tumut Lock Up,

Aboriginal Place Names - meanings,

Jimmy Taylor - Cricket,

Jimmy Taylor - Cricket,

Williams - Cricket,

Williams - Cricket,

King Hannibal Tumut & Blowering,

King Hannibal - Death of King Hannibal,

King Yarrie - Gundagai floods,

King Yarrie ,

Brungle Reserve & School,

King Yarrie - Gundagai floods,

King Yarrie ,


Blowering Holiday Park.

Sefton House.

Talbingo Caravan Park.

The Cottage Tumut.

Wee Jasper Camping Reserve.




Adelong Gold - Dr Jennifer Lambert Tracey BA (ANU), M App.ScUC, Ph.D (UC)

Adelong Cemetery Photos .

Adelong Creek Run - Mr David JOHNSON.

Adelong Cornwell connections .

Adelong Schools .

Adelong Run - Thomas Hill BARDWELL .

Adelong Maps

Adelong Towns people list 1872 .

BEAVER Families .

JEFFERY Families .

Mr John Baxter LAWSON .

Mr William (1st) RITCHIE .


Mr William WILLIAMS .

Mr Thomas (1st) ROBINS .

Adelong Crossing people list 1872 - (Tumblong)


Adelong Upper people list 1872 - (Wondalga)




Abbott Julia -

Harris Mary

Harris Sarah -

Wills James -

Airport - Tumut


Ambulance - Tumut


Gordon Dickson.

ATKINSON Broughton



Batlow East


Batlow West


Mr Puckey

Back Station Creek


Thomas Densón, 360, Bago;





BOYDT Broughton

BINGHAM Broughton

BRIDLE Broughton



Black Creek,



Blowering Station - Later known as "East Blowering Station" and "West Blowering Station".

Blowering Progress Association.

East Blowering - Property Owners History

West Blowering - Property Owners History

St Simon's C/E Church - East Blowering

Jones's Bridge - Property Owners History

Blowering Cream carriers

Creeks in the Blowering Valley


Blowering School Bus run

Blowering to Blowering - Marriages

Blowering - Births

Blowering - Deaths from drowning in the Tumut River.

Blowering - Electricity Connections

Blowering 1952 Fire

Blowering - Maps


There have been seven main bridges and a walk way constructed over the beautiful Tumut River, four of them and a walk way in the Blowering Area.

Tumut River floods

River ferry

First town bridge - Mill Angle

Tumut Old Town Bridge

Tumut New Town Bridge

Shelley's Bridge

Junction Bridge

Lob's Hole Bridge

O'Hares Bridge,

Brungle Bridge

Gundagai Bridge

Jones's Bridge

Oddy's Bailey Bridge

Oddy's Walk Over Bridge

Oddy's Bridge

Yellowin Bridge

1900 - Mr. R. Donaldson, M.L.A. has been successful obtaining a special grant of £75 for a road from Jones's Bridge to West Blowering. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 24 October 1900).


Thomas Keighran - "BRUNGLE STATION" Index of owners.


John, Joshua, James Bray

- 1872


Brungle Creek INDEX

Harold H Crouch, "NIMBO"

Brungle Names List - 1872,

Brungle Copper Mine


Albert Hartshorn , "SHARE FARMER"

Alexander RANKIN,

Brungle Public School

Brungle Coach & Mail Run

Brungle News

Brungle Cricket

Brungle Red Cross

War Service Land Ballot


Rabbit, Hare & Fox Drives

Brungle Progress Association

Brungle Names List - 1872





William French


William (1st) Kiley



Percival Thomas.


Beautiful Tumut (some extra History),

Blowering West Index

Blowering Dam Construction - photo record.

Bridges, Rivers & Roads ,

Bush Fire History Index

Butter Factory

Black Jack Fire Tower




Cattle Brands ,

Cemetery Pioneer Tumut Index

Census Records - Greville's 1872 Post Office Directory

Centenary 1924 List of Tumut Name Attended


Churches - Tumut District,

Churches - Tumut District & Blowering Index,

Clubs & Tumut & District

Clubs inTumut & District



Hume's - Cooma Cottage, Gunning - per Bill Peach, 6 page report.

