Fires 1902



Owing to the continuous dry weather bush fires are still prevalent details in connection with the "Bongongo" fire show that close on 7000 acres of grass and many miles of fencing were destroyed. The fire started on "P Kiley's Red Hill station", and travelled a distance of eight miles to the boundary of

Messrs Pierse Brothers' place, Tomorroma. A few head of stock were lost.

The fire jumped Adjungbilly Creek and got onto "Mr Jones's property", burning a considerable portion of his grass, but with difficulty his residence was saved.

Mr Kiley lost 4000 acres of grass

Mr Biffen about l5OO acres, and

Mr Jones 600 acres.

1902 - BUSH FIRES. GUNDAGAI, Friday. - In the bush fires Nangus station lost fully half their grass and 2500 sheep. The severest losers were Messrs J Beveridge (Tenandra Park), and Dangar and M'Donald Brothors (Wantabadgery) Mr Beveridge lost nearly 30,000 acres of grass about 20 miles of fencing, and several thousand sheep.

Almost the whole of the glass comprising 10,000 acres, has been destroyed at Wantabadgry, and nothing remains but the homestead and a woolshed, all these narrowly escaped. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Saturday 4 January 1902).

1902 - BUSH FIRES - FIRES. GUNDAGAI, Monday. The camp of Mr. J. B. Worldon, at Gobarralong chrome mine, was destroyed by fire on Friday night. ' Mr. Worldon sustained very severe injuries to one of his legs, and also lost nearly all his belongings at the camp. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 24 June 1902).

The bush fire near Adelong, from Billapalap station to Upper Adelong consumed about 20,000 acres of grass and many miles of fencing. Mr Robert Wiles while engaged on a fire on Saturdav 1ast was injured by a burning tree. The fire which broke out on Mount Horeb station was checked before much damage was done. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 12 February 1902).

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