East Blowering

East Blowering hosts "Blowering Cliffs and Falls", "Blowering Station" and the "Monaro Highway", the main thoroughfare from the Riverina District direct to the Kiandra Snow Fields via "Talbingo Mountain" and the Far South Coast of NSW, at Bega, via Cooma.

Mail Run 1901

No. 261 - Charles A.HARRIS, Tumut. Tumut, Blowering, Talbingo, and Yarrangobilly (40 mls, Twice a week); and Yarrangobilly, and Yarrangobilly Caves, and Kiandra (20 mls, Once a week) (Contractor to covey an extra mail per week to and from Yarrangobilly and Yarrangobilly Caves during the period from 1st Nov to 30 Apr); 4-wheeled conveyance with 2 horses; 110; 31 Dec, 1902. - (Ref - http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/AUS-NSW-WEST/2005-08/1125387143)

East Blowering School - East Blowering Newspaper articles.

W B & R Morris, owners ? owners ?

J Morris, owners / owners ?

Henry & Florence Pearce (nee Kennedy), "Banyandah", owners/

D'Arcy & Jess Wilkinson and Robert Wilkinson, owners / Henry & Mrs Wilkinson, owners / Thomas & John Wilkinson after 1860 Lands Act / Lease owners ?

Clyde Davey, manager / Clarrie & Ruby Davey, owners / Blowering Station owners.

Sydney J & Clare Symons, (nee kell), owners / owners ?

John Samuel Groves, owners/owners?

Mrs Ada Oddy, owners / owners ?

Oliva Morton & Mrs Lodge, , (nee Mitchell) "Blowering Station", owner / Badgery, owners / Killen & Armstrong, owners / Lambert, owner / E G Brown, Whitty, owner / Dr Clayton, Owners of Blowering Valley from First Land Grant AND ORIGINAL SETTLERS

Joseph & Freda Hampstead, (nee Oddy), owners / owners

Mr & Mrs George & Edna Oddy,(nee Potter) tenants, "Avondale" / Lubke, tenant / Hargreaves, tenant / John Ryan,"Jack" Ryan,/ Michael Ryan, owner / Edward John Ryan, owner /Robert Hughes & James Claffey, owners / owner?

Owen Symons, owner-manager with Thelma as the second "Telephone Exchange operator" - "Mountainview" / George & Lanoma Symons, owner,
Thomas & Ellen Sullivan, First Telephone operators owner / owner ?

Garney Naughton,owners / Hugh & Rose E Naughton, (nee Leader), owners /James Osmond, owner / owner ?

Frank J & Sarah Annie Bourke,(nee O'Neil), owners, "Innisfail" / John & Patrick Bourke, owners / owners ?

Alan John & Mary Angela Guthrie, (nee Halloran) owners / John & Patrick Halloran, (sons) owners / Patrick and Bridget Halloran owners / Maybe Blowering Station was the owner ?/

Rolf G Bridle, owner / James Bridle owner / George Johnson, owner

The early resumptions at Jones's Bridge, Wermatong and the East Blowering areas are * Indicated in a report listed in the NSW Government Gazette on 9th July 1965. This being their official notification of a date to restart their futures.


R.G. BRIDLE - 87 acres and J. HALLORAN - 220 acres and P. HALLORAN - 55200 acres and *Francis J. BOURKE 1689 - (2085?) acres and G.H. NAUGHTON & Others - 232 and O.M. SYMONS - 136 acres and and J. RYAN (G Oddy as tenant) - 170 acres and J.J. HAMPSTEAD - 125 acres and J.S. FRANKLAN - 172 acres and Stock Reserve - ? acres and Oliver M. LODGE - BLOWERING STATION - 5181 (6800?) acres and Janey's Creek, Stock Reserve - ? acres and "Bowlers Flat" 2 Stock Reserves - ? acres and *Maurice A. & Edwin L. GROVES - 980 acres and *Mrs Ada ODDY - 469 acres on east and west Blowering and *Clarence D. DAVEY - 288 acres and J.J. SYMONS - 793 acres and H. PEACE - 519 acres

A working bee had been held at Brandy Mary's Flat and a number of elm trees donated by Mr E. W. Myers were planted, which will in a few years be much appreciated by picnic parties.

This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavours have been made to make all entries authentic and correct. For any corrections and additional valuable information, maps and photos you may have please contact John

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