Early Pioneers ,

Electricity - Tumut & Blowering ,

Tumut & Blowering Electricity ,

Explorers ,

Coolac INDEX

Cooleman Run,

Cooleys Creek,



Tumut Shire Council - Website

Tumut Shire Council - Facebook Page


Crown Lands - Beyond

Claimes to Leases for Crown Lands 1847

Claimes to Leases for Crown Lands 1848

Claimes to Leases for Crown Lands Beyong the Limits 1849





Blowering Dam, photo record.


"Ellersile.html" >Ellersile



Franklin Stella ,





Gilmore Upper





Green Hills


Garages Tumut Index




Hospitals ,

Hotels ,

History page Tumut area

Hillas Creek,

Historical Tumut stories

Hotels INDEX

History ,


Ideas NSW.





Kiandra History




Lacmalac ,

Little River,

Long Plain ,

Lower Bago,

Lobs Hole Info.

Lobs Hole Info.



- Some valuable "LINKS" -



Minijary, ,

Mount Adra ,

Mount Horeb ,


Marriages - Tumut Early Records

Marriages Early ones in Tumut & District,


Montreal Theatre

Mail Runs,

Maps ,

Tumut Early Marriages,




Newspapers Tumut Index


(From the Wynyard Times.)

The nomination of a member for this electorate took place at the Court House, Tumut, on Monday, the 13th instant.

There was a fair muster of electors. The Returning-officer having read the writ,

Mr. H. Hayes said he had much pleasure in proposing,as member for this electorate, Mr. George Thornton, a gentleman known and respected in Sydney. Mr. Thornton was no political adventurer, but one thoroughly competent, so far us ability, education, experience, and means went, for the position of member for this electorate.

He thought the public could not do better than return him. Mr. Thornton had published an address which contained a statement of his views on the most important public questions at present in discussion,

He was in favour of free trade, and wished to abolish the package and advaloren duties, which pressed hardly on those least able to bear them. He also stated that he could propose a method by which a large revenue could be raised without an increase of taxation, and as it seemed the opinion of our financiers that additional taxation would be neceasary to raise the reqiuisite revenue, it certainly would be well to give Mr Thornton a chance of bringing forward his scheme.

He also would support a liberal land bill. Had Mr Robertson's intentions been fully carried out the present Art would have been a noble one, but as it was, the free selector was continually disappointed by finding the richest and best land for agriculture marked as " reserrves. "

When the bill compelling free selecters to fence their ground was introduced the Hon. John Hay had stated that if carried it would " take the sting out of free selection," but he (Mr. Hayes) considered that if these reserves became legal, it would knock free selection on the head Mr Thornton justly advocated measures to facilitate the speedy transit of settlers' produce, which is so requisite to develop our agricultural resources.

He dwelt on the necessity of extending our roads and railways, but so far as this district was concerned we had in the river which flowed by our doors, the means of floating our goods down to their natural market, at present usurped by another colony. He agreed with Mr. Thornton in considering State aid to religion essential for the country districts . Perhaps in the metropolis , where there was a dense population, it might be dispensed with, but he considered much of the bushranging and vice of late years attributed to the want of adequate religious instruction resulting from the absence of State-aid Mr. Hayes concluded by calling upon the electors to rally round one who would ably, zealously, and faithfully represent them, and as such he would prepose Mr. George Thornton as a fit and proper person to represent the Tumut (Cheers )

Mr Sturt seconded the proposal, believing Mr. Thornton could be the right man in the right direction.

Mr. Michael Kennelly proposed Mr. E G. Brown as a fit and proper person (Great cheering ) He was well known as a local man, who had always been active in advancing all movements tending to the good of tho district, and who was justly and deservedly popular. (Cheers ) Mr. Nicholas Carberry briefly seconded the proposal.

The show of hands was then taken, which was greatly in favour of Mr .Brown, and a poll having been demanded by six electors, a vote of thanks to the Returning Officer ter minated the proceedings.

