So 1949 was the start of the end for this valley - as we knew it!!!


A pretty good view for "The Girls", whilst out walking in the sun beside the Tumut River on the " Davis" property.

The Golden trees are on Frank Bourkes land (East Blowering) - see the Blowering Cliffs in the background.

Hume & Hovell crossed this river about 6 miles upstream from this site.

Which is South of

Tumut Minicipal Shire Declaration - TUMUT, NSW - General information and Links

Hume & Hovell crossed this river about 6 miles upstream from this site.

This Web page is dedicated to the Early Pioneers from 1824 through to the final days and the Resumption & flooding of the Blowering Valley in about 1966.About 142 Years Of History Is Available for Rediscovering And Filing In Honour Of These Brave People, Who Took On The Elements And Won All "~ BUT THE LAST FIGHT ~"

We will travel from "EARLY RUNS" to "SQUATTERS PASTURAGE LICENSES" to "FULL OWNERSHIP" to the forced "RESUMPTION" of all privately owned Land in the valley in about 1966.

"The First signs of the "START OF THE FINAL ACT"

Local Towns & Farming Areas -


Blowering Dam, photo record.

Some valuable "LINKS"

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