Awful Death of a Drunken Woman in a Mail Coach. -

One of the most awful instances of the death of a drunkard and, what is worse, that of an aged woman dying whilst drunk - which it has ever bean our task to chronicle, occurred last Saturday night, on the Bungendore Road. The wretched victim of the bottle in this instance was a woman of about sixty years of age, a passenger by mail coach from Cooma to Boro, and thence to Goulburn

She booked at Cooma on the morning of the day of her death, and gave her name as Mrs Woodhouse. Of the connections or history nothing is known -

Golden Age.

The Border Gold fields - The Sydney mail yesterday took down under proper escort, 1500 oz. of gold, the produce chiefly of the Black Range gold-field.

The gold was consigned to Sydney by the Commercial Bank, Albury -Albury Post. 1 np Bourn n Duties -We have seen several communications whch are a disgrace to the Governments of Victoria and New South Wales, who are the representatives of the two colonies

We would advise a spontaneous movement at Deniliquin and Echuca, protesting against any further delay in the settllement of this much exposed question , we would soon get the fair satisfactorily disposed of if it were possible to stop the salaries of the two.

Ministers We, on the Borders, are heartfelt sick ot a law which, while it lohts, nllbrdH profit that among enlightened Governments the most biabaroufl fiscal onuetments can bp enforeud hoivily

All goods now crossing the Murruy are taxed about 17 percent on the Melbourne Times, August Iioods Wanted-The Deniliquin Chiomcle BtatoB that on thousand bales of wool, last year's clip, are reported to be now storod about Memindie, on tho Darling, which cannot be got down for want of water in that river.

It is feared also that the new clip will also have to be stored on the banks of the river.




Police & Courts

Post Office

Poling Booths in Tumut

Peopling of Australia,


Perkins..papers ,

Pioneers - Grevill's List


Wynyard Street



FM 96.3 / FM 94.3 - Sounds of the Mountains.

RYAN Broughton

Runs, Leases, Crown Lands, Squatters Runs etc - Index's

"Robertson Land Act"

Runs ,

Railway ,



Reserves - Stock routes

NSW Surveyors,

Schools index,

Snow leases - 1896

Tumut Street Index


Squatters Run Transfers


Bongongo Public School.

Gadara School.

Tumut Public School.

Franklin Public School.

Tumut High School.

St Joseph's School.

St Mary's Primary School. Batlow

McAuley Catholic Central School.

Brungle Public School.

Adelong Public School.

Batlow Technology Central School.

Cabramurra Public School.

Talbingo Public School.

Adelong Public School.


J.B.RIDLE - ? acres

C.A. DUNN - ? acres

W.J. MOOREHEAD - ? acres

J. RAMSBOTHAM - ? acres

Estate of the late W.J. & Mrs M.J & Mr B.M.) - 583 acres

T.B. GUY - 4 acres

Mrs H PETHER - 13 acres

E.W & H SMITH - 2 acres

Mrs E.M BROWN - 3 acres

A. DAY - 99 acres

Mrs A.N. BUSH - 4 acres

C.A. HUDSON - 5 acres

Mrs S ROBERTS - 1 acre

Mrs A.M. DOYLE - 22 acres

E.W. SIMMONDS - 2 acres

M.G. BUSH - 82 acres.

Tumut Shire Council,

Time Line ,

Timber & Forest Industres

Snowy Mountains Tourist Centre.

Riding For Disabled.

Tumut Information Centre.


THOMAS Broughton

Telephone & Exchanges

Thank you list



VYNER Broughton




Peels Creek,




Ravine (Lobb's Hole)

Red Hill


Rules Point


Eastern Runs

Cancelled Runs 1867

List of Runs & Rents year - 1871

The Land Act - Further Division of Runs - 31/7/1885 ,

Tumut Land Boards - Years Fees 13/8/1887


Sandy Gully


Sharpes Creek,


Spring Creek


Land Holders 1848.

Squatters & Land Owners

Forfeited Conditional Purchases 1861 -

Approved Claimes for Undefined Pre-Emptive Leases 1874

Crown Lands - Beyond the Limits - 1847

Lapsed Conditional Purchases

Squatters Run Transfers 1824







Tanyard Creek


Ten Mile Creek

The grove


Tumut Plains



KILEY Broughton

MYERS Broughton

ODDY Broughton

STURT Broughton




Wagga Wagga
Wee Jasper












Yaven Creek



AS AT 1872

ALLMAN George solicitor Rathluba;North Yass

ALLT Christopher innkeeper Fairyhole Ck. Yass

ANDREWS Henry butcher Cooma St. Yass

APLIN Benjamin baker Cooma St. Yass

ARMSTRONG Thomas farmer Nanama Ck. Yass

ARMSTRONG William farmer Yass River Yass

BALDOCK Edward farmer Foxdown Yass

BANNON Bernard farmer Yass River Yass

BARBER George W. squatter Boambola Yass

BARBER Henry squatter Coodradigbee Yass

BARBER Robert squatter Humewood Yass

BARBER Thomas miller North Yass

BARRETT Jeremiah farmer Yass River Yass

BARRY James blacksmith Cooma St. Yass

BARRY John farmer Mantonís Ck. Yass

BATES Samuel carpenter North Yass

BATH John farmer Bowning Yass

BEAN John farmer Allan Park Yass

BEATIE Hugh farmer Bango Yass

BEATUP Alfred farmer Nanama Ck. Yass

BEGLEY William farmer North Yass

BERGIN Daniel innkeeper Bowning Yass

BLAKE Isidore surgeon Shantalla Yass

BLISS George farmer Yass River Yass

BOARDMAN James farmer Bowning Rd. Yass

BOLDING John farmer Yass River Yass

BOOTH James farmer Yass River Yass

BOSWELL Henry farmer Sungsborough; Yass River Yass

BOURKE John farmer Yass River Yass

BOYD James farmer Blakeney Ck. Yass

BRASSIL John farmer Waroo Yass

BRASSIL Patrick farmer Waroo Yass

BRASSIL Thomas innkeeper Waroo Yass

BRENNAN John farmer Fairyhole Ck. Yass

BRENNAN Patrick sub-inspector Police OíConnell Town Yass

BRIERLEY James teacher Church Hill Yass

BROTHERTON Thomas farmer Bowning Yass

BROWN James bookseller Rossi St. Yass

BROWN John jun. farmer Yass River Yass

BROWN John sen. farmer Yass River Yass

BUCKLAND James timber merchant OíConnell Town Yass

BUCKMASTER Joseph farmer Yass River Yass

BULLMAN Andrew farmer Murrumbidgee Yass

BURGESS William farmer Yass River Yass

BURRELL Joseph farmer Nanama Ck. Yass

BUTT John farmer Nanama Ck. Yass

BUTTS Thomas farmer Mantonís Ck. Yass

BYRNE Charles farmer Fish River Yass

BYRNE Francis farmer Blakeneyís Ck. Yass

BYRNE John farmer Blakeney Ck. Yass

CALDWELL William farmer Chain of Ponds Yass

CAMPBELL Allan surgeon Dutton St. Yass

CAMPBELL Daniel farmer Deringullen Ck. Yass

CAMPBELL Donald farmer Blakeney Ck. Yass

CARLAN James jun. farmer Jonesí Ck. Yass

CARLAN James sen. farmer Jonesí Ck. Yass

CARPENTER James innkeeper Cooma St. Yass

CARPENTER John storekeeper North Yass

CARROLL Edward farmer Gomyan Yass

CARTER Arthur farmer near Murrumbidgee Yass

CARTER John painter North Yass

CARTER William farmer Nanama Ck. Yass

CARTWRIGHT John farmer Stoney Ck. Yass

CASE Henry farmer Yass River Yass

CASSIDY Michael farmer Dutton Forest Yass

CHAPMAN Benjamin farmer Belle Vale Yass

CHAPMAN Edward farmer Belle Vale Yass

CHAPMAN James farmer Mundoonan Yass

CHILD William farmer Bowning Yass

COFFEY M. J. farmer Meehan St. Yass

COLLINS Martin farmer Humewood Yass

COLLINS Robert farmer Chain of Ponds Yass

COLLISS John builder OíConnell Town Yass

COLLS Thomas innkeeper Cooma St. Yass

COLLYER George farmer Dane St. Yass

COLLYER Stephen farmer Old Gap Rd. Yass

COLOIN George farmer OíConnell Town Yass

CONLON Michael bookseller Cooma St. Yass

CONNELL James farmer near Big Hill Yass

COOK John farmer Bango Yass

COOK John farmer Narrawa Yass

COOK William farmer Bango Yass

COTTRELL James storekeeper Cooma St. Yass

COUCH William saddler Cooma St. Yass

COWDEN George farmer Limestone Ck. Yass

COX Robert farmer Limestone Ck. Yass

CRAGO John farmer North Yass

CRAGO Petherick farmer OíConnell Town Yass

CRAGO William farmer North Yass

CRISP Robert farmer Two-mile Ck. Yass

CROSS George farmer Coodradigbee Yass

CROSSLEY Jeremiah farmer Wargalia Yass

CURRAN Edward farmer Yass River Yass

CURRY Henry gardener Meehan St. Yass

CUSACK Michael squatter Belle Vale Yass

CUSACK Timothy farmer Bowning Rd. Yass

CUSACK William farmer Bowning Rd. Yass

DALLION Gabriel squatter Yass Rd. Yass

DARRELL Alfred farmer Nanama Yass

DAVIS George farmer Yass River Yass

DAVIS James innkeeper Mundoonan Yass

DAVIS John farmer --- Yass

DAVIS Noah --- Mount Pleasant Yass

DAVIS William farmer Lutton Yass

DAWES William farmer Spring Flat Yass

DEASE Christopher solicitor Rossi St. Yass

DELANEY Michael farmer Wargalia Yass

DELANEY Patrick farmer Yass Rd. Yass

DEVINE Bernard farmer Blakeney Ck. Yass

DEVINE William farmer Blakeney Ck. Yass

DUFFY Patrick farmer Yass River Yass

DUFFY Thomas farmer Yass River Yass

DUNLOP Ebenezer farmer Yass Plains Yass

DWYER Jas. farmer Spring Ck.; Yass River Yass

DWYER Michael farmer Bowning Ck. Yass

EAGAN Edward farmer Yass River Yass

ELLIOTT Owen farmer Yass River Yass

ENGLAND James farmer Nanama Ck. Yass

FALDER Joseph innkeeper Preesgwene Yass

FALLON Patrick farmer Deringullen Yass

FIELDS William farmer Bango Yass

FINCH Charles chemist Cooma St. Yass

FITZGERALD Daniel farmer Yass River Yass

FITZGERALD John squatter Bowning Yass

FLANAGAN John farmer Good Hope Yass

FRANKLIN Joseph farmer Oak Vale Yass

FRASER Alexander farmer Sawyerís Ck. Yass

FURIELL William farmer Yass River Yass

GALLAGHER James innkeeper Bowning Rd. Yass

GALLOP Richard labourer Dutton St. Yass

GALVIN Hugh farmer Deringullen Ck. Yass

GALVIN John farmer Yass River Yass

GALVIN Michael farmer Deringullen Yass

GARNER F. squatter Wargrave; Yass River Yass

GARNER John squatter Valview Yass

GARNER William squatter Dam Ck. Yass

GHAGAN William farmer Deringullen Ck. Yass

GIBSON Rev. J. (Presbyterian) OíConnell Town Yass

GOODGER J. lime burner Limestone Ck. Yass

GOODWIN Joseph farmer Bendenine Yass

GOOLY Pierce postmaster Rossi St. Yass

GRACE Martin farmer Springs Yass

GRANGER Jonas farmer Yass River Yass

GRANT Denis farmer Blakeney Ck. Yass

GRANT Patrick jun. farmer Blakeney Ck. Yass

GREEN J. D. innkeeper OíConnell Town Yass

GREIG John farmer Murrumbateman Yass

GROVENOR James --- North Yass

GROVENOR William --- North Yass

GROVES, John Samuel - who settle on East Blowering and married a local Blowering girl.

GUISE William farmer Yass River Yass

GUTRIDGE Thomas farmer Stoney Ck. Yass

HADEN Martin labourer Bowning Rd. Yass

HALL Samuel farmer Devilís Pass Yass

HALL William farmer Yass River Yass

HANNON John farmer Limestone Ck. Yass

HANNON Michael farmer Deringullen Ck. Yass

HANNON Nicholas farmer Gallop Ck. Yass

HANNON Thomas farmer Deringullen Yass

HARPER John clerk OíConnell Town Yass

HART Henry innkeeper Cooma St. Yass

HARTIGAN P. produce dealer OíConnell Town Yass

HAUGHEY Thomas --- --- Yass

HAWKINS John farmer Ravenswood Yass

HAWKINS Richard farmer Ravenswood Yass

HAYES James farmer Mantonís Ck. Yass

HAYES William --- OíConnell Town Yass

HAZLE James farmer Chain of Ponds Yass

HAZLE William jun. farmer Chain of Ponds Yass

HAZLE William sen. farmer Chain of Ponds Yass

HEADLEY John produce dealer Cooma St. Yass

HENNESSEY Martin farmer Spring Ck. Yass

HILL George bootmaker Cooma St. Yass

HILLIER George farmer Bango Ck. Yass

HILLIER Henry farmer Coodradigbee Yass

HINES Edward jun. farmer Gap Yass

HINES Edward sen. innkeeper Gap Yass

HINGERTY John farmer Yass River Yass

HOLDSWORTH D. farmer Bolanglo; Yass River Yass

HOOKWAY William farmer Little Plain Yass

HORTON John farmer Wargalia Yass

HOWARD James farmer Yeumberra Yass

HOWELL David jun. carpenter North Yass

HOWELL David sen. carpenter North Yass

HOWELL Richard farmer Yass River Yass

HYNES Hugh farmer Yass Plains Yass

HYNES Thomas farmer Yass Plains Yass

JACKSON Robert saddler Cooma St. Yass

JAMES Thomas farmer Wargalia Yass

JEFFS Samuel farmer Mantonís Ck. Yass

JENKINS Charles surveyor North Yass

JOBBINS Edward farmer Limestone Ck. Yass

JOHN Peter farmer Spring Flat Yass

JOHNSON John farmer Mullion Forest Yass

JOHNSON Thomas jun. farmer Spring Flat Yass

JOHNSON Thomas sen. farmer Spring Flat Yass

JOHNSTON William farmer Hill End Yass

JONES Thomas farmer Murrumbateman Yass

KEARNES Paul farmer Springfield Yass

KEMP Thomas farmer Rossi St. Yass

LAIDLAW Thomas --- Rossi St. Yass

LAMB William farmer Yass River Yass

LANHAM George farmer Yass River Yass

LANHAM Henry farmer Yass River Yass

LANHAM Thomas farmer Yass River Yass

LARKINS Francis innkeeper North Yass

LAWSON George clerk Cooma St. Yass

LAWTON John farmer Yass River Yass

LEARY Arthur farmer Yass River Yass

LEARY Thomas farmer Yass River Yass

LEATHART Frederick clerk North Yass

LEES John farmer Yass River Yass

LEONARD John farmer Yass River Yass

LEWIS Obadiah farmer Mundooan Yass

LILLINGTON Rev. Frederick (CE) Cooma St. Yass

LUCAS Edwin farmer Murrumbateman Yass

LUCAS George farmer Murrumbateman Yass

LUCAS John farmer Murrumbateman Yass

LUCAS John Thomas farmer Murrumbateman Yass

LUCAS Nathaniel farmer Nanama Yass

MACINTOSH Robert manager AJS Bank Cooma St. Yass

MAGUIRE Denis farmer Yass River Yass

MAGUIRE Joseph mason North Yass

MALEY Peter farmer Blakeney Ck. Yass

MALLYON John H. storekeeper North Yass

MARGULES Louis innkeeper Gap Yass

MARSHALL A. farmer Murrumbateman Yass

MARSHALL W. farmer Murrumbateman Yass

MARTIN John innkeeper Cooma St. Yass

MASTERS Robert farmer Deringullen Ck. Yass

MELDRUM J. road superintendent North Yass

MINEHAN Daniel farmer Bowning Yass

MITCHELL William farmer Murrumbidgee Yass

MOLLOY Thomas farmer Milltown Yass

MOORE Patrick farmer Dutton St. Yass

MORRISON Alexander farmer Yass River Yass

MUELES Simon farmer Chain of Ponds Yass

MURRAY Jeremiah squatter Bowning Yass

MYLES William gardener Meehan St. Yass

MCAULIFFE Thomas jun. farmer Jeir Yass

MCAULIFFE Thomas sen. farmer Jeir Yass

MCBEAN Alexander squatter Bowspring; Yass River Yass

MCBEAN John squatter Spring Mount; Yass River Yass

MCCALLUM Albert farmer Good Hope Yass

MCCALLUM Argyle farmer Murrumbidgee Yass

MCGRATH J. sen. innkeeper Bowning Rd. Yass

MCCARTHY Daniel farmer Humeís Ck. Yass

MCFARLANE Duncan farmer Woodvale Yass

MCGRATH Patrick farmer Yass River Yass

MCGRATH Patrick innkeeper Bowning Rd. Yass

MCJANNETT Robert --- North Yass

MCKEIG Donald farmer Black Swamp Yass

MCKINNON Donald farmer Spring Flat Yass

MCKINNON Neil farmer Tunda Yass

MCLAREN Arthur farmer Thatched Hut Yass

MCNALLY Edward farmer Yass River Yass

MCPHETORS Charles farmer Yass River Yass

NOWLAN John farmer Yass River Yass

OAKES James farmer Yass River Yass

OíCONNOR Morgan farmer Meehan St. Yass

OíDARE John farmer Mantonís Ck. Yass

OíDONNELL Edward farmer Murrumbidgee Yass

OíDONNELL John farmer Murrumbidgee Yass

OíKEEFFE Patrick --- Meehan St. Yass

OíNEILL Charles farmer Little Plain Yass

OíROURKE Christopher carrier Meehan St. Yass

PARKER James brickmaker North Yass

PEARSE H. carpenter OíConnell Town Yass

PEARSE Henry farmer The Forest Yass

PEARSE James innkeeper --- Yass

PEARSE John produce dealer --- Yass

PEARSON R. manager Com. Bank Cooma St. Yass

PETTY William farmer Elizabeth Fields Yass

POLLARD William jun. farmer Catherine Ck. Yass

POLLARD William sen. farmer Catherine Ck. Yass

POSTLETHWAITE Richard teacher Meehan St. Yass

PRIOR George farmer Limestone Ck. Yass

PRIOR Thomas farmer Limestone Ck. Yass

PRIVETT James farmer Mantonís Ck. Yass

RAMSAY James squatter Nanama Yass

RANYARD Herbert squatter Yass River Yass

REARDON James farmer Mantonís Ck. Yass

REARDON John butcher Cooma St. Yass

REARDON Michael stockman Humewood Yass

REDMAYNE Richard --- Bowning Rd. Yass

REEDY Robert farmer Blakeney Ck. Yass

REID Alexander blacksmith Cooma St. Yass

REID Richard farmer Deringullen Yass

REMMINGTON A. auctioneer Hardwicke Yass

REYNOR James farmer Wargrove Yass

RILEY Adam stock-keeper Cooma St. Yass

RITCHIE James Peter storekeeper Cooma St. Yass

ROBERTS James telegraph master Cooma St. Yass

ROBINSON George innkeeper Cooma St. Yass

ROBINSON Joseph butcher Cooma St. Yass

ROCHE William dairy North Yass

ROOFE James farmer Catherine Ck. Yass

ROONEY Patrick farmer Waroo Yass

RUDD Thomas accountant Cooma St. Yass

RYAN James farmer Blakeney Ck. Yass

RYAN Owen squatter Deringullen Yass

SAINSBERRY C. farmer Fairyhole Ck. Yass

SAINSBERRY John farmer Fairyhole Ck. Yass

SAWLETT Edwin surveyor Cardness Yass

SCANES Frederick carpenter Meehan St. Yass

SCANES Thomas waterman Meehan St. Yass

SCANLAN Patrick farmer Humeís Ck. Yass

SCANLAN Thomas farmer Bowning Yass

SEBEFFIER Michael gardener Rossi St. Yass

SEXTON John farmer Deringullen Yass

SHANNON John teacher Dutton St. Yass

SHANNON Patrick farmer Yass River Yass

SHAW Alexander farmer Murrumbidgee Yass

SHAW John teacher Dutton St. Yass

SIDEBOTTOM Thomas farmer Murrumbidgee Yass

SMITH George pound-keeper North Yass

SMITH James farmer Yass Plains Yass

SMITH John farmer Paddyís Ck. Yass

SMITH Robert constable Cooma St. Yass

SMITH Richard farmer Wargrove Yass

SPEARIN James farmer Limestone Ck. Yass

SULLIVAN Michael farmer Limestone Ck. Yass

TANSWELL W. farmer Fairyhole Ck. Yass - Tanswell William, FairyHole Creek, Yass, married to the sister of Mr Thomas Goodwin ofTangmangaroo once owned a butcher shop in Yass father of John,died Friday 18.5.1905 at Parkes aged 80 years. Yass Courier23.5.1905.

TATE James farmer Tunda Yass

TATE William farmer Tunda Yass

TAYLOR William farmer Nanama Yass

TEMPEST George accountant Cooma St. Yass

THOMPSON George mason Cooma St. Yass

THOMPSON James farmer Greenfield Yass

THOMPSON John farmer Greenfield Yass

THOMPSON Peter farmer Majaragong Yass

TURKINGTON Edward farmer Deringullen Ck. Yass

VALLANCE George farmer Murrumbateman Yass

VALLANCE Hugh farmer Murrumbateman Yass

WALKER Thomas farmer Nanama Ck. Yass

WALSH Thomas farmer Murrumbidgee Yass

WEBSTER A. jun. farmer Murrumbateman Yass

WEBSTER A. sen. farmer Murrumbateman Yass

WEBSTER Daniel farmer Murrumbateman Yass

WEBSTER Robert farmer Murrumbateman Yass

WELLER Thomas farmer Gap Yass

WHELAN Michael farmer Bango Yass

WHELAN Paul farmer Bango Yass

WHITE Michael farmer Mantonís Ck. Yass

WHITE William farmer Gap Yass

WHITEHAIR William plasterer Dutton St. Yass

WHITTAKER James farmer Yass River Yass

WIGGINS Robert farmer Spence Mount Yass

WIGGINS Samuel farmer Spence Mount Yass

WIGGINS William farmer Spence Mount Yass

WILKINSON Edward farmer Yass River Yass

WILKINSON William solicitor Cooma St. Yass

WILLETS G. farmer Boambolo Yass

WILLIAMS Edward farmer North Yass

WILLIAMS Henry farmer Nanama Yass

WILLIAMS Jacob blacksmith Cooma St. Yass

WILLIAMS John --- Dutton St. Yass

WILLIAMS John farmer Murrumbateman Yass

WILLIAMS Thomas farmer Wargalia Yass

WILLIAMS William farmer Goldsworth Yass

WILLIAMS William farmer Yass River Yass

WILLMOTT James farmer Majaragong Yass

WILSON David farmer Blakeney Ck. Yass

WILSON George farmer Murrumbateman Yass

WILSON Henry farmer Yass River Yass

WILSON John farmer Jeir Yass

WILSON John gardener Allan Park Yass

WILSON Paterson farmer Longfield Yass

WILSON Samuel farmer Catherine Ck. Yass

WILSON Samuel farmer Cowridge Yass

WOOD Martin brickmaker OíConnell Town Yass

WOOD Thomas farmer Murrumbateman Yass

WRIGHT Henry farmer Fairyhole Ck. Yass

WRIGHT Joseph farmer Fairyhole Ck. Yass

WRIGHT William farmer Fairyhole Ck. Yass

WUELFIND Otto B. carpenter Cooma St. Yass

ZOUCH Arthur surveyor North Yass - (Ref- http://www.family.joint.net.au/index.php?mid=1&cid=